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How to Develop Leaders: 60 Quotes and Ideas from John Maxwell

I’m a big fan of John Maxwell.  I’ve learned TONS of great leadership tips from his books during the past ten years. One of my favorite John Maxwell books is “Developing the Leaders Around You.” While this book wasn’t written for network marketers per se, the information is extremely valuable. Network marketing is a leadership […]

Nurturing or To the Point: What is the Best Way to Act in Your MLM Business?

Should you be nurturing or to the point? What is the best way to act in your MLM Business? My immediate answer is to BE YOURSELF. I don’t believe there is a right answer or a wrong answer. Just realize that this is a “volunteer Army” and no one has to follow your lead. No […]

The One Thing All Successful MLM Leaders Have in Common

The one things all successful MLM leaders have in common… When you look at the successful people in our industry you will see people from every walk of life. You will see men, women, old people, young people, fat people, thin people, beautiful people, ugly people, white people, black people, married people, single people, outgoing […]

Stop Trying to Manage Your MLM Team

Stop trying to manage your MLM Team! There, I said it. I see it day in and day out in our industry. Heck, I’ve even done it myself many times, mostly because I didn’t know any better. Thankfully, I finally learned a valuable lesson. MLM is much different than the corporate world. Very different indeed. […]

Building Your Own Brand in MLM

Whether you are building your network marketing business online or offline, you need to create your own personal brand.   It’s mandatory, as I see it. You need to realize that most prospects are going to do a quick “Google” search about you, and the company you represent, before they ever join your team or […]

The Dictator Leadership Style in Network Marketing

The dictator leadership style in network marketing… Are you a coach or a dictator? That is an important question to ask yourself if you are involved in network marketing. I see a lot of people in our industry act like a dictator to their team. They tell their team what to do, how to do it, […]

MLM Company Convention: 10 Reasons to Attend

Guest Post by Kathy Marie Howell Andrew Carnegie, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time talks about the importance of teamwork.  He said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain […]

MLM Success Tips for Introverts: The Introverted Network Marketer

In today’s post I want to share some simple success tips for introverted network marketers.  Contrary to what you might think, you do not need to be an extrovert to succeed in our industry.  Many top earners in our industry are introverts by nature. Did you know that? Just because someone is a good public […]

Managing Your Emotions in Your MLM Business

Let’s talk about managing your emotions in your MLM business… We are all emotional creatures!  Most people make emotional decisions, not logical decisions.   In fact, we make emotional decisions and then we justify our decision with logic. For example, we decide on the car that we want to buy, and then we sell ourselves on […]

Doing MLM Part-Time vs. Full-Time: What You Should Know

Today I want to talk about the differences between doing MLM part-time and full-time. One of the most common mistakes I see in our industry is people going full-time in their network marketing business WAY to soon.  To be quite frank with you, this business is really designed to do part-time for a few years BEFORE […]