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Top 15 Google Tools for SEO

In this post I will share my top 15 Google Tools for SEO… As a person who has my own website/blog, I have come to understand just how important SEO is. Many people start their business endeavors with a website or blog, but they do not understand SEO or why it is so important. What […]

33 Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Guest Post By Greg Boudonck Let’s talk about marketing mistakes that small businesses make… Marketing is the lifeblood of any, and all businesses. One marketing mistake can cost a business a lot of money in the form of revenues. While mistakes do happen occasionally, we must do our best to keep from making mistakes. And […]

The Three Best Businesses in the World When it Comes to Marketing

Today, I want to talk about three companies that have some of the best marketing practices and marketing campaigns in the world, as I see it.  They might not win a lot of prizes for their marketing, but I know they make their cash register ring.  And that is what matters most in marketing. If […]

How to Create a Successful Online Business: 8 Steps to Success

The internet is here to stay.  You can either sit on the sidelines and just enjoy the internet for your own personal use, or you can leverage this marvelous piece of technology and create a successful online business of your own! I truly believe that everyone should have their own online business, even if it […]