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The RegenaLife Loyalty Rewards Program: A Review

This post will cover the Regenalife Loyalty Rewards Program. Loyalty is something that normally achieves rewards of some form or another. Consider any program or organization you have ever been a part of; haven’t you normally been rewarded for being loyal? As a new business owner, I have discovered that the home based business I […]

RegenaLife Business Review: The #1 Organic MLM Company

Today, I want to provide a Regenalife business review and tell you WHY I believe it is the # 1 organic MLM Company. Have you heard of RegenaLife? Many people are not familiar with this multilevel marketing company but it is my opinion that the name will become quite well known. Why? Because they are […]

MLM Compensation Plans: The Different Types of MLM Pay Plans

There are many different types of MLM Compensation Plans.  Every company has a “somewhat” different compensation plan than its competitors.  Look at any 10 companies and you will find 10 different pay plans. Which plan is best for you? I’m not sure.  The pay plan you pick should support your short-term and long-term objectives.  For example, […]

3×9 Matrix MLM Compensation Plan: An Overview

What is the 3×9 Matrix MLM Compensation Plan?  And what should you know about it? This is a new and popular compensation plan in the network marketing industry that many companies are using.  It’s definitely gaining in popularity. What I want to do in the paragraphs below is teach you more about it, and talk […]

The Breakaway Compensation Plan: A Review

In today’s post I would like to discuss the breakaway compensation plan, sometimes referred to as the stair step breakaway compensation plan. The breakaway compensation plain is one of the most common compensation plans in the network marketing industry.  It’s used by some of the largest and oldest network marketing companies such as Nu Skin, […]