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How to Build Your MLM Business by Blogging

I build my MLM Business primarily by blogging.  I don’t cold call, chase people down at the mall, bug friends and family, have home parties, or prospect strangers.  I don’t do meetings either or drive all around town to meet with people. I believe in getting people to CONTACT ME first with their credit card […]

Blogging Blueprint for Network Marketers

Today, I want to share my 8-step blogging blueprint for network marketers.  This is a blueprint I have created through trial and error during my five years of blogging. If you are trying to build your network marketing business online LONG-TERM, I cannot think of a better strategy than having your own blog. The beauty […]

Picking the Right Keywords for Your MLM Blog: Focus on Long Tail Keywords

When it comes to successful blogging, picking the right keywords is vital.  Pick the right keywords and you can do very well.  Pick the wrong key words and you will end up wasting your time and money. Ultimately, you want the right keywords so you rank high in the search engines and get lots of […]

Ty Tribble Review

If you’ve never visited Ty Tribble’s blog,, you should. It is an amazing blog covering all types of network marketing information, such as company reviews, latest industry news, scams, controversial topics, and training tips.  I consider it to be one of the most relevant blogs in our industry. In fact, his blog features […]

Pros and Cons of Having Your Own MLM Blog

Today, I want to talk about the pros and cons of having your own MLM Blog.  But before we get too deep into that topic, I want to educate you about what blogging is. What is a MLM Blog? I define it as a blog with a “network marketing” theme. There are literally tens of […]

Top 4 Blogging Mistakes for Network Marketers

Today I want to share some of the most common blogging mistakes that network marketers make. I’m sure these tips apply to any blogger from any niche, not just network marketers. # 1 Doing What Everyone Else Does Without a doubt, the greatest mistake that most network marketing bloggers make is doing what everyone else […]