Cambridge Diet: History, Facts and Review

The Cambridge Diet explained…

Obesity is a serious problem all over the world. It leads to many other complications such as diabetes, heart disease and more. As such, many diets have been developed with some being good, some bad and some downright ugly.

In today’s post, I am going to look at one of those diets called the Cambridge Diet. The reason we are sharing this review at Online MLM Community is because this diet program is sold on a multilevel marketing platform.

I am going to give you the history behind the Cambridge Diet. I will also provide several facts as well as a review of this diet plan.

I am not affiliated in any way or form with the Cambridge Diet. I am providing this information as a service to help you determine if you would like to use this diet plan or possibly become an independent distributor with the company.

Cambridge Diet Facts

Cambridge Diet History

The Cambridge Diet has a long history. It was developed way back in 1970 at, you guessed it, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. The developer was Dr. Alan Howard.

It did not immediately gain much attention, but it was launched as a MLM product in the United States in 1980. In 1984, it launched in its country of origin… The United Kingdom.

Cambridge Diet Facts

Here are some basic facts about the diet:

  • Some people consider it a starvation diet because it is a very low calorie diet where people maintain between 400 – 1200 calories per day
  • The British Dietetic Association listed possible side effects as bad breath, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, tiredness, insomnia and dizziness
  • A basic Cambridge Diet plan meals cost less than Weight Watchers
  • The Cambridge Diet uses the Ketogenic process by driving your body into a state of ketosis where your body is forced to burn the fat that is stored in the body.
  • Weight loss seems to come quickly and dramatically.
  • The developers of the Cambridge Diet recommend consuming large amounts of water.
  • The cost comes to approximately 48 British Pounds or 62 American Dollars per week.

Cambridge Diet Review

Before I get started with this review, I will say that I am a highly skeptical person when it comes to diets of any kind. But since I have been involved with an all organic MLM Company, I have come to learn more about various diets and I do know that by using a Ketonic diet properly is one of the best ways to lose weight.

In taking on the Cambridge Diet, you will want to find a Cambridge Diet consultant in your area who will guide you in the process. I do also suggest that you consult with your family doctor and explain to he/she that you are going to use this diet plan.

Keep in mind that opinions on the Cambridge Diet vary greatly and your physician may be completely against it. I recommend a second opinion.

Since I am not a doctor, I cannot or will not give my suggestion past that point. The choice is yours.

How the Cambridge Diet Works

How the Diet Works

I dug in to the system and I found that the system works with a strict regiment.

The first two weeks of the diet will have you ingesting just liquids. You will have choices of porridge, soup, and milkshakes, all of which have the nutrients your body needs.

From what I see, the first few days, four or so, can be difficult. After all, you are not getting the carbohydrates your body has become addicted to and you will suffer withdrawals. It is suggested that you drink a lot of water… A lot of water!

The 3rd and 4th weeks allows you to swap one of the meals for a nutrient bar. And after that month, you spend one, two or even three weeks back on your normal diet, but working with your consultant, hopefully you will change your eating patterns.

The experts with Cambridge state you should expect to lose an average of 14 pounds per month while using the diet.

It is all about Ketosis

By using this pattern of eating, you actually force your body to burn stored fat. The pounds come off quickly, but you must be wise when you go back on the regular diet because those pounds CAN come back as easily as they were deleted. Your Cambridge Diet consultant can help you with this.

My Opinion Of The Cambridge Diet

Personally, I believe if used properly, the Cambridge Diet is a good weight loss plan. I do believe you should not try to use your own soups and porridge as Cambridge has proper nutrients and proteins to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients needed.

I am going to give some of the pros and cons as I see them:


  • Fast weight loss
  • The meals are balanced nutritionally
  • If you follow the complete system, the weight will stay off


  • Some experts believe that ketosis also burns muscle mass
  • Several side effects that can be frustrating
  • Somewhat expensive

What Others Are Saying

There are many positive and negative reviews online.  It’s hard to know who to trust. Some of the biggest complaints are the the products are processed foods, non-organic, and overpriced. Other people have shared inspiring weight loss stories about the products, and have even chimed in saying that their consultant was a big reason for them losing weight with this diet plan.

Final Thoughts

So I would love to hear other opinions about the Cambridge Diet… Have you used it?

Please share your thoughts and opinions below, but please be civil. If you are interested in using the diet or becoming a consultant, the website link is in the reference section.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the Cambridge Diet in any way. This is provided for your education and there is no reimbursements from any members of the Cambridge Diet Plan. The products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Individual results will vary.


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