BWW Diamond Jim Brooks Chasing the Blue Light Special Tape

Jim Brooks was one of my favorite Amway Diamonds. During my two and a half years in the business, I listened to several of his tapes. Although I was not affiliated with the Britt World Wide line of sponsorship, I purchased a lot of several hundred tapes from a former distributor on eBay. I purchased the tapes because I was curious to see what Diamonds outside of my line of sponsorship had to say about the Amway business.

blue light specialOne of those tapes was “Chasing the Blue Light Special.” In his tape, Jim talked about his experiences in the Army and as a truck driver in Washington. He discussed his beginnings in Amway and mentioned how one day “something just clicked inside him.” From that day forward, he actively built the business and became one of Bill Britt’s first downline Diamonds (number six or seven I believe).

He discussed how prior to his Amway business he didn’t really have any goals in life. He was like many other people who were so busy being broke and “chasing the blue light specials” at Kmart. This saying resonated with me and I’ve never forgotten it.

I listened to this tape at least fifty times. It kept me motivated during the peaks and valleys of building my business. I misplaced it quite some time ago, but would love to hear it again. If you’ve ever listened to this tape, leave a comment and tell me what you think about it. Or, if you have an update about Jim Brooks, you can leave a comment, too!

I really loved these old Amway tapes. They are some of the best motivational tapes you will find. It’s really great hearing rags to riches stories, like Jim Brooks, of people who started with nothing and built a small fortune via network marketing. I’ve never met Jim Brooks personally, but if I did, I would tell him thank you!

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5 thoughts on “BWW Diamond Jim Brooks Chasing the Blue Light Special Tape

  1. Hey there, I’ve been on the hunt for the chasing the blue light special audio forever. Did you ever find a copy of it?

  2. I was in Jim’s downline and he was an absolutely amazing individual. I was in his organization when he was going through some pretty tough times in his family and although his business suffered he never lost his faith! I believe of all the tapes I kept “Chasing the blue light special” was one. I might even have 2. Like you I would have to track them down. Jim passed away a couple of years ago and I kept thinking I should call him and see how he was. when I found out I missed my opportunity I remember what I learned from him. Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin and it is the fertilizer that makes difficulties grow. Stopping procrastination is hard but not telling him how much he meant to me I think was harder.

    • Very cool, Glenn. I would have loved to meet Jim.

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