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Are you looking to buy a MLM Solo Ad online?  If so, you are in the right place.

I have used LOTS of solo ads to build my email list and grow my network marketing business online during the past few years.  Other than pay-per-click, solo ads are the fastest and easiest strategy I know of to build your email list QUICKLY.

A solo ad is simply when you pay someone with a targeted email list to send their list YOUR MESSAGE or advertisement.

This is how it works.  Someone has a large email list consisting of people in your target market. You pay the person a set amount of money for a set amount of clicks or for a one time use of their list. You then email the list owner your message and they email it to their list on your behalf.  It’s really that simple.

Lots of online marketers and network marketers use solo ads to grow their list and many online marketers also rent out their list.  It’s a good way to build your own email list, and renting out your own list can also be a great income stream for you (once you have a large email list).

Listed below are a few MLM Solo Ads that I have used in the past and/or recommend myself.

# 1 Udimi – This is hands down my favorite solo ad service.  They have tons of great vendors to choose from in many different niches.  The clicks and ads are tracked by a third party to keep the sellers honest.  Learn more.

# 2 Million Leads for Free – I’ve used this service several times now and always generated a decent amount of leads from it.  It’s fast and pretty easy to use, although it does cost a little bit more than some of the other solo ads I mentioned on this page.  Learn more.

# 3 ViraURL – This is a unique service that lets you send out solo ads.  I’ve used this service for almost a year with mixed results.  It’s also an affiliate program and link cloaker, so you could potentially use it for a second income stream in your network marketing business.  Learn more.

Tips for Success

If I was going to give a few tips for success with your MLM Solo Ads, this is what I would tell you.

First off, don’t promote your business opportunity on the front end.  Instead, give away something for free, such as a free report or free video series, to get people on your email list and then email them about your business opportunity at a future date.  This is known as a two-step selling process.

Next, always start small and test.  If you have a $500 marketing budget, for example, start with a $20 test to see what type of conversion rate you get, before you commit to spending more money.

In addition, make sure you craft a good ad.  Share your ad with a few people to get their input, before you send it out.  In the ad, you want to write like you are having a conversation with someone and you want to appeal to their emotions.  Focus on the benefits, not the facts.

Whatever you do, pick an eye catching subject line.  This is hands down the most important part of your email.  Without a good subject line, it won’t get opened.

My final tip is to track each solo ad to see the effectiveness.  You want to look at the opt-in rate (what percentage of people who visit your webpage become a lead) and conversion rate (sales). The conversion rate is more important than the opt-in rate.

Please realize upfront that you will have to through a learning curve with solo ads, especially if this is new to you.  It might take you 10-20 or more solo ads to really figure out what works and what doesn’t work.  Even if your first solo ad doesn’t do well, don’t give up and quit.  Stay persistent.

Once you master solo ads you can have a constant flow of leads coming into your business every day!  And that is a beautiful thing.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I am a big fan of MLM Solo Ads.  Whether you are a newbie or experienced network marketer, solo ads are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get more leads for your network marketing business.  The key is to find a good list and have a good offer.  In the beginning, you will have to go through some trial and error to figure out what works best, so it’s in your best interest to start small and to test everything you do.   I hope that helps.

What are your thoughts?  What type of results have you experienced with solo ads?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with some of these solo ad services.  Individual results will vary.

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13 thoughts on “Buy a MLM Solo Ad Online”

  1. I have used solo ads, but never from any of these. I will look into them.

    I want to say that you are absolutely correct in not leading with the business opportunity, or even products for that matter. The primary idea is to build your list, and by giving away something free like an eBook or whitepaper, you will draw many takers. It is also imperative that you aim these ads at your target market.

    I am going to look closer at these. I am always searching for ways to add names and emails to my list. Thanks Chuck.

  2. I have no experience with solo ads but they sound like something I want to look into further. I’m familiar with the pay per click ads and they are very hit or miss. You get lots of impressions but not necessarily lots of clicks. I like the idea of renting a list from someone with a better list in a target market. That way you know your message is going to the right audience and it’s coming to them from a trusted friend and its not something they stumbled upon on a search engine.

  3. I really like the idea of utilizing solo ads for MLM business growth, because they are cost effective and the payoff is huge. Because they are so affordable, even network marketing newcomers with small budgets can make use of them and help their businesses take off! Tools like solo ads keep the playing field level and give even the little guys an opportunity to get big and maybe even surpass the marketers they were renting clicks/lists from!

  4. Chuck, Are solo ads short like a classified ad, or longer with more information. Would you be willing to share a sample of a solo ad to give me a better idea of what kind of ad I should be writing? Thanks.

    1. Solo ads are typically one to three paragraphs long. They are short and to the point and basically have the same information that is on a capture page: a headline, a few bullet points and a call to action (along with your link). I will include a few solo ad examples below.

  5. I can definitely see where a MLM solo ad can be a very effective way to market and promote your business- especially to a new target audience or to a new target area. I have done a few myself but never as intensely as you are talking about here- might have to use them more frequently.

  6. Thanks for sharing all of the options. I would like to try one of these options myself but I’d probably need to do some more research to ensure I make the right choice. As of now, I am really liking the ViralURL Membership idea. It seems economically feasible and I like the idea of building something for the long-term rather than just a “right now” type of fix.

  7. I second your idea and has witnessed it myself that MLM Solo Ads are a big hit for success. I get numerous leads and that in an economical price too. I find this strategy costing me way less than what I pay for other advertising for traffic and the results are really good. To get success with Solo Ads you need to investigate and enroll with a listing that sounds viable for you MLM business.

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