Building Your MLM Business as a Couple: Why it Makes Sense

Today, I want to talk about building your MLM Business as a couple. This post assumes you have a significant other or spouse. If neither of those apply to you, please share this information with your married team members.

My Observations

Let me start by sharing these three observations with you.

In nearly 99 out of 100 cases, in my experience, one partner is excited about the business and the other person is either neutral or negative. If this describes you, you’re not alone. Opposites attract.

When a couple works together to build a business, they compound their efforts and can achieve success much quicker than a single person. These “power couples” are quite rare, but when you find them they are practically unstoppable.

You don’t need a supportive spouse to succeed in network marketing, although it definitely helps. If you stick with it, and follow through with your initial decision, and build it big, they will come around and eventually support you. As one of my former mentors once told me, “there is no negative spouse if you’re earning six figures with your business.”

Building Your MLM Business as a Couple

Building Your MLM Business as a Couple

While it’s not normal to see a couple working together to build their business, it does happen from time to time. Assuming your spouse is on board with you, here are some things you can do to move forward with your MLM Business.

Share Your Goals & Why

If you want harmony in your relationship and business, you should share your goals and why with your partner. You should make the time to discover what each person wants out of the business. More importantly, learn your partner’s goals and dreams, so you can help fulfill them. I’ve found that if the other person knows WHY you’re doing the business, and your WHY includes them, they are normally more supportive.

Set Clear Roles

When it comes to network marketing as a couple, you should have set roles. These “roles” will vary from relationship to relationship based upon each person’s skills, personality, and talents. Make it clear about who is responsible for what and make sure you each stay in your lane. Do not try to micro-manage your partner. If an issue arises, you know who will be responsible to address it.

When you pick “lanes” focus on your strengths. For example, if he wife is outgoing and a social butterfly, have her do the presentations and selling while the husband manages the behind the scenes things.

Value Each Other’s Input

Two people working together is always better than one person going it alone. You can share your insights, experience, and thoughts with each other. There are many ways to skin a cat (sorry cats), so keep and open mind and bounce ideas off each other whenever possible. Be each other’s sounding board.

Put the Relationship First

Your relationship should always come first. This is easier said than done. Make sure you maintain your date night and family time each day/week. Also, don’t make the mistake of acting like your spouse’s boss or employer. You are their partner not their boss. There’s a high likelihood you will be in your “marriage” or “relationship” longer than you will ever be in business together, so keep your relationship the # 1 thing.

married couples in mlm

Play to Each Other’s Strengths

Opposites attract. That is what I have found. Normally, an extrovert marries and introvert. If you were to write down your skills and talents, I’m sure they would be different from your partner’s skills and talents. However, when these skills are combined, and you work together, you can do great things. Let each person shine with their own natural talents.

Celebrate Your Successes

If you’re working with your partner to build your MLM Business, make sure you celebrate your successes, even the smallest of victories. Do things together to celebrate each milestone you achieve in the business. Plan trips together, meals out together, and celebrate together. These will turn out to be some of your fondest memories.

Have Fun

Keep things fun. Take your business seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh. Have fun. Smile. Be nice. Make your partner laugh and smile whenever you can.

Don’t Make Your Spouse Jealous

If you are working with the opposite sex to build your business (which happens a lot), don’t put yourself in a situation that makes your partner uncomfortable. Keep them informed with who you are working with, especially if the person is the opposite sex. For example, if you are a guy and you are working with a single lady, don’t meet up with the single lady in person unless your spouse is with you.supportive spouse

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are some of my best tips on building your MLM Business as a couple.

Although it is not normal, if you have a supportive spouse APPRECIATE them. They are rare. If your spouse encourages you and believes in you, and wants you to build a big MLM Business, do everything you can in your will power to include them, keep them in the loop, and make them feel appreciated.

Even if your spouse is negative right now, be nice. Don’t make them feel bad or give them a guilt trip. Just love on them, be patient, and treat them well. They’ll come around in due time.

What are your thoughts about building your MLM Business as a couple? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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