Building Depth is the Result of Building Width in MLM

Did you know that building depth is the result of building width in MLM?

Another lesson I learned from Mark Yarnell is that “the depth takes care of itself with sufficient numbers in width.”

Chew on that for a moment.

What that means to me is that if you sponsor lots of people, you will find a few people who do the work and build a team of their own.

In other words, only a small percentage of the people you personally sponsor will build teams in depth.

What most distributors do is sponsor two or three people and sit back and wait for those folks to build a large team.

That never happens, so the rep eventually quits.

When you study MOST of the successful and wealthy industry leaders you will see that they personally sponsored 100 to 200 or more people to build their team.

From that large group of personally sponsored people, they found some good leaders who duplicate what they did and built a large team of their own.

Does that make sense?

Yes, there are some exceptions to this rule.  There are a select group of reps who only sponsored 20 to 50 people personally and made it big, but these folks are FEW and FAR between.

You see, MLM is a numbers game.  You have to sponsor a lot of people to find some really serious people.  I once heard that you have to sponsor 10 people to find one serious person.

With that equation, you probably have to sponsor 100 people or more personally, just to find 10 serious people.

If you only sponsor a few people, not much will happen.

From my own experience, for every 10 people I sponsor eight or nine quit and one or two sticks with it.

Some people preach sponsoring a few people and then shifting to working in depth immediately.

If you sponsor someone that is serious and actually lets you do that, great.  Do it.  But you will find that only about one in ten people you sponsor will LET you work with them and start building a team of their own.

And even if you are working in depth, never stop personally sponsoring!  You need to replace the people who quit and add new lifeblood to your group.

At the end of the day, building depth is the result of building width.  Build enough width and you will NATURALLY build depth.

What do you think about his concept of building width in your MLM Group to build depth? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with the rest of our community.

*** This is part of a mini-series of lessons I learned from Mark Yarnell.  Read the original post.


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6 thoughts on “Building Depth is the Result of Building Width in MLM”

  1. I also believe that we can help the depth too. When we sponsor other individuals, we need to show them the same principals. This will want them to build depth. If we just sponsor them and walk away, they will not understand the whole system. I would strongly recommend that after sponsoring anyone, work with them. You should also have them bookmark this blog, as it can help them understand too. Great advice Chuck; you offer great advice.

  2. This approach makes so much sense, it seems ridiculous that you even need to type it.

    Some people do think that things will just fall into place and miracles will happen if they just stand still and look pretty. The world just doesn’t work that way, and neither does a MLM business. Creating width should be the #1 priority. All else will just come depth wise.

    Take Chuck’s advice and success will surely come.

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