Building a Tap Root Leg In Your MLM Downline

Today, I want to talk about building a tap root leg in your MLM Business.

As I see it, this is one of the SMARTEST things you can do in your network marketing business if you want long-term stability and growth.

What is a tap root leg?

Tap rooting is when you sponsor someone and immediately help them sponsor someone and then help that person sponsor someone.

You keep repeating this process in your organization 10, 20 even up to 100 or more levels deep.

You drive it deep and never stop.

As you do this a few things will happen.

First and foremost, you will build an excited team!

When there is a fire in the basement, everyone above them will get excited.

Even your new distributors will have team members underneath them, so there is the fear of loss, and it’s less likely that they will quit.

Another great thing about building a tap root leg is that you will find leaders in depth.

The deeper and deeper you go, the more and more leaders you will find!

Typically, your best people are not personally sponsored.

They normally don’t show up to level 10-20.

When these leaders show up they will repeat this process with different legs in their own organization, which also builds your team at the same time.

I suggest you try and build each leg of your organization at least one to two levels deeper every month.

That’s when you will start to see some big momentum in your business.

This replaces the people who quit and also keeps the fire in the basement going.

Always work with the green: the newest, most excited distributor. 


It’s really simple.

When you sponsor someone you help them sponsor 2-3 people as quickly as possible.

You tap into their warm market on day one.

Once you do that, you pick the most excited person that they just sponsored and repeat the same process with them.

You keep doing this over and over and NEVER stop doing it.

You ALWAYS work at the bottom most point of your team with the newest, most excited distributor. 

By the time you drive a leg 20 levels deep, you should have 2-3 solid leaders.

That will “lock in” that leg and make it very stable.

Everyone you work with in depth, you treat them as if they were personally sponsored by you.

You help them.

You train them.

You support them.

You coach them.

Don’t put your success in someone else’s hands.

Take responsibility for your business and drive it deep.

If you build your tap root legs right, you will always have new distributors in your organization to help and work with.

Think how busy you could be if you were doing this process in 3-5 legs of your organization each month!

I learned about this process in Amway and I have to tell you it works.

There are people in that company who have organizations THOUSANDS of people deep in their tap root legs.

Within each tap root leg are hundreds of leaders each doing the same thing.

Talk about a win-win proposition.


One of the most popular types of compensation plans in network marketing today is the binary compensation plan.

One key feature of the binary compensation plan is that you only need to build two legs, a left leg and right leg.

You can sponsor as many people as you want to personally, but every new person either goes in the bottom position of the right leg or the left leg.

That is one of the major reasons that type of compensation plan is taking our industry by storm.

Binaries create synergy.

They get the team working together.

It gets everyone to tap root.

I still prefer the uni-level plan myself, but I do see the merits of working in a binary compensation plan.


This is the million dollar question.

Here’s what you need to know.

Probably 95% or more of all six figure earners in our industry make 90% or more of their income from just THREE or fewer legs, even if they have personally built hundreds of legs.

Many of them make 50%-80% of their income from just ONE leg, even if they have hundreds.

Chew on that.

One good leg can make you a TON of money in our industry with most companies.

Two will let you retire.

Three will make you rich and free.

You can taproot as many legs as you want to.  It’s totally up to you.

I suggest you study your company’s compensation plan and build as many big legs as you need to.


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The bottom line is that a tap root leg works!  It doesn’t matter what type of pay plan you have either.  It works in a uni-level, binary, forced matrix or any other compensation plan.

What are your thoughts about building a tap root leg in your MLM Downline?  Leave a comment below and let us know.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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9 thoughts on “Building a Tap Root Leg In Your MLM Downline”

  1. Wowww.. Thats really true.. creating width is short term profit, but tap root creates long term profit. Taproot is like Fixed deposit. You wont get now, but you will definetely reap benefits later.

  2. I had not heard this strategy called a ‘tap root’ before, but I like it. The analogy is great: other roots are easy to cut off or dig out, but the tap root runs deep and is the true lifeline of the tree. I also agree with the idea that your recruits get excited when they also have recruits under them. Excited recruits are motivated and that benefits everyone.

    1. Every strong tree that you see in the real world has a really strong root system underground.

      This business is no different. Even building 2-3 good legs with big taproot legs can provide a full time income.

      Width gives you instant profitability, but depth gives you long term security.

  3. I totally agree with Chuck, and I would still try to go further down than one level, even in your MLM. Yes, the profits may be smaller, but you are building a power source by doing so. I would build out on the one level faster though and try to build down several levels.It may seem senseless at first, but with the revolving doors in most MLMs, in the long run you will be very happy you did what Chuck advises here.Great post Chuck. The tap root leg is a very important lesson that Network Marketers need to understand. You made it easy learning.

      1. Many people think that the deeper they go, the less they make. That is true in some ways, but by doing this, you are inspiring the people that are above, which will lead them to work harder. This will essentially make you more money in the long run. The other item you didn’t mention is: in most MLM systems, if a person quits, the line moves up. So by building a tap root leg, even if people quit, those under them don’t leave your down line, they move up higher in it.

  4. A taproot is definitely one of the greatest strengths of MLM. The going deeper, then wider strategy is very appealing to my intellect. However, I imagined that the best thing to do is to get as many people as possible directly under me? In my program, the 1st level of a downline gives 30% of the profits up one level. The second is just 10% and the third and fourth are 5% and 2%. What is your take on building a wide chart where around 600 people are directly one level below me for instance?Given the disparity of profit ratios, I would be more endowed with accumulating leads as close to me as possible.

    1. Building width is important, but the whole goal of MLM is duplication.

      Personal recruiting is nothing more than direct sales.

      Building depth is network marketing.

      Just my two cents.

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