Building a MLM Downline with Just Customers

Today, I want to share a crazy idea with you. I want to talk about why you should consider building a MLM Downline with just customers and product users.  Just to clarify, when I say customers, I simply mean people who LOVE the products and have no intention (not initially anyway) of doing the business side of things.

Now, I know you’ve probably never heard or thought of this concept before, so you’re going to be a little bit skeptical.  That’s okay.  Just hear me out for moment.

If you are like most distributors the only thing you have been taught is RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT.  Lead with the business opportunity and try to get people to be customers only if they say no to the business side of things.

My immediate response to that is “how is that working out for you?”

I’ve been in the industry for 14 years now and done fairly well for myself.  I can ASSURE you that the strategy that most people are taught is the hardest way to build a business.  It is fatally flawed.  In fact, we might be the ONLY business model in existence that does not teach people to get customers! What business doesn’t need customers?

Here are a few things I have learned through the years:

1.  Most distributors will quit within 90 days or less

2.  Most distributors will STOP ordering the products after they quit the business

3.  You get paid to CREATE VOLUME, not recruit distributors

4. Very few companies teach distributors to be product oriented and find customers

5.  Most prospects don’t want to own a business

6.  Customers who love products will keep ordering them every month (most of them anyway), even if they never pursue the business side of things

7.  If the products don’t make sense to someone, neither will the business

8.  In most companies, you make a larger commission from your customers (per person) than you do by recruiting a new distributor

9.  Would you rather have a team of 100 distributors who each have 20 customers or a team of 2000 distributors who all have no customers?

Now, you might agree or disagree with some of the things I just said.  That’s perfectly fine. We are all entitled to our own opinion.

But just for a moment, I want you to consider what it would be like to have a huge MLM Team of mostly retail customers, along with a few wholesale buyers.

What if you had people on your team who ordered the products every month because they LOVED the products and would buy them even though they have no intention of ever building a business?

Wouldn’t that be good for your business? Wouldn’t that provide a residual income? Don’t you think that would lead to a higher retention rate?

I know it would.

In fact, just building a downline of 200 to 500 customers and wholesale buyer distributors who love the products, but have no intention of doing the business could provide a six figure income for most people (in most cases).

Now, I’m not telling you to just retail the products.  That’s not what network marketing is all about.  If you enjoy retailing, by all means go out and find 10-100 customers, or more.  And if you find someone who wants to be a distributor or business builder, help them!

I think the best thing you can do is be PRODUCT driven, not BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY driven. Lead with your products, not your business opportunity.  Find people who are passionate about the products or services your company offers.  Educate them about the products and services and help them become a customer or wholesale buyer distributor.

building a downline with just customersMany of these folks will keep ordering month after month AND some will even refer a few people.

In addition, a small percentage of these people will become very interested in the business side of things after they have a good product experience.

When people start to express an interest in the business side of things, simply upgrade them into business builders.

On the other hand, if you lead with the business opportunity, a few things will happen.  First of all, you will quickly discover that most folks ARE NOT interested in a business opportunity, especially network marketing, so you have a much smaller target market.

I’d bet that less than 1 in 20 people are interested in network marketing as a business.  This means you will have to talk to an extraordinary amount of people to find distributors.

Even when you do find folks who want to do the business, most of them won’t stick around very long, so you will have a revolving door in your business.  You will be constantly sponsoring and replacing people.  As a result, your volume will be very volatile.

By being product oriented and focusing on finding customers, you can build a very successful business with less effort.  Remember, about 95% of the world hates to sell, but 100% of the world likes to buy!

I really hope you will at least think about the advice I shared in this post.  Building a MLM Downline with just customers and/or wholesale buyers who love the products is a much smarter strategy than simply trying to find folks who are only interested in the business. That’s how I see it anyway.

What are your thoughts about this business building strategy?  Do you think it would work in your company?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “Building a MLM Downline with Just Customers”

  1. Namely, the business will go nowhere if the products do not sell. I agree, getting customers should always be a network marketer’s first priority. As the customers use and love the product, you propose the business opportunity. Showing how they can save on the products they love, and they can make money. Great post.

  2. This makes sense, mainly because you have to pay the bills! A lot of programs don’t pay you residuals until you jump through a lot of hoops like having a certain sales level anyway … so why not make money and have that part taken care of before you start recruiting? That is one area I am learning to be successful in, as sales is not something I was ever trained in. Thanks for the reminder … 🙂

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. Lead with your product, and love what you sell (or at least be a regular user of your product). Sales, not recruiting, create more profit, and the more customers you have, the more likely some of them will want to begin selling the products themselves, if only to get discounted or free products. It is just a numbers game.

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