Britt World Wide 2004 New Amway Diamond Judith Scott

As I mentioned before, I was affiliated with Amway and the World Wide Dream Builders line of sponsorship from 2002 to 2004. One of my most memorable events was Free Enterprise Day 2004. If I remember right, I attended the FED in Minneapolis with several members of my downline.

At the event, Judith Scott was recognized as a new Diamond in Amway. Even though she was not affiliated with the World Wide Dream Builders, she was brought in as a guest speaker. Looking back, I think that’s because WWDB didn’t have any new Diamonds that year.

She had her hand raised on stage by the Amway legend himself, Bill Britt. She was affiliated with Britt World Wide and built her Amway business as a single. I found her story very impressive. After all, you don’t see many single people achieve the level of Diamond in Amway. Some do, but not many.

Listening to her speak at the event, I was mesmerized by her passion and energy. She was a great speaker and motivator. She had the crowd energized and pumped up. She talked about her struggles and setbacks and how she overcame them. Her story was very inspirational.

I’ve done some additional research online about Amway Diamond Judith Scott, but came up short. I’m trying to find out when she joined the business, who her sponsor is, and how she built the business. If you can answer any of these questions, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Disclaimer: Amway, WWDB and BWW are registered trademarks.  I am not affiliated with any of those organizations.

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4 thoughts on “Britt World Wide 2004 New Amway Diamond Judith Scott”

  1. Deborah is the deepest Diamond in the Crowe organization. Her sister is also a Diamond; Orlando and Deborah McKenzie. Their upline is Executive Diamond, Wayne and Susan Callender.

  2. From what I saw in the YouTube video provided in this article, Judith Scott’s story is very inspirational. The advice she gave is truly timeless. I admire the fact that she chose to persevere in the midst of the storms and setbacks she faced in order to achieve her dreams and receive this prestigious accomplishment .

    1. I listened to her speech live and it was very inspirational. If you study any successful person you will quickly discover they have trials, tribulations and many setbacks BEFORE they ever became successful. They just chose to stick with it. Judith Scott is one of those people! And for that reason I admire her.

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