Brig Hart: Mona Vie and Amway Legend

Brig Hart is the ultimate network marketing success story.

Just about anyone who has been in our industry for any period of time knows who he is and what he brings to the table. He is charismatic, a servant leader, and man’s man! More importantly, he produces HUGE results.

About Brig Hart

I’d like to begin by telling you a little bit about Brig’s background, so you can know where he came from and what he is all about.

  • He was born in 1952
  • He was the second of our children
  • He was born and raised in Florida
  • His dad was an entrepreneur
  • As a kid he was a big car fanatic
  • As a teenager he was a surfer
  • He spent two years in the Marines, 1970-71, but didn’t have to go to Vietnam
  • He credits the Marines for teaching him discipline
  • After the Marines (around 1973) he opened up his own business “Hart’s Surf Shop”
  • He owned that business for five years before things got bad and he had to close the business
  • Around 1978 or 1979 he was introduced to network marketing for the first time (Amway)
  • He met his wife at an Amway meeting; they were married 4.5 months later
  • He and his wife have three children

What I like most about Brig Hart is that he is humble and down to earth. He is a very friendly guy with a great demeanor and great attitude.

brig hart

Brig’s Amway Story

Brig Hart joined the Amway business sometime around 1978 or 1979.

At the height of his Amway venture, he and his wife, Lita, were Double Diamonds. Prior to leaving Amway, they had an enormous team consisting of tens of thousands of distributors.

They had three front-level diamonds and countless downline diamonds including Crown Ambassador Tim Foley. Their upline Diamond was Bill Childers. Some of their successful downline distributors included Steve and Annette Woods, Bo Short, and Ed & Rose Knickman. Many of his successful downline leaders have since been terminated by Amway.

Brig and Lita Hart filed a lawsuit against Amway and several of the kingpin distributors in 1997, claiming that they were “cut out” of the tools money. This lawsuit was one of the most significant lawsuits in Amway’s history. Some say that the lawsuit led to Amway changing its name to Quixtar. I cannot verify that, but I do find it interesting.

The lawsuit regarded the tools business. The Hart’s claimed there were no written contracts concerning tools. Everything was based on a handshake and wink. More importantly, Rule # 4 of the IBO contract was never enforced. Instead, everything was the “good-ole boy” system.

Brig Hart & MonaVie

After leaving the Amway business, Brig and Lita Hart joined MonaVie in 2005. MonaVie was a liquid nutrition multi-level marketing company that specialized in products made with the acai berry.

Initially he hired someone to research “liquid nutrition” companies for him. They came up with four potential companies and ended up joining MonaVie. They rose to the top ranks in MonaVie rapidly, and according to some online reports, they are the top earners in the entire MLM Industry. That is no small feat.

To help his team succeed with MonaVie, Brig Hart created the R3 Global system. This was an educational platform that provided the training and motivation for his MonaVie distributors. It offered business support materials, business tools, clothing, accessories, seminars, CDs and other products to help his team build their business.

R3Global was similar to the Amway Motivational Organizations. As of 2014, Brig and Lita Hart sold their MonaVie business. Since leaving MonaVie, they were in several different companies and even started their own company. I’m not sure what they are currently doing.

Brig Hart Secrets to Success

Next, I’d like to share five secrets about why Brig Hart is so successful in the network marketing industry (in my opinion). After following his training for several years, I’d like to share five things I really admire about Brig Hart that really make him “stand out” in the crowd. I believe that these are five secrets that made him a top earner in our industry.

# 1: He’s a Visionary Leader

Brig Hart is a visionary leader and network marketer.

He joined MonaVie before it became popular. In reality, he built MonaVie from the ground up.

He understands the big picture and knows how to create an action plan that will lead him to his ultimate goal. He handles the small details, but never lets that keep him from reaching his ultimate goal.

His “vision” is what sets him apart from most distributors. He sees things before they exist. Most importantly, he knows how to share his vision with others.

# 2: He’s a Master at Finding & Developing Leaders

When it comes to finding and developing network marketing leaders, Brig Hart is one of the best in the industry.

He has the amazing ability to see the potential in people and develop that potential. He does lots of one-on-one and group training to teach, train, and support his team.

He also knows how to find leaders and influence them to join his team. He knows that it’s easier and faster to build a team if you are working with leaders.

Brig is a leader himself, so he naturally attracts other leaders to his group.

# 3: He Creates Systems

Brig is a systems guy. He creates systems for his team to follow. This includes training systems, getting started systems, team building systems, etc.

This is quite perhaps the biggest reasons he is so successful in network marketing. His systems are simple and easy for the average person to follow.

# 4: He Keeps The Business Simple

Brig Hart keeps the business simple.

When it comes to building a MLM Business, he’s an old school kind of guy. He does lots of one-on-ones and in home meetings. He teaches the importance of getting a few customers and sponsoring a few people.

He doesn’t promote internet systems or tell people they have to start their own blog, buy solo ads, or spam their business all over Facebook.

He is also out there in the trenches doing what he teaches. This empowers his team.

# 5: He Promotes Events

Brig is always promoting the next event. He definitely understands how important events are in our industry.

He does events for his team and company. This includes local, regional, and national events.

His events are exciting and motivating. People get excited and they learn some new skills about how to build a business.

brig hart secrets

His Books

As of 2021, I found two books authored by Brig Hart. They include:

Why Not You, Why Not Now: The Brig Hart Story

This is an auto-biography where he talks about his life before and after network marketing. It has great reviews on Amazon. I have not read it myself yet, but I’m sure it’s a good read.

Hope for Economic Hopelessness: Your Hand Up, Not Hand Out

This book discusses the economic challenges facing most Americans today and offers some solutions as to what you can do about it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Brig and Lita Hart are the ultimate network marketing success story. They come from humble beginnings and achieved incredible success in the network marketing industry.

Brig is is the ultimate leader, motivator, trainer, and recruiter. He is a true credit to our amazing industry. If you are part of his team, consider yourself lucky.

If you have experience working with him in Amway, MonaVie, or Jeunesse, I would love to hear from you. How did you meet Brig Hart? How long have you worked with him? What was your experience like? I look forward to hearing from you. Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Disclaimer: Mona Vie and R3Global are registered trademarks. I am in no way affiliated with the company. All views are my personal opinion.

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29 thoughts on “Brig Hart: Mona Vie and Amway Legend”

  1. I heard the name but didn’t know much about him. Now it clicked though because I remember a friend talking about him in a business conference I attended with her. He has to be so smart and rock solid to have been in the game this long. I am going to have to watch more of his videos. Now I am curious!

      1. I just heard Brig Hart speak in Colorado Springs. Awesome night! He is the co-founder of Healthy Home Company (official launch in 2015), an education and products company dedicated to making the home a healthier place to raise a family.

  2. We are apt to hear more from Brig Hart in the future….It seems he is just the kind of person who is always adapting to the changing atmospheres. Just looking at the title of his book: Why Not You, Why Not Now…I have a longing to read it. It is now on my list of literature to read in the near future. Thank you for sharing all this information on this MLM master.

      1. What is that new company Chuck? I believe if Brig Hart joined, it just may be a company we will want to get involved in. There are surely good things going to happen and as you have said: timing is important in joining an MLM.

        Do you know what company? Inquiring minds would like to know….LOL

        1. Brig is the co-owner of a new direct retailing/membership based buying club called Healthy Home Company. All of our products are organic, certified toxic free, NonGMO & safe for the entire family including pets. Check us out & let me know if you have any questions. We were just in Tulsa a couple weeks ago with Brig & Mick Karshner for a Healthy Home Meeting. I would love to re-introduce you.

  3. There is rumor going around the internet that Brig Hart is leaving Monavie. I cannot confirm or deny that. But there are lots of rumors floating around on the internet that he sold R3Global and is moving to Visalus or a different company.

    1. Donna,

      I cannot confirm that, but I’m pretty sure he is not jumping ship. Most leaders in the industry don’t do that very often. And besides, Brig Hart is R3Global. If he leaves, R3Global would fall apart. He’s built a huge team with Monavie and has a lot to lose. I’ll do some more research on the subject and get back to you.


  4. Brig Hart is the most amazing guy. I don’t know how he does it, but he is a sponsoring and team building machine! I’m on his MonaVie team (many levels deep) and have been for about three years. I don’t do much with the business, but I do like the products and company events. It’s fun to be around a bunch of winners.

    1. He definitely knows how to build a large team and duplicate his success. I agree with you there. He is good at building a tap root leg and helping each person build a small team, which gets bigger and bigger over a period of time. His system offers great business tools, along with the motivation and help that distributors need. I truly believe a guy like Brig Hart could join any network marketing company and build a huge downline. He just has the personality, mind-set and skill-set to succeed.

  5. I think any distributor in any company could learn a lot by studying Brig Hart. This guy is an icon. He knows a lot about recruiting and about systems. He’s also a great guy who knows how to help and motivate others.


    1. Madeline,

      He is definitely an exceptional leader and distributor. He just has a magnetic personality and offers so much value to people who team up with him. There is no doubt in my mind WHY Brig Hart is successful: people want to work with successful people who have a system and game plan. He has those two things, along with a great product and business opportunity.


  6. I’ve never met Brig Hart personally, but I would love too. I’ve been with Mona Vie for a while now. Whenever Brig does a training call, I always listen. I am in total awe of how much success he has had with the company. He is a winner, a man’s man.

  7. Brig Hart is amazing. I am on his R3Global Team and have been working with him indirectly for almost three years. During that time I have went on to build a $40k yearly income with Mona Vie. In the next couple years, I anticipate that going up to a six figure income. This guy is an incredible leader, coach and mentor. I feel blessed to be part of his team.


    1. Good for you, Alex. I’m glad you have experienced success working with Mona Vie. Consider yourself lucky to be on this guy’s team. He is one of the best in the industry.


  8. I’ve known Brig Hart for nearly 30 years now. I spent many years on his Amway team. Even back then, he was a great leader and really cared about his people. I ended up leaving the industry for good in 1993, but I still follow him from time to time to see what he is up to. It’s good to see that continued his success with Mona Vie.


  9. Brig Hart’s story is very interesting. I was actually with Amway for a while when they were Quixtar, and it is my understanding, as well, that Hart’s lawsuit was the catalyst for the name change. At that time, there were also some interesting stories about the tools, which, by the way, they did make a decent amount of money on. John Maxwell produced a leadership set just for them based on his “Eagle” premise. It was an excellent personal development and motivational set, and it was the most popular business tool, even at almost $200 each.

    1. Amy,

      Thanks for the comment. It was nice hearing your Quixtar story. I meet so many people who were/are involved at the company at one point or another. I remember the John Maxwell leadership training you are talking about. I owned a set during of the videos and tapes during my time with Quixtar.

      As far as Brig Hart is concerned, he sued Amway and Quixtar over the tools business because everything was based on a wink and handshake. When he was cut out of the tool money he lost a significant portion of his income.

      Needless to say, Brig and Lita Hart have moved on to much bigger and better things with Mona Vie. I’m glad to see that they are successful and have helped so many people achieve success.


  10. What I have noticed about a lot of the individuals you have profiled is that they worked with multiple companies or that they had a business that failed prior to making it big. It seems like “failure” is always a preface to success. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider it failure. I think of it more as a learning experience which is why they then go on to succeed because they know what it needed to get there and what should be avoided.

    1. You’re right, Diamond. Brig Hart, and just about every other successful distributor in the network marketing industry struggled for a few years before they made it big. It’s just part of paying your dues. And I wouldn’t define it as failure either. I would define it as part of their education.


  11. I notice a lot of companies are producing beverages rich in acai berry content these days. It does have a high concentration of antioxidants but there are other companies producing stronger stuff. I think ACN is one of the MLM businesses marketing the Maqui berry goods which are rising in popularity. Do you know if Mona Vie is making anything with Maqui berries?

    1. ACN doesn’t do anything with Maqui berries, James. They specialize in telecommunications. I don’t know of any other multi-level marketing companies doing Maqui berries except bHIP.


  12. Really loved this article about Brig Hart. He is down to earth and inquisitive. To go from 360.00 dollars to his present level of income and maintain the same personality is quite a feat. Thanks for sharing this one.

    1. You’re welcome Sandy.

      I’m a big fan of Brig Hart even though I am not involved with Mona Vie. He is a classy guy and when it comes to building a large MLM business, he is the best out there (as I see it anyway).


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