Brian and Jill Roach: Youngevity and Free Life Top Earners

Brian and Jill Roach are currently 3-star International Executives with Youngevity International.  Prior to that, they were top earners in Free Life International for more than 15-years.  The two companies merged several years back.

They have achieved great success in the network marketing industry.  Some of their business achievements include:

  • Marketing Executives of the Year in 2003 and 2011 with Free Life International
  • Participants on the Royal Ambassador Leadership Council
  • Founders of the Ambassador Makers Team and System
  • Million Dollar Earners with the Company
  • They’ve developed countless leaders around the world
  • A large portion of their business is in the Philippines 

They joined Free Life International on May 1st, 1993.  Prior to joining the business Jill was a Speech Pathologist and Brian was a Commodities Trader.  They live in Illinois with their family.

Jill found the company while surfing the Internet.  What they liked about the business is that it had very little risk and lots of potential. As a result, they went full time in the business right from the beginning.

Prior to joining the company, they had no experience in network marketing.

I stumbled across their website while surfing online a few years back.

They have a large team that spans the globe.  They’ve helped hundreds of people achieve success with Free Life International and Youngevity International.

The couple is down to earth, friendly and positive. Jill is a complete fireball, full of passion and excitement about life and the business opportunity.  Brian is a giant in his own right.  I would describe him as a man’s man.

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I believe that Brian and Jill Roach are a true credit to the network marketing industry.  They are amazing leaders, motivators and mentors.  They care about others and do whatever they can to help their team succeed.

If you have ever worked with Brian and Jill Roach personally, I would love to hear your story.  Tell us when you met them, how long you have known them, what you have learned from them, and how they helped you grow your business.  Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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19 thoughts on “Brian and Jill Roach: Youngevity and Free Life Top Earners”

  1. You mentioned that Jill was very passionate and I think that is a wonderful trait to have when you are in business. How can you convincingly get people to buy your product or become a part of your business team if you are not enthused about what it is you have to offer. Plus, passion is what fuels you to keep going when the going gets tough and sometimes you need that boost of inner energy to keep you motivated.

  2. We met Brian and Jill Roach at convention last year. They are really awesome people: friendly, kind and inspiring. I’m proud to be part of their team.

  3. I really admire the Brian and Jill Roach. I’m not with Freelife, but I respect what they have accomplished. They’ve built a huge team and they’ve helped hundreds of others make a nice income with Freelife!

  4. What a great couple. I’ve known them for a few years and have learned so much from Brian and Jill. If you are in Free Life and want to build a big business, follow this couple and listen to what they have to say.

  5. I’ve been part of their team for a few months now. They have some great calls and training sessions. I hope to build a very large and profitable Free Life business.

  6. What’s really neat about this couple is that Free Life is their first company. They picked one company and stuck with it for many, many years. That’s a very important lesson.

  7. We met the Roach’s at convention four or five years ago. They are really amazing. Brian is such a tremendous leader and Jill is a complete fireball. Anyone on their team should consider themselves lucky!

  8. I’ve been part of their Free Life International team for 2.5 years. Brian and Jill Roach are a great couple. They are great leaders and really help out their team.

  9. Brian and Jill Roach are amazing leaders. We are part of their Free Life International team and consider ourselves honored to be on their team. We’ve learned so much from this couple through the past six years.

  10. Jill and Brian Roach are awesome. We’ve been distributors for Free Life International for almost six years now. We make a couple grand a month with the company. We’re not in the Roach organization, but we do listen to some of their training calls, and when they speak at events. They are such incredible leaders and they offer so much value to others. I’m glad they are successful with Free Life.


  11. Brian Roach explains that when he talks to new prospects and teammates, he emphasizes that no body is perfect, and to not be afraid to be human. “Our weaknesses are our strengths,” according to him, taking the intimidation factor out of being new. Brian and Jill both talk a lot about leadership and the fact that, when they are talking with prospects, they intentionally do not attempt to determine upfront if they are potential leaders. Everybody has the same opportunity to go where they want, and people who are sometimes thought to be least likely initially to become strong leaders often are the very ones that step up to the plate.

  12. I worked with Brian and Jill Roach for three years. Of course, I never met them personally, but I was deep in their organization. Because of their mentorship and guidance, I built my Free Life International business up to about $2k per month profit. Now I know that isn’t “big money” but that monthly income has made a huge, positive impact in my life.


    1. Good for you Denise. You should be proud of your accomplishments with Free Life International. From everything I’ve read online, I think Brian and Jill Roach would be a great mentor and sponsor.


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