Brand New MLM Distributor: 10 Things Every New Network Marketing Rep Should Know

I’m going to assume you are a brand new MLM distributor.

If so, congratulations.

You’ve made a wise decision to join this great industry.

I want to share some advice with you that I wish my sponsor would have told me when I was a brand new MLM distributor way back in 2002.

Some of this will be hard hitting.

It might even upset you.

I’m willing to do that because I personally believe I have an obligation to share this with you.

Take this advice to heart.

Keep in mind that it is just my opinion, based on my experience, and wisdom I have learned from my successful mentors.

Do what you want with the advice, but at least hear me out.


# 1 Have Realistic Expectations

What are realistic expectations?

You get out what you put in.

You will not build a big income quickly (highly unlikely anyway).

You will not build a big income working a few hours per week.

Contrary to what you might have been told, this industry is not a get rich quick type of thing.

It is not the lottery.

You don’t become successful by luck.

It is a business.

It requires a BOAT LOAD of hard work to make it to the top of the compensation plan.

Much more work than you think.

It requires time, money and effort.

It is simple, but not easy.

Building a six figure MLM Income will be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life.

It’s worth it, but it’s hard.

Assuming you are working your network marketing business part-time, it’s going to take you a while just to be profitable.

The goal your first year in any business is to learn and survive.

If you make a profit, that’s great.

If not, that’ normal.

Keep in mind, most businesses in the real world don’t make a penny of profit their first year in business.

Don’t expect your business to be an overnight miracle to your financial problems.

Don’t expect to make six figures your first year.

Chances are you have been working in your current job/career many YEARS, and if you are like most people you aren’t making six figures yet.

So, why would you expect it from a brand new, part-time business?

This pay structure is performance based. 

You don’t get paid to show up.

You don’t get paid based upon the number of hours you work.

You get paid to perform well and find others who can perform well.

That’s our business in a nutshell.

Perform well, get paid well.

Perform badly, make nothing!

That’s how free enterprise works.

Finally, make sure your actions match your goals.

Don’t set big goals for yourself if you’re not willing to put in the work it requires to achieve those goals.

# 2 You Must Pay the Price

All success comes with a price.

You, the brand new MLM distributor, must decide if you are willing to pay that price.

Most people won’t.

brand new mlm distributorThat’s okay.

Success comes to those who will pay the price!

What price must you pay?

Well, you will need to give up some television time.

You will lose some family time.

You will get less sleep.

You might have to give up some hobbies for a few years.

You must be willing to go through the rejection and temporary failure.

You must be prepared to sacrifice these things temporarily for a few years, if you want to succeed on a grand scale.

The bigger your goals the bigger the sacrifice.

The bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the reward.

Only you can decide what you are willing to sacrifice.

# 3 You Must Develop Specialized Knowledge

Every industry requires a special set of skills.

Even working at McDonald’s requires some basic skills.

The most basic skills in network marketing are prospecting, inviting, presenting, following-up, sales, leadership, communicating, training your team and getting customers.

As a brand new MLM distributor, it will take you time to learn and master these skills.

It will cost you money to learn these skills.

It will take minimum several YEARS to master these skills.

I suggest you make a commitment to learn and master these skills, regardless of how long it takes you.

The sooner you can do that, the quicker you will achieve success.

Keep in mind, you won’t develop or master these skills by accident.

You must get in the trenches and stay in the trenches.

You must become a student of your profession.

You should find a mentor, read books, attend events, and enroll in automobile university.

This is non-negotiable.

The quicker you master these skills the quicker you achieve success.


# 4 This is a Numbers Game

Regardless of what book you read, or what your sponsor told you, this business is a numbers game.

Selling is a numbers game.

Yes, you can go through smaller numbers of people to achieve success ONCE you have developed your skills.

Like I said before, it takes several years to master those skills.

As a brand new MLM distributor, here’s what you need to know right now.

Most people you talk to will not be interested.

Most people who join will do nothing and quit.

You’re going to need to personally sponsor somewhere between 100 and 500 people to succeed.

Of those 100 to 500 people, 80-90 percent of your income will come from just one to five of them.

You are looking for gold.

Miners have to turn over a lot of rocks and sort through a lot of dirt to find their gold.

You will need to do the same thing.

Remember this.

You must:

Talk to thousands…

To sponsor hundreds…

To find your 1-5 key leaders…

Who generate 90% of your income.

# 5 This is a Five to Ten Year Plan

Building financial independence and wealth does NOT happen overnight.

… only in the movies.

For most people, assuming you are working your business 30 hours per week, this business is a five to ten YEAR plan.


That sounds like such a long time.

It’s not.

The time goes by quickly.

Ten years from now you will be glad you built it.

Here’s what you need to know.

Successful businesses, of any kind, are typically built over a period of MINIMUM five to ten years.

Many take decades.

How long will it take you?

That varies from person to person.

It depends on how long it takes you, the brand new MLM distributor, to master your skills.

It depends how long it takes you to find quality people to work with.

There are lots of variables and factors.

Contrary to what a lot of people in our industry teach, most successful reps have stuck with one company at least five to ten years, before become really successful.

Are there exceptions?

Of course.

But not many.

I personally believe five to ten years is a realistic timeframe for success in just about any kind of business.

Considering you are doing this part time, I still think it’s a great deal.

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# 6 New Reps Are the Lifeblood of Your Organization

In this business, it’s not your job to manage anyone.

You can’t drag anyone across the finish line.

You can’t make anyone else successful.

Don’t make the mistake of wanting success for someone more than they want it themselves.

As a brand new MLM distributor, you must keep recruiting.

You won’t get to the next rank with the same team.

If you stop recruiting and stop finding new customers, your business will die a quick death.

Always personally sponsor at least 4 new people every single month.

Find new customers every single month.

Always work with the newest, most excited people on the team.

Recruiting new distributors will solve ANY problem you have in your business.

On a side note, please realize that all BUSINESSES, even Amazon, Walmart and McDonald’s are constantly recruiting new customers.

All businesses have attrition with customers.

It’s normal.

Without a steady flow of new customers, most businesses would go under.

not all tasks are created equal# 7 Not All Tasks Are Created Equal

As a brand new MLM distributor, the business will be on your mind 24/7.

You will “think” about the business all the time.

Remember that thinking about your business won’t make you a penny.

It’s only when you focus on money producing activities that your business will grow.

Money producing activities include prospecting, inviting, showing the plan, following up, training your team and getting customers.

All other tasks are inferior.

Do not confuse busy work with productive work.

You must spend 90% or more of your “working hours” on productive work, not busy work.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are building and growing your business if you aren’t doing productive work.

Most brand new MLM distributors make this mistake.

They think cleaning their office will grow their business.

They think browsing the company’s corporate website will grow their business.

They think listening to conference calls will grow their business.

Keep in mind, NONE of these things will grow your business.

It’s only when you do the money producing activities that your business will grow.

# 8 Spend Your Time Where It is Deserved

This business is not a charity.

It’s not your job to save people.

It’s not your job to make other people successful.

If you want to do those things, volunteer with a charitable organization.

Remember, this is a business.

As a brand new MLM distributor, you must spend your time where it is deserved.

Don’t make the common mistake of wanting success more for someone than they want it for themselves.

You must spend your time where it is deserved, not where it is needed.

Typically, your best people will require the least amount of help and support.

Typically, people who need the most help with do very little, if anything at all.

Who should you work with?

Work with the people who are actually doing things to grow their business.

Look in your back office and see who is retailing and recruiting and work with them.

As one MLM Millionaire says, “watch the feet, not the lips.”

Your time is valuable.

When you have a team with hundreds, or thousands of people, you can’t work with everyone.

You have to spend your time where it is deserved.

I would rather spend 90% of my time helping one serious person than spend all my time helping 20 people who do nothing to help themselves.

# 9 Find and Maintain 20 Customers

Every business needs customers.

You do not need to be a retailing machine.

first goal in network marketingAfter all, this business is about building a network and having leverage.

That being said, you must realize that you only get paid when products move to end users.

I personally believe every brand new MLM distributor should maintain 20 active, loyal customers.

This should be your first goal in your business.

Without customers there is no business.

If you have 20 customers, you will make a nice retail profit, probably $300 to $500 monthly, if not more than that.

Once you’ve done this yourself, you can teach it to others.

What would your volume and bonus check look like if every rep on your team had 20 customers?

It would be crazy.

Be customer focused.

Be product focused.

Yes, you want to recruit distributors.

But, don’t forget to pick up customers along the way.

If your only focus in recruiting distributors, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Everyone likes to buy, but most people hate to sell.

That’s why I am customer focused.

Assuming you have a great product at a fair price, finding customers shouldn’t be much of a problem.

# 10 Work On Your Personal Development

Your business will only grow as much as you do.

You must have a personal development plan.

Earlier, we talked about developing your specialized knowledge.

You must do that, and you must also grow as a person.

You must become a better leader.

You must become a better communicator.

You need to tap into your potential.

Work harder on you than you do on anything else.

As a brand new MLM distributor, you want to work harder on your personal development than you do that your job.

Make it a point to get better every single day.

Never stop growing and learning.

It’s true, this business is really a personal development course labeled as a business.

The more you grow as a person, the more your business will grow.

Come up with a personal development plan and follow it every day.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.

This is my best advice for the brand new MLM distributor.

Do you agree or disagree with what I said?

Does it all make sense to you?

Why or why not?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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