Bill Britt, the Amway Legend: 5 Things I Learned from Him

Bill Britt (now deceased) was an Amway legend.

He spent about 40 years in Amway and was a top earner in the company.

He recently passed away (January 2013), but his spirit will live on for many years.

He built an Amway team of more than MILLION distributors and led the Britt World Wide Organization.

He was a leader, a true man’s man.

During my few years in Amway, I was in complete awe of this guy.

There was something about his mental toughness, his patriotism and his strong beliefs that absolutely resonated with me.

Although I was not affiliated with his line of sponsorship, I did study lots of his training materials.

I listened to most of his tapes and learned what I could from him.

I learned many valuable life lessons and business lessons from Bill Britt.

Listed below I want to share five valuable lessons that really impacted my business.

# 1 People Want to Be Part of Something Greater Than ThemselvesBill Britt

Network marketers, and just about every other human being want to be part of something much bigger and greater than themselves.

We all want to belong to something of importance.

Bill Britt was great at creating something that others wanted to belong to.

For most people on his team, Amway and Britt World Wide were much more than just a business opportunity.

They were a lifestyle, a family, a culture, and an organization of winners.

People were proud to be affiliated with Bill Britt and his team.

If you are involved with network marketing, and you are serious about building a large team of distributors, you should do the same thing that Bill Britt did.

You want your team to be a family, a social club and a place where people can go to get support, motivation and love.

You want to create your own team culture.

There’s something powerful when you can take your business opportunity and turn it into something much greater than a business opportunity.

When you can do that, many folks will stick around with you for the long haul just because they can’t find that OUTSIDE of the business.

Even if they never build the business themselves, they’ll stick with you forever because you offer them something they can’t get anywhere else.

Never forget that.

# 2 Get People to Events Every 90 Days

Events are powerful.

Events keep people unified and motivated.

Whenever possible, you need to get people to events.

This can be events that you put on, events your MLM Company puts on and events that are generic for any distributor in any company.

When people attend events, they rekindle their vision and dreams.

They build their belief.

They re-gain their long-lost motivation.

And they meet new people and learn new skills.

Without a doubt, hosting events and getting people on your team to attend these events is the single most important thing you can do to grow your business.

Do whatever you can to promote events.

Attend every event yourself and try to get your team to do the same thing.

The people who attend the events will be the ones who go on to build a big business.

# 3 You Have to Work the Numbers

bill britt amwayThere was a special on 60 Minutes about Amway and they interviewed Bill Britt.

They asked him what his secret to success was.

Prior to his interview, they focused on how so many folks who joined Amway failed, but when they got to Bill Britt they got a pleasant surprise.

To summarize what he said, he said that “he achieved success because he worked the numbers.

He showed the plan to about a 1200 people personally, sponsored about three hundred of those people, about 85 did anything at all, about 35 were serious and about 11 made him a millionaire!”

I wish I could find the interview on YouTube so you could listen to it yourself, but I can’t.

The moral of the story is that if you work the numbers everything else will fall into place.

You will find the serious people you need to build a large team.

You can’t show your business presentation to a few people and expect big success.

You must take massive action and sort through the wimps, warriors and weenies until you can find a few very serious warriors who want to run with it and take massive action.  

They’re out there, it’s just your job to work the numbers.

If you work the numbers, you can’t fail!

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# 4 There Is Lots of Money in Educational Products

Some people might think this tip is a bid shady or unethical.

I don’t think so.

Bill Britt realized early on in his Amway career that people needed training to build their business and he realized that there was a lot of money to be made with the tools business.

I agree.

While I don’t agree with how all of the Amway Motivational Organizations profit from their tools business, I do believe in the value of promoting tools.

It just makes sense.

People need these things to succeed anyway, and if you can provide the tools to your team (or non-team members), you deserve to get compensated.

Just about every successful distributor in our industry makes a nice second income from educational products, systems and tools.

It’s a fact.

Some try to hide it and others are very straight forward about it.

Let me give you a historical example to put things in perspective.

Think back to the Gold Rush for a moment.

Most of the money in the gold rush was made by people selling picks and shovels: restaurants, saloons, brothels, hardware stores, motels, etc., not by the people looking for gold.

Sure, a few people who mined for gold made their fortune, but most went home empty handed.

On the other hand, most of the people in the picks and shovels business made a small fortune.

As a network marketer, you need to do the same thing.  

Find a good MLM Company and stick with it for the long haul, but look for tools that provide value AND can offer a second income stream.

# 5 Focus on Finding Leaders

Bill Britt was good at finding and developing leaders in his Amway business.

Of all the people in Amway, other than Dexter Yager, Bill Britt probably had the most leaders on his team.

He had hundreds of downline Diamond level distributors and thousands of Platinum and Emerald level distributors.

He knew how to find leaders and train future leaders.

He learned early on that finding a few key leaders could really provide a substantial income.

It’s better to sponsor 10 leaders on your team than sponsor 1,000 followers on your team.

You should do the same thing in your business.

Find leaders.  

Develop leaders.

If you can do that, everything else will fall into place.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t sponsor non-leaders.

It just means that you should spend most of your time, budget and marketing efforts on finding leaders.

Final Thoughts

I learned lots of valuable lessons from Amway Legend, Bill Britt.

I was never in his organization personally and never met him in person, but I studied most of his tapes and training materials.

Although he is no longer with us today, his spirit lives on.

RIP Bill Britt!

You have definitely created a legacy that will outlive you for many years to come.

On a side note, if you’ve ever worked with Bill Britt, I would love to hear from you.

Please tell us how he helped you, what you learned from him and when you worked with him.

Just leave a comment to this post to share your story.

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9 thoughts on “Bill Britt, the Amway Legend: 5 Things I Learned from Him”

  1. I believe it is very wise in adding educational products to your selling items. Making CDs, DVDs, or eBooks can add straight profit to your account. Just teaching your own basic system of getting leads or motivational techniques can be very profitable. The best part about doing this is it is pure profit for you.

    I would say that you better read up on all your MLMs rules before doing so. I believe there have been some distributors who have been terminated by their companies for breaking certain rules when it comes to materials such as these.

    There is so much we all can learn from one of the masters of network marketing….Bill Britt.

    1. I definitely believe in having a tools business, but I have no desire to sell them for a profit to my own team. If anything I would give them to my team or sell them at cost.

  2. You must be able to spot those who have the potential to become exceptional leaders and make genuine efforts to invest in them. These leaders in the making are people who have the drive and commitment to really be self-sufficient and grow their sect of the business on their own. They have goals, a vision, and seek your knowledge and expertise to help them reach their goals. These are the people I put most of my energy into because I know the little bit of time I spend investing in them now will produce huge results down the line and require little supervision or effort from me later.

  3. Here are some things I learned about network marketing and life from Bill Britt.

    1. Just because you fail in your first business venture shouldn’t stop you from trying another one
    2. It’s not the dog in the fight it’s the fight in the dog that matters
    3. In MLM you simply have to take massive action and work the numbers
    4. You have to give people hope
    5. People want to belong to something greater than themselves

    Good luck!

    1. What we consider failures are often just really great opportunities to learn something that we can then use to help us succeed. It is our responsibility to learn lessons from those things we don’t initially succeed at and then apply those lessons to our next attempt. Everyone who is a huge success now has failed, and probably more than once. Really if more people started viewing failures as stepping stones to success it would improve their attitude and outlook on their ability to reach their goals.

  4. Bill Britt was one of my first business mentors. I joined Amway back in the early 1980s when I was in my early 30s. I had graduated college, but was struggling to find my way in life. Bill Britt gave me purpose and direction. He taught me how to set goals, why you need to be an entrepreneur, the power of goal setting and the power of association. I stayed in Amway 20+ years just to listen to the tapes and learn new skills. I never really tried to build the business, but I knew that if I got my mind right I could achieve success in life. Because of what I learned from Bill Britt, and the other Diamonds, I have went on to build several profitable franchises and other businesses. I am forever grateful.


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