Big Al’s How to Build MLM Leaders for Fun & Profit Book Review

I’m a big fan of “Big Al” Tom Schreiter.  I’ve read most of his books and one of my favorite books that he wrote is “How to Build MLM Leaders for Fun & Profit.”  The book is really loaded with some great tips.  Overall, I give it an 8 of 10 and consider it a must read.

“Big Al” talks about lots of interesting concepts that would really benefit any network marketer. What I want to do in the paragraphs below is share some of my favorite quotes from the book. Each quote is in bold an italics.  After each quote I will provide my own two cents.  The quotes are listed in no particular order.

# 1 Distributors come and go.  It’s how many MLM leaders you have that count.  Your strength, security and income depend on the number of leaders in your group, not the number of transient distributors passing through.  This is really good advice.  If you want to know if you have a good group, determine how many leaders you have.  How many people are showing their own business presentations?  How many people are independent of you?  How many people are actively building their own teams?  These are the folks that will ultimately determine your success, not the guy who joined looking to get rich quick.

big al book# 2 If you don’t have downline leaders in your MLM group you can never rest.  If you’re just building a team of distributors (followers) you will probably get burnt out and eventually quit.  If everyone depends on you and needs you to do everything for them, you will create yourself a low paying job. Your primary objective is to find and develop LEADERS.

# 3 The smart MLM superstars have several MLM leaders in their downline.  And their life is easy. This goes hand in hand with what I mentioned above.  I would personally rather have five leaders than hundreds of followers.  Leaders are the ones that will go out and do the work and actually build a group, with or without you.  When you have leaders you really do have leverage.

# 4 You may have to invest in several potential MLM leaders to get your superstar.  People will fool you.  Lots of folks will tell you they are a leader or tell you they WANT to be one of your top leaders, but at the end of the day they are just blowing smoke.  You have to watch people by their actions.  That being said, one good leader is worth a lot of money to you.  Remember you have to dig up a lot of dirt before you find gold!

# 5 Great MLM potential talent will come to you if you do your job right.  Lead by example.  Set the pace.  Do that and you will naturally attract other leaders to you.  People want to work with leaders.  Be that leader, even before you have a big group, and good things will happen to you.

# 6 The longer an organization exists, the slower it’s growth.  In most cases, your organization will grow the fastest in the first few years, when everyone is excited. As long as you always have new people joining your team, it will continue to grow.  Stop building or sponsoring and it will die a slow death.

# 7 Most leaders spread their efforts too thin.  They try to reach levels of achievement and ranks too fast.  Pace yourself.  This is marathon, not a sprint.  Build one or two legs at a time UNTIL they are rock solid and independent of you.  You can only work with two to five people at a time effectively.  It’s better to work with a couple groups at a time until they don’t need you any more, and then go start a new leg.

# 8 Focus on long-term steady progress. This is a great tip.  Nice and steady is what will win the race.  You must be persistent and consistent.  Grow your group a little bit each month and a good bit each year.  Do that for a few years and you will have a large team.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It takes time to get the momentum going.

big al book 2# 9 Personal letters are hard to ignore, especially if they are sincere and handwritten.  Send hand written notes to prospects and team members.  Most people get a lot of junk mail every day, but very few personalized letters.  I might get one personalized letter a month in the mail, if that.  Many other people are the same way.  When you hand write something, someone will read it.  Getting someone to read your message is more than half the battle, especially in today’s digital world.

# 10 You only need a couple of good leaders to make a fantastic income in MLM.  Most top earners make 90% of their income from one to three people on their team.  Chew on that.  One good person really can change your life.  These folks are hard to find, but they are out there. And when you find one it’s like winning the lottery.

# 11 Mail inexpensive for leads, then invest your printing dollars in the follow-up packages to these leads.  Use a two step follow up process.  Use low cost methods to generate a lead and then invest your money and send your lead a decent follow-up, information package.  Don’t just mail out information packs to anyone and everyone.  Only send them to someone who asked you to send them one.

# 12 Too many distributors join just for the money and forget about product value.  If the product doesn’t make sense neither will the business.  People who join a business to make money usually quit within 90 days or less.  People who join because they love the products will keep reordering whether they ever build a business or not.  That is where your residual income comes from.  Never forget that.

# 13 If the product or service is not a good deal for the distributor on the bottom, he will drop out. Same as above.  The product must provide a real value.  If the only reason people are buying products is so they can qualify for a bonus check, you are really missing the boat.  The products ARE the business.

# 14 Mail only for leaders.  You can’t efficiently train and support distributors.  Leaders can give their own meetings, train their people, and be productive without your presence.  All they ask for is your coaching.  When you do direct mail like I do, focus your efforts on finding quality people: leaders.  You don’t want to recruit a bunch of high maintenance distributors who don’t do anything.

# 15 The quality of the person responding is more important than the number of people who respond.  Response rates are overrated.  At the end of the day quality always trumps quantity.

# 16 Almost everyone is a prospect sometime during his life.  However, he won’t be a prospect every day of his life.  Timing is key.  Just because someone tells you no today does not mean that they will be a no forever.  Follow-up!

# 17 Low volume, hand-written prospecting letters pull up to ten times better than photocopied or printed form letters.  Mailing 100 handwritten letters is probably more effective than mass mailing 5,000 letters to strangers.

# 18 In other words, they run a mail order business and send their MLM opportunity to their customers.  This is what I do.  I sell stuff on Amazon and eBay to generate a lead. Since they already paid for postage for the item they bought, I include information about my products and business opportunity.

# 19 Don’t get into the herd mentality by following the followers.  Be different.  Recruit where you competition doesn’t recruit.  Be unique.  Stand out in the crowd.  Use your own unique talents and abilities to grow your business. That’s what leaders do.

# 20 When giving a presentation, they try to present the opportunity from the prospect’s point of view. Your prospect is always wondering “what’s in it for me?”  Make sure that when you give a presentation the presentation is tailored to them, and their needs, and that it’s not all about you (or things they don’t care about).

big al book 3About the Book

The book was published in 1991 by KAAS publishing.  It has 127 pages and is available anywhere books are sold.  It is an out of print book so you might have to look online to find a copy.

Final Thoughts

In summary, “How to Build MLM Leaders for Fun & Profit” is an awesome book that every network marketer should add to their leader’s library.  It is loaded with wisdom about direct mail and finding leaders.  If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

What are your thoughts?  What is your favorite quote listed above?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Big Al’s How to Build MLM Leaders for Fun & Profit Book Review”

  1. Longterm steady progress is a great aim. I think when I first started in MLM I was more interested in these huge bursts of growth and development and I didn’t really care much for the small developments. So I immediately saw things as failing if some drastic development had not occurred. As I have matured I realize that slow and steady progress is a better sign of a healthy business than these drastic periods of growth followed by these periods of dormancy.

  2. This sounds like a great book. I am surprised it is out of print, because from your review, it is full of wonderful information.

    It talks a lot about getting leaders in your down line. I believe we can make leaders. We can take followers and teach them how to be leaders. That is just my opinion, but I think we can show many we bring on board how to lead their people, and they will do quite well with it.

    What do you think?

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