“Big Al” Tom Schreiter Quotes and Lessons Learned

In this post, I want to share my favorite quotes by “Big Al” Tom Schreiter.  Big Al is a legend in the network marketing industry and he is one of the most respected trainers, consultants, speakers and distributors around.  Although I have never met him personally, I have studied his materials for years, and really learned a lot from him.   This post is designed as a tribute to him to share what I learned from him and to introduce him to other network marketers.

These quotes come from three of his books that I really enjoyed:

  • Big Al’s Super Prospecting: Special Offers and Quick-Start System
  • Big Al’s Turbo MLM
  • Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System

This post will be turned into a mini-series.  I plan on taking each quote below and turning it into its own blog post over the next few weeks. I will simply share my perspective about each quote and cover it in more detail.  I hope you will take the time to follow along, take notes and learn what you can from it.  And don’t forget to leave a comment and share the post with your team.

Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System (Sponsoring Magic)

  • Most distributors get good advice but never realize the value or put it to use. Read more.
  • To sponsor too many new first level distributors would be senseless. Read more.
  • Don’t judge the unmotivated distributors for what he might do.  Judge him for the potential distributors in his organization.
  • Your job is to work in depth, get referrals and work to replace your unmotivated distributor.
  • The professional recruiters readily admit that they probably didn’t sponsor most of their workers.
  • The real people you want are those with jobs who want to build a part-time business.
  • The secret to recruiting is not in convincing people, but in sorting people.
  • It is ten times easier to locate a prospect who wants to work than to convince an unwilling disinterested prospect to work.
  • You can save a lot of time by pre-qualifying your prospects
  • Give the person with a need a job and give the person with a desire an opportunity.
  • The major problem of network marketing leaders is that they believe that by squeezing harder you can get more milk.  The real solution to get more milk is to get more cows. Read more.
  • You don’t have to be a superstar in network marketing to reach financial security.

Big Al’s Turbo MLM

  • Performing specific goals and activities daily separates leaders from distributors.
  • Long term multilevel income comes from long-term distributors and customers.
  • The # 1 reason a prospect joins a multilevel company is YOU.
  • Your prospect does not want to join a company with products people don’t want.
  • You can’t buy multilevel success.  You must earn it the old fashioned way: work.  Give a new distributor a lot of money to invest in his business and you succeed in delaying his progress.
  • The world is full of people searching for leaders to follow.
  • You are only paid on the production of your downline. 
  • It is much cheaper to invest time and money into keeping your present distributors, than it is to invest in new distributors.  Read more
  • Many distributors will work harder for recognition than for money.  Read more
  • Most distributors will never earn the big checks in multilevel, but they will stay loyal to the product line.
  • The measure of a successful multilevel organization is the number of leaders, not the number of distributors.
  • Your best leaders will be home grown.
  • Support your distributors, but work with your leaders.

Big Al’s Super Prospecting: Special Offers and Quick-Start Systems

  • Your MLM Prospect will not join your downline for your reasons, but will join your MLM Downline for his reasons.
  • You can target your recruiting efforts for short-term profits or for long-term income.
  • Keep your presentations simple and to the point.
  • If you want to learn how to be successful in MLM, learn from someone who is already successful.
  • You can only personally sponsor a small portion of your ultimate MLM Organization.  The vast majority of your downline organization will be sponsored by other distributors in your organization.
  • Appointments are the yardstick to measuring effective activity in a multilevel marketing business.  Read more

As I write a post for each quote, I will provide a link to that post on this page. 

Final Thoughts

“Big Al” Tom Schreiter is one of the most successful network marketers in our industry.  He’s spent more than 40 years in our industry as has achieved incredible success.  More importantly, he’s done a lot to train other network marketers and help improve the reputation of our industry. He is exactly the type of sponsor you would want to have.  I’ve learned a lot from this living legend and I know you can too!

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Chuck Holmes
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3 thoughts on ““Big Al” Tom Schreiter Quotes and Lessons Learned”

  1. Thanks for sharing these quotes. I had never heard of Big Al before but based on just these points you have pulled from him I definitely want to learn more. I look forward to hearing your perspective on some of the quotes in your post as well as reading more from Big Al himself. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. I enjoyed reading about ‘Big Al’ Tom Schreiter and his advice. It goes a long way toward credibility when you say he is a consultant and distributor. That’s the true measure of success. When a man (or woman) can put on several different hats and pitch in where needed, that is the measure of a man! You had me at that! I’m going to be checking out Tom’s book, Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System about network marketing.

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