Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System (Sponsoring Magic)” Book Review

I just finished reading “Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System (Sponsoring Magic) by Big Al Tom Schreiter. I decided to purchase this book after I read one of his other books, “Turbo MLM.” This book is published by Kaas Publishing and was originally published in 1985. It features 121 pages and retails for $12.95.

Throughout the book, Big Al provides lots of helpful tips and hidden gems. Here are a few of my favorite passages from the book:

1. “Most distributors get good advice, but never realize the value of it or put it to use” (page 10).

2. “To sponsor too many new first level distributors would be senseless” (page 21).

3. “Your job is to work in depth, get referrals and work to replace your unmotivated distributor” (page 22).

4. “The real people you want are those with jobs who want a part-time business” (page 25).

5. “The secret to recruiting people is not in convincing people, but in sorting people” (page 39).

6. “You can save a lot of time by prequalifying your prospects” (page 43).

7. “Reward follows effort” (page 69).

8. “Fear of loss is greater than the fear of gain” (page 85).

9. “Don’t waste your time overtraining and socializing with your distributors. The only true route to building bigger volume is to get more distributors, not by squeezing your present distributors harder”(page 99).

There are many other great lessons I learned in this book. Big Al will teach you how to:

• Tell stories to sponsor more folks

• How to increase the volume in your

• How to catch big fish

• How to give effective presentations

• How to close before you start

• And so much more

Looking at my personal copy of this book, it is absolutely plastered with highlighted and underlined phrases. He gave me so many great ideas about building my business. What I like most about this book is that it is simple and easy to read. In addition, Big Al tells lots of great stories, so the book is quite entertaining, too.

If you haven’t read “Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System (Sponsoring Magic)” by Big Al Tom Schreiter, you should. Overall, I give it an 8.5 of 10 and consider it a must read for any new or experienced distributor. You can pick up a used copy on Amazon for less than $4. That’s what I did.

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