Best Network Marketing Tools: My Top 10 MLM Tools

What are the best network marketing tools? In my opinion, there are a few network marketing tools that all network marketers MUST have and use. These tools apply whether you are building your business online or offline.  Listed below are some of my favorite business tools, in no particular order.

1) A Newsletter: All serious network marketers should have their own mailed newsletter that they send out once a month in the MAIL. This is a simple, yet effective strategy for keeping in touch with your prospects, your customers and your team.  Don’t be tempted by email newsletters just because they are free.

Take the time and publish a newsletter EVERY month. Print it out, put it in an envelope and put a stamp on it.  Mail the bad boy out! Send it to EVERYONE on your team.  Send it to your prospects.  Send it to past and current customers.  This will help you keep in touch and get more business!  Trust me.  The best thing I do in my business is send out a newsletter every single month.  Learn more about newsletters.

2) Contact Manager – Everyone needs a contact manager to manage their prospects and leads. I use a program called StatTrak Address Manager.  I spent about $40 to buy the software.  It keeps track of all my contacts, with space for name, address, email, phone number and any other information I want to add.  You can do an internet search to learn more about them.

Building up a list of everyone you ever talk too is vitally important.  It allows you to keep in touch with people and follow up at a future date.  For example, if you met two new people a day for five years, you would have over 3,500 names in your contact manager.  That’s pretty powerful when you think about it.

What I like about having a contact manager is it keeps everything in one place.  Plus, it’s really easy to print off mailing labels.   Learn more about building a list.

3) Voice Recorder – I keep a voice recorder with me at all times.  Whenever I get a good idea, I record it.  I also use my voice recorder to interview people, record conversations I have with my mentors and to create information products.  You can buy a decent voice recorder online for less than $30.  I think it’s money well spent!

4) Prospecting CDs – Everyone should carry some prospecting CDs with them at all times.  This could be a CD that your company offers that explains more about the products and business opportunity, or it could be a CD you create yourself.  If you meet someone sharp, you want to be able to have something you can give to them.

5) Product Samples – If your business offers sample products, get some.  Assuming your products are good, you can give your prospect a sample and it will do a lot of the selling for you. Don’t be stingy on samples.  They are powerful!  Use them whenever possible.   Learn more about product samples.

6) Good Business Card – All serious network marketers need their own business cards.  Don’t print them yourself either.  Invest some money and get a quality business card online or from your local printer.  You want to make a favorable first impression with your prospect.  Hand out a lot of business cards.  Give one to everyone you meet.

7) Toll Free Sizzle Number – Everyone should have their own toll free sizzle number that they can record a message on.  You can create a two to five minute message and send your prospects to it.  It can do the sifting and sorting for you and you can respond to people who leave a message to request more information.  You can shop around online and get an affordable toll free number for less than $20 per month.  Learn more about sizzle calls.

8) Flip Cam or Video Recorder on Cell PhoneVideos are powerful.  Consider buying a Smart Phone or a Flip Camera.  You want a way to be able to record videos.  You can record testimonials, interviews, conversations with others and more.  Videos are very powerful.

9) Day Planner – Without a doubt a day planner is a must have.  Even if you do everything on your phone, I still suggest you get a day planner where you can write stuff down.  You want to be able to manage your time effectively, plan for future events, and keep track of what you’ve done to build your business.  You can get a great day planner for less than $50.

10) Business Debit Card – I think it’s vital to have a separate bank account for your MLM Business.  Keep your personal and business finances separate.  Get a debit card from your business bank account so you can make all of your business purchases with that.  This makes it easier at tax time and helps show the IRS that you have a business intent.  Learn more about managing your business finances.

Final Thoughts

Tools are important in any type of business. Could you imagine a carpenter trying to build a house without any tools? It simply wouldn’t work. Network marketing is no different. If you want to build a successful MLM Business, you need to have your own network marketing tools which allow you to work smart, while leveraging your time and effort. My favorite tools were listed above.

If you’ve been involved in this great industry for any period of time, you might even use some different tools. If that is the case, I would love to hear from you. Please share some of the tools that you use and recommend, with the rest of our online community. Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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10 thoughts on “Best Network Marketing Tools: My Top 10 MLM Tools

  1. I do believe that having a website or blog can also be a helpful tool. Blogging shows your intensity and level of knowledge about the MLM you are with. You can use this hand-in-hand with your newsletter and contact manager.

    I believe business cards are an absolute must. A Day planner can be a life saver too.

    Lastly, I do believe product samples can be a huge business builder. People will join if they try out some of the products you have.

  2. I absolutely agree that all of these tools are a must have for any network marketer. The newsletter is great, and a blog may be a good idea also.

    I believe prospecting CDs should always be in your possession for easy hand out, along with a good variety of samples.

    There are a few of your tools I think can be combined though. This would come in owning a tablet. It could take care of the voice recorder and the webcam for videos. You can use it as a day planner. Tablets can be a huge help in the MLM business.

    • Yes, CDs and samples are very good business tools.

  3. I too use the voice recorder idea, only I just use the memo app on my cell phone. Nevertheless, since having a child my memory is totally zapped and so I have to keep a record of my ideas in order to remember them. Plus, as you mentioned it comes in handy for recording conversations with mentors. I have also used it to record presentations given at conferences or group meetings just to have something to reference when I need information or inspiration.

    • Using a voice recorder is a great way to document ideas as you get them.

  4. This is a quality top 10 list of MLM tools! Each and every tool mentioned here serves a different but significant purpose and all are worthy of a place in the ‘toolbox’ of any network marketer. High touch tools are massively effective for offline marketing, and high tech tools are of great importance to online marketing, but I’d be interested in what kind of crossover there is. For example, using high technology for personal touch (sending out a monthly news video to all of the customers, prospects, and team members in your email list).

    • High tech and high touch when combined is the way to go. I try to do most of my business offline. I meet everyone online, but then I do everything by mail and by phone. It gives me the personal touch and makes a big difference.

  5. You hit this spot on. The best approach to successful MLM marketing in 2014 is a hybrid approach with old techniques and new technology. We’ve lost the personal touch. Like you suggest with the actual paper newsletter, I think a handwritten note goes a long way toward establishing relationships with clients and your team. Marketing strategies are ever evolving and we need to adjust for the changing market, as well. Using technology like videos and content management systems are a great way to simplify your business so you can spend more time doing what actually brings in money – building relationships and selling a product.

    • Combine high tech and high touch and you can’t go wrong. Nothing beats a personal touch, even in a fast paced, digital world.

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