Best MLM Affiliate Programs for Network Marketers to Promote

Today, I want to educate you on the best MLM affiliate programs for network marketers to promote.

If you want to build your MLM Business online, like I do, it would be in your best interest to have multiple streams of income. Most of the people you talk to about your products or business opportunity will NOT join your team as a distributor or customer, regardless of your closing skills. That’s why it is beneficial to have a variety of different products and services to promote.

If people aren’t interested in your primary business opportunity, you can offer them something else, which helps them AND allows you to earn additional income. Several examples include leads, training, website hosting, coaching, and systems.

To clarify, I’m not talking about promoting more than one MLM Company. That is a waste of time. Instead, I’m talking about selling picks and shovels, in addition to your MLM Company.

This post is designed for people who want an online business like I have, and want to utilize blogging, solo ads, email marketing, video marketing, and other online methods to build their business. It’s also for people who want to build an affiliate marketing business specializing in the network marketing industry.

I build my network marketing business like an affiliate marketing business, because it matches my personality, talents, skills, and desire. It is by far the only, or best way to build a network marketing business, but it does work well for me. It can work well for you too.

My overall business strategy is to build my network marketing business from my home-office, to educate other network marketers about the industry, to be an ambassador to the industry, to recommend tools and services that help other network marketers succeed, to create multiple streams of income, and build my team at the same time. I think it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Best MLM Affiliate Programs

The Best MLM Affiliate Programs

What I want to do in the rest of this post is share what I believe are the best MLM affiliate programs for network marketers to promote. All of these programs I promote myself or have done so in the past.

Please keep in mind that you have many different affiliate programs to choose from. The most important thing to look for are (1) generous commissions, (2) residual commissions, (3) high conversion rates and (4) high quality/high value programs. It makes no sense to promote a crappy affiliate program, even if the commissions are big.

# 1: Leads Leap

Coming in at the top spot is Leads Leap. I absolutely love this program. I am a happy customer and affiliate. This is your all in one marketing system for your business. You can set up capture pages, bridge pages, sales pages, review pages, autoresponders, and more. You can also get free advertising. They offer a free and paid service. The paid service is just $23 per month. Their affiliate program pays a whopping 50 percent every month. Every network marketer should use this service, especially if they are trying to build their business online. Learn more about LeadsLeap.

# 2:

Formerly known as Magnetic Sponsoring and Elite Marketing Pro, the affiliate program is great. They offer different training courses on attraction marketing and teach you how to build your network marketing business online. Their products are top notch. Their affiliate program is generous. You must apply to get accepted. I’ve been promoting their services for more than 10 years now. Highly recommend them. Learn more

# 3: ViralURL

ViralURL is a great online safelist. Think of it as a membership site where members can email each other about their opportunity. I’ve used ViralURL for several years, off and on, to promote my different online businesses. It’s a link cloaker, auto-responder, affiliate program, and safelist, all-in-one. You can read my review about ViralURL here.

# 4: Your Advertising Center

Every network marketer needs more traffic and leads. Your Advertising Center is your one stop resources for affordable, high quality traffic. Joe has provided this service for more than 20-years now. He has a great reputation. He takes care of his customers. His ads have converted well for me. The Land Slide package is my favorite. It is a solo ad that goes out to over 1 million people. Visit his website.

# 5: Herculist Safelist

Herculist is an online advertising solution for network marketers and affiliate marketers. It offers you an affordable way to get more leads and website traffic. You can also purchase inexpensive solo ads, banner ads, and other ads.

It is the most AFFORDABLE way to advertise your network marketing business I have ever found. For about $50 per year as a GOLD MEMBER, you can email 90,000 members per day. Do that every day for a year, and you could generate several thousand leads for your business.

They also have a VERY generous affiliate program, which can provide you an extra income stream for your business. The bottom line is that all network marketers need more leads and this is a great, inexpensive way to get more leads. You even earn $5 when you join for free. Read my comprehensive Herculist review.

# 6: Aweber

I used Aweber for approximately 15-years before transitioning to Leads Leap. Aweber is an autoresponder service. What I like about their affiliate program is you can earn ongoing commissions. Sign someone up one time, and every month they renew their membership, you receive an affiliate commission. Plus, they pay a generous 30% on your referrals. You can learn more about Aweber here.

# 7: Udimi

Solo ads are rising in popularity. This is when you contact someone with a large email list and have them send your email on your behalf, to their list. There are lots of solo ad sellers online. Some are good. Most suck. It’s hard to know who to trust. I use a third-party vendor that regulates and verifies ALL of their sellers and buyers. I use their service all the time and enjoy it. They are called UDIMI. You can learn more about them here.

# 8: My Opportunity

I joined this opportunity in May 2019. Since then, nearly 200,000 people have taken the free tour and joined our team. It’s free to join. Daily pay. Six ways to earn. 100+ products to promote. Turnkey email marketing system. Perfect timing. Learn more about it here.

how to build your mlm business like an affiliate marketing business

Honorable Mention

Clickbank: They offer a wide variety of digital products people can buy. These are mostly information products such as courses and eBooks. Within the network marketing niche, they have a few good products to promote.

JVZoo: Similar to Clickbank, JV Zoo is a one stop resource to find different affiliate products to promote. These are mostly digital products, such as eBooks and courses.

Share-a-Sale: There are many different vendors on this website that sell products and services. You can get your own affiliate link to promote the vendor of your choice and earn affiliate commissions.

Commission Junction: This is similar to Share-a-Sale. There are lots of vendors to choose from.

Amazon: What list would be complete without Amazon? You can find hundreds and hundreds of products to promote on their website.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are the best MLM affiliate programs for network marketers to promote, as I see it. At the end of the day, you want to find an affiliate program that makes sense to you and offers a great value to your prospects. I also suggest you find an affiliate program that pays you at least $20 to $50 or more per sale, so it will be worth your time to promote it.

I would love to know what you think about my list of the best MLM affiliate programs for network marketers. I would also love to know, “what are your favorite affiliate programs for network marketers?” Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Have a great day!

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18 thoughts on “Best MLM Affiliate Programs for Network Marketers to Promote”

    1. Having multiple income streams CAN be a good idea, as long as you are focused on your primary business. If you spread yourself too thin, you will end up with bad results with all of the programs you promote. Focus is key.

  1. Affiliate marketing is one of the systems that earn you money even in your sleep. A good commission and a good product that you believe in are the two most important keys to your success as an affiliate marketer. I love Aweber; it does the job of emailing your list and doubles as a stream of income for every referral made for as long as the person continues to use the service. With Amazon, there are several services and products to promote; you can select any product of your choice, promote it and continue earning. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I like Amazon’s affiliate program, but it’s only a one time commission. You don’t get commissions on the customer’s purchases for life. It would be great if you did. That’s why I prefer affiliate programs with a residual aspect for repeat purchases.

  2. I found all of the recommendations quite interesting, and since you have tried all of them yourself, I can confidently pick any of these. However, I found Elite Marketing Pro to be the most interesting and would be exploring it further. I’ve also found Google AdSense to be an effective income stream. Since I will be just starting, I feel for now I should focus one one affiliate program and then perhaps explore other avenues once I gain more confidence in this aspect. Thanks for the information. It is certainly something I was looking for. Cheers

  3. I always wanted to try affiliate marketing! But I’ve always struggled when choosing the appropriate affiliate programs. I like the fact that you have tried out every one of those programs. You are making our jobs so much easier. I completely agree that we need to search for high-value/quality programs, not for crappy ones. Number 1 and number 2 stick out the most for me. I think that if I decide to go on and start my own affiliate marketing business, I will use Elite Marketing pro for my education and learning, and the Lead Lighting/Power Lead system for building my affiliate business. I think that can be a good combination. I would love to get the opportunity to have a chat with you, Chuck, and thank you for making our path easier.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’d rather promote ONE amazing affiliate program than ten so-so ones. It’s vital to earn generous commissions and have an affiliate program that converts well.

    I love affiliate marketing, but I never gave it a shot. And this post is an eye-opener. You have explained all the affiliate marketing programs that you have tried. It’s great because, as a reader, I don’t want to read about “he said, she said” reviews. The reviews you have written are clear and concise. It’s also your personal experience, so it helps me eliminate my fear of trying affiliate marketing.

    I didn’t know some of the programs that you have mentioned above. I’m going to check them out. It’s better to aim for high commissions, as you said. Targetting petty commission and spending a lot of time promoting it doesn’t sound smart. Thanks for suggesting these.

    1. Yes, these are all great affiliate programs for network marketers to promote alongside their MLM Business. There are plenty of good affiliate programs in every niche. You just need to search around. If you follow the advice in this article, you should have no difficulty finding a good affiliate program to promote.

  5. I think a person can spend far too much time if they try to promote more than a couple of these at a time. This can take away from their primary company, but I actively promote Prosperity Central and Gateway, the latter of which I have promoted since the month they started. I left once and came back. I am sure the others on your list have merit and I should take a look at some of them. Thanks for the information.

  6. EMP has been a great resource for building an income stream while promoting my business. I am certainly going to look into some of the others you mentioned. Thanks for sharing

  7. Very good post Chuck. As I also have a website, but It is not network marketing per say, I use it towards freelancers and sales of my books, I also use affiliate marketing. I wanted to mention that Google Adsense can bring in some money for those willing to use their system.

  8. I can appreciate that you spoke on programs that you yourself have tried and believe in. It makes people interested in venturing out into these areas feel more confident. I have never heard of any of these programs, but I would be interested in looking into Aweber. Just from your description I can see how beneficial it would be. Thanks!

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