Best Business Building Strategy for Network Marketers

Today, I want to share what I believe is the best business building strategy for network marketers. This is a strategy I have learned through trial and error and by studying several successful distributors that I admire.   This might come across as a “strange” business building strategy since so few people do it.

I truly believe this business building strategy would benefit anyone from any network marketing company.  As a quick disclaimer, I cannot guarantee your success using this method.  Individual results will always vary.  That being said, you should still at least consider using it to grow your business.

Before I share this unique business building strategy with you, let’s talk about what most distributors do and what most companies teach.  Most distributors are simply taught to recruit, recruit, and recruit. They’re taught to make a big name list and then to go out and try to sell everyone on the dream of financial freedom and time freedom.

Most distributors are taught very little about the products and very seldom are they ever taught to go out and get customers who buy the product (but don’t do the business).

And while that business building approach might work for a select few, distributors I don’t think it’s a good way (or smart way) to build your business.  I think this because (1) most people don’t want their own business, (2) most folks want nothing to do with network marketing, (3) most people cannot relate to being rich or making a large six figure income, and (4) most people have no concept of time freedom.

And even if you do sponsor a few distributors using this method, most of these folks who do join will quit within 30 to 90 days of joining the business, because they aren’t rich yet!  This creates a revolving door in your business and limits your chances of ever becoming financially successful.

As I see it, there is a much better way to build your network marketing business.  Here is the business building strategy that I use and recommend.  It consists of five simple steps.

# 1 Be Product Oriented

By now, you probably realize that I am a product oriented rep.  Your products are your business. Until you realize that, you are only fooling yourself.  Yes, your opportunity is important, but if you don’t have products or services that consumers (outside of the business) actually want, you don’t have a real business.  All businesses need customers.  MLM is no different. Therefore, your products must present a real value to people NOT involved in the business. If they don’t, you need to find a new company that has products that people want and are willing to buy.  Your first step is to promote your products, not your business opportunity. Initially, don’t even tell your prospects there is a business opportunity affiliated with the products. 

# 2 Share Your Products with Others

Assuming your company has good products; your next step is to share your products with others. How do you do this?  By telling stories.  No, I’m not talking about telling fables or fictional stories.  Instead, I’m talking about sharing your experience with the products WITHOUT making any crazy medical claims or lies.  I’m talking about being a product of the product and consistently sharing your products (as a solution to someone’s problems) with 3-10 people every single day.  Your goal is to educate yourself about the products, so you know the features and benefits, to use the products yourself every day, and then to share your story with 3-10 people EVERY SINGLE DAY, no matter what.

# 3 Build a Customer Base of At Least 20 Customers

Before you ever try to recruit one distributor into your business, or tell others about a business opportunity, build a customer base of at least 20 customers first.  WHY?  Because if you don’t have at least 20 customers you aren’t making any decent amount of money and you don’t own a business!  If you’re just trying to sell the dream of making money, and you aren’t making any money yourself, you will have a hard time PROVING that what you do is a good deal.  20 customers really should be the minimum.  50 would be even better. And even if you did nothing else, you would probably earn between $200 and $500 per month just by having 20 customers (varies by compensation plan).

# 4 Help Your Customers Get Their Products for Free

As you find customers, your objective is to help your customers get their products for free each month.  Simply ask your happy customers “would you like to learn how to get your products free each month?”  Anyone who likes the products will more than likely say yes!  Who doesn’t want free products?  What you do at this point is upgrade your happy customers to a wholesale distributor and then go out and help them find 10-20 customers.  That’s it.  By doing so, they will earn enough to get free products and even have some extra money on top of that.  You do this with ALL of your customers who want to get their products for free or want to refer others. You don’t pressure anyone or force anyone to do it.  You just help your happy customers upgrade to a wholesale distributor and then help them find some customers.

# 5 Keep Repeating This Process In Depth

Once you have three to five happy customers who each have 10-20 customers, you just keep repeating the process in DEPTH.  You help the people your personal customers referred do the exact same thing.  Here’s a hypothetical example.  You find 20 customers.  Of those 20 customers five are really passionate about the products and they want to get their order for free each month.  So you upgrade those five customers to wholesale distributors and help them each get 20 customers.  From these 100 customers (5 x 20) you identify 10 people who want to do the exact same thing.  You keep repeating this process over and over in depth, many levels deep.  As you do this, you will find leaders and business builders.  And your income will grow quickly. And even if you never find a real business builder, you will have a stable organization with HUNDREDS of customers.  The volume from these customers will provide a very nice income.

My Perspective

One of the reasons our industry has a bad name is because people are lured in to our industry with promises of making money quick or making money without doing anything. Simply put, they’re sold the dream, which quickly turns into the nightmare.  I personally believe that is a horrible approach.

While I am a big fan of the MLM Industry, I hope that many amateur distributors will change their approach to a product oriented approach, like I suggested above.  After all, lots of MLM Companies have great products that consumers would want if they were approached properly.

Also, if you’ve tried the other strategy of just trying to recruit people as distributors, and it’s not working for you; why not try a different strategy?

Final Thoughts

I hope this business building strategy for new network marketers gave you some helpful insights for growing your business.  If nothing else, I hope you will make the switch from recruit, recruit, recruit to becoming product focused and finding customers.  If you can do that, you will get less rejection, you will make more money and you will have less stress in your business.  You would also get much better results. And if nothing else, having a team of 100-200 customers would be very profitable.

What are your thoughts about my best business building strategy for new network marketers. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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Chuck Holmes
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5 thoughts on “Best Business Building Strategy for Network Marketers”

  1. It seems obvious that someone would need to share their products, but I can’t tell you how often I have come across shy people in this field who do not want to go out and share about their product. Unfortunately, most of the time non one is going to come to you so reaching out is the only way to do it. And there are so many forums for helping you build a platform to share that there really isn’t excuse for you not to be sharing your product with a few people each day.

  2. All of this information is great. So many in Network Marketing push the business opportunity and not the products. When a person leads with the product, the prospect can see the advantages of the product. When you are able to show them how to get their products for free, they will be more tempted to join. This same person would probably run the other way if you led with the business opportunity.

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