Best Amway Business Training Ever

The purpose of this post is to share some helpful Amway Business Training.  I highly doubt you will ever learn any of these things from your sponsor or upline, so I would definitely study the information on this page and take notes.

I should preface by telling you that I am a FORMER Amway rep.  Amway was my first network marketing company I ever worked with.  During my time in Amway I learned a lot about network marketing, business, people, and goal setting.  Overall, my experience was very positive. And it was definitely an eye opener to the power of network marketing.

I spent 2.5 years in Amway and maintained Eagle Qualification and 2500 PV each month for my final year, and almost reached 4000 PV. No, I never made Diamond or even Platinum.  But, I built a solid “success foundation” that prepared me for future success in several other business endeavors. And for that alone I am very grateful for my Amway experience.

In this post, I want to pay it forward to other Amway reps.  I want to share some valuable lessons I’ve learned during my 12 years in this great industry.  This training is a collection of must read articles from this website that I believe would help ANY Amway rep.  The articles are listed in no particular order.

# 1 Amway Business Review

In this first article, I provide a very comprehensive review of Amway, covering the good, the bad and the ugly.  I will talk about my experience with the company, share some success stories, talk about the systems, the compensation plan, the products, provide some success tips, and much more.  Check out my Amway review.

# 2 How Amway Helped Me In Business and in Life

As I mentioned earlier, Amway taught me a lot about life, business and people.  In this blog post I take a few minutes and describe some of the key takeaways I got from my two and a half years in Amway.  I think you will really enjoy this post.  If you’ve spent any time with the company you’ve probably learned many of these lessons yourself.  Learn more about how Amway helped me.

amway 1000 pv pin# 3 The Top 20 Amway Motivational Organizations

Let’s take a few moments and talk about the top Amway Motivational Organizations. These are the “systems” or “lines of sponsorship” within Amway that provide motivation, training, tools, and business support materials to distributors in their line of sponsorship. These AMOs are the major controversy within Amway and the source of most of the negative publicity that Amway gets.  I’ll talk about the good and the bad of these AMOs.  Learn more about the top 20 AMOs.

# 4 The Top 27 Amway Diamonds of All Time

Hundreds, maybe thousands of people have reached the level of Diamond or higher in Amway during the past 50 years.  Some of the Kingpins have built organizations with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of distributors.  A select few have built organizations with more than one million distributors.   In this post, I do my best to whittle that list down to the top 27 Diamonds of all time.  Of course, it is a bit subjective, but I tried to be impartial. Check out the top 27 Amway Diamonds of all time.

# 5 How to Build Your Business Without Using Your Upline’s System

I’ve never been a big fan of the systems and tools within Amway.  I think they do more bad than good.  I’m also come to the conclusion that you DO NOT need to use your upline’s system to be successful in Amway.  In this post, I will show you alternate ways to build your business without buying tapes, going to functions, or “plugging in” to your upline’s system.  Learn how to build your Amway business your own way.

# 6 How to Retail and sell More Amway Products

If you don’t have customers in your Amway business you are WAY behind the power curve. All businesses need customers!  One of the biggest issues with Amway is that MOST distributors are simply taught to consume their own products and teach their team of distributors to do the same thing.  Few reps are ever taught to go out and get 10-20 personal customers.  I think that’s a big mistake.  You need customers.  If you want more customers, read this article about how to find more Amway customers.

# 7 How to Build Your MLM Business Online

This is one of my favorite posts on my website.  If you’re looking to build your Amway business online you should definitely read and bookmark this post.  I will share my step by step blueprint that I use to grow my own network marketing business.  This information will benefit any distributor in any company, even Amway reps.  Learn how to build your MLM Business Online.

# 8 How to Build Your MLM Business Offline

This is the strategy I use and recommend to build a network marketing business offline.  I’m not against working your warm market and prospecting strangers, but I also realize there are many other ways to build a successful business.  You could follow this simple strategy in your own Amway business.  Learn more about how to build your MLM Business Offline.

# 9 My System for Building My MLM Business

This post won’t pertain to every Amway rep, but I know it might inspire or help some of them.  I will share my exact blueprint that I use to build my network marketing business online by blogging.  This is a very informative post that I know you will enjoy.  Check out my system for growing my MLM Business.

amway business card# 10 Recommended Reading for MLM Reps

Amway has a great reading list.  Many of the books in my personal library are from the Amway reading list.  However, the list in this article is much more comprehensive and much more network marketing related.  You should definitely check out my recommended reading list.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are by best Amway training tips ever.  I’m by no means telling you that you shouldn’t follow your upline’s system or listen to your upline.  By all means do that.  But please keep an open mind and get other training as well.  There’s always more than “one way” to build a business.  You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What are your thoughts?  What is your favorite post or article from this list?  What else would you like to learn about?  Also, I’d love to hear your Amway story.  How long have you been with the company?  Who is your upline Diamond?  What system do you use to grow your business? What has worked well for you?  What hasn’t worked?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.


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5 thoughts on “Best Amway Business Training Ever”

  1. Some of the training approaches by Amway representatives has turned me off to be honest. This is why I never was involved with Amway, but here recently, my wife became involved with Amway. I have been attending a few functions with her here in Puerto Rico, and I must say that the way these people are presenting the information is a lot different from what I have seen in the past. They do not use high pressure techniques and are easy to talk with.

    As I am involved with a different MLM, I was honest about that and they did not try to get me to “come to the other side.” I explained that I would support her, but I also had my stuff, and they told her she should also support me too.

    At this point, I have not found a difficulty having 2 MLM systems in the household. I would not recommend it for most people, but it is working ok here.

  2. I can appreciate that you took the time to compile all of this useful information and these useful resources into one place. I do like to go back and reference articles and you’ve made it a lot easier for me now. I especially enjoyed the recommended readings for mlm reps. I really love to have written material that I can learn from, pull from, and pass along in order to help those in my business mature as well.

  3. Tristan Heckerl

    There are some really excellent points here! Not just for fledgling/future Amway reps, but for anyone in network marketing who is driven to build a solid foundation both online and offline that will attract distributors and customers. I’m also really intrigued by how you encourage new representatives to go their own way and build their own success strategies. I would think that most people new to this business would be a little intimidated and stick to the strategies and tools bestowed upon them by their upline. However, with what you’ve laid out here, as well the reading list and resources available, even someone new to MLM could confidently pursue success!

    1. Everyone who joins Amway is different. Everyone and anyone could build a successful business using their own strategies, personality, strengths and skills to their own advantage.

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