Best Affiliate Programs for Network Marketers to Promote

Today, I want to talk about the best affiliate programs for network marketers to promote.

If you’re committed to building your MLM Business online, it would be in your best interest to have multiple streams of income.  Most of the people you talk to about your business opportunity will NOT join your team as a distributor or customer regardless of your closing skills.

That’s why it can be beneficial to have a variety of products and services to promote.  If people aren’t interested in your business opportunity, you can offer them something else, which allows you to make additional income.  Several examples include leads, training, websites, coaching, or systems.

No, I’m not talking about promoting more than one MLM Company.  I’m talking about selling picks and shovels, in addition to your MLM Company.

If you are building your business offline, please disregard this post.

If you are only focused on building a team of distributors, please disregard this post.  

If you are getting good advice from your upline, follow their lead and disregard this post. 

This post is really designed for people who want an online business like I have, and want to utilize blogging, solo ads, email marketing, video marketing and other online methods to build their business.  It’s also for people who want to build an affiliate marketing business specializing in the network marketing industry.

I build my network marketing business like an affiliate marketing business, because it matches my personality, talents, skills and desires.  It is by far the only, or best way to build a network marketing business, but it does work very well for me.  And it can work well for you too.

My overall business strategy is to build my network marketing business from my home office, to educate other network marketers, to be an ambassador to the industry, to recommend tools and services that help other network marketers succeed, to create multiple streams of income, and build my downline at the same time.  I think it is a win-win for everyone involved.

What I want to do in this post is share what I believe are the best affiliate programs for network marketers to promote. Most of these programs I promote myself (currently) or have done so in the past.

Please keep in mind that you have many options to choose from.  The most important thing to look for are (1) generous commissions, (2) residual commissions, and (3) high conversion rates.

elite marketing pro# 1 Elite Marketing Pro

Prior to changing their name and revamping their business, Elite Marketing Pro used to be called “Magnetic Sponsoring.”  I promoted Magnetic Sponsoring successfully for more than five years.

Elite Marketing Pro offers a wide variety of of information products for internet marketers and network marketers.  Some folks call it a business in a box.

Once you purchase any of their products, you become an affiliate.  The commissions range from 20% to 100% based upon which route you take.  You can promote any of their products, or promote their system.   You choose.

I have earned a consistent income with them since 2009.  This is also a great standalone business, which can be done anywhere in the world from a laptop. Learn more about Elite Marketing Pro.

opp-seekers# 2 Lead Programs

Every network marketer needs more leads.  One of the biggest reasons for failure in our industry is lack of leads.  If you can show someone an inexpensive way to get more leads, it’s a win-win for you and them.

You can make money from the affiliate commissions and they will have more people to contact about their products or business opportunity.  There are lots of lead programs online, but I like OPPSEEKERS because they have great leads and their affiliate program lets you get paid on two levels.

You can make money from your personal sales and make money from any affiliates that you recommend to the program.  Plus, their leads are pretty good.  You normally get 4x the leads you purchased on every order.  Learn more about OPPSEEKERS.

blue host# 3 Website Hosting

Just about anyone trying to build their business online needs their own website or blog. That means they will need web hosting.  Blue Host is an industry leader with great customer service and products.  Even better they have a very lucrative program where you can earn upwards of $65 per sale.  Learn more about Blue Host.

aweber# 4 Aweber

I’ve been a customer of Aweber since 2010!  There are several things I really like about Aweber.  First and foremost, if you are building your business online you need an auto-responder.  As I see it, Aweber is the best at what they do.

Aweber will let you build your own email list, which is the greatest asset in your business.  It lets you schedule and automate your email and follow-up process.  It saves you lots of time and makes you money on complete auto-pilot.  I make money just about every time I send out an email. That’s the same position you want to be in.

Aweber is just $1 to join for the first month (and sometimes free the first month) and just $19 per month after that.

What makes it a great affiliate program is that you earn residual commissions.  As long as the people you refer stay paying customers (and most do) you earn 30% commissions each month!

That really adds up as you refer more and more people.  Refer people one time and get paid month after month. I’ve had some customers who have been with Aweber for three or four years!  Learn more about Aweber.

clickbank# 5 ClickBank

Clickbank is a website that offers tons of different programs you can promote.  Everything is a digital product, but you can find all kinds of network marketing eBooks and training courses. You can create a free account, search for what you are looking for and have your affiliate account set up in a few minutes.

There are thousands of things to choose from in just about every niche you can think of.  What’s best about Clickbak is the commission rates.  On most products, you earn 50 to 75 percent of the sale.  Learn how to make money with Clickbank.

buy a solo ad# 6 Solo Ads

Solo ads are rising in popularity.  This is when you contact someone with a large email list and have them send your email on your behalf, to their list.  There are lots of solo ad sellers online. Some are good.  Most suck.  It’s hard to know who to trust.  I use a third party vendor that regulates and verifies ALL of their sellers and ads.  I use their service all the time and enjoy it. They are called UDIMI.  You can learn more about them here.

amazon logo# 7 Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world.  It’s also one of the most trusted and respected.  You can recommend different products on Amazon and earn two to ten percent of the selling price.  The upside of Amazon is the high conversion rates and people trust them. They also have millions of products you can promote.  The downside is the small commissions per sale.  I promote many different Amazon products and have been an affiliate for many years. Learn how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

mlsp banner ad 1# 8 My Lead System Pro

I no longer promote My Lead System Pro.  However, I had to add them to the list because they got me started with online MLM, and I am grateful for that.  I joined My Lead System Pro in 2009 and have been a member several times through the years.  They offer an online system for network marketers, plus they have tons of great training about how to build your business online.  You can learn more about them here. Visit the My Lead System Pro website here.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my top eight best affiliate programs for network marketers to promote. I will be the first to admit that there are MANY great affiliate programs out there for network marketers.  However, I only feel comfortable recommending the best of the best, ones that I have used myself.

I would love to know what you think about these eight affiliate programs for network marketers I just recommended. I would also love to know, “what are your favorite affiliate programs for network marketers?” Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  Have a great day!

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5 thoughts on “Best Affiliate Programs for Network Marketers to Promote”

  1. EMP has been a great resource for building an income stream while promoting my business. I am certainly going to look into some of the others you mentioned. Thanks for sharing

  2. Very good post Chuck. As I also have a website, but It is not network marketing per say, I use it towards freelancers and sales of my books, I also use affiliate marketing. I wanted to mention that Google Adsense can bring in some money for those willing to use their system.

  3. I can appreciate that you spoke on programs that you yourself have tried and believe in. It makes people interested in venturing out into these areas feel more confident. I have never heard of any of these programs, but I would be interested in looking into Aweber. Just from your description I can see how beneficial it would be. Thanks!

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