Be a Better Listener to Grow Your MLM Business

Today, I want to share some advice about why you should learn how to be a better listener. You see, most people stink at listening.  Most people are so busy thinking about how they will respond to what the other person is saying that they don’t listen effectively.  Or worse, they interrupt the other person so they can talk!

If you really want to take your MLM Business to the next level you need to learn how to listen effectively.  Please keep in mind that there is a difference between hearing and listening. Listening is when you FOCUS on the other person, what they are saying, and nothing else.  Hearing is when you hear the other person, but you are either thinking about what you will say, you’re multi-tasking, or you are not 100% focused.

This one thing causes problems in marriage, relationships and business.  Everyone wants someone to listen to them.  It’s part of being human.  Since so few people are good at listening, it is one of the easiest things you can do to stand out in the crowd and make more friends.

If you can learn how to listen well, people will want to be around you.  They’ll want to be friends with you and talk to you more.

What I want to do in the paragraphs below is just share a few tips you can follow to be a better listener.

First and foremost, TURN OFF your stupid cell phone when you are talking with someone face to face.  There are few things more insulting or rude than having a conversation with someone in person and they are distracted by their cell phone.  Turn your phone off and put it away before you engage in a conversation.

I’ve also found that modeling the other person’s body language is good to do.  If they are sitting in a chair leaning back, do the same thing yourself.  If they are leaning forward, lean forward yourself.  Don’t be obvious about it, but try to model other people’s body language.

Another helpful tip is to clear your mind.  Stop thinking about yourself and your problems and focus on the other person, and what they are saying, even if just for a few minutes.

These few things will really make a big difference in your personal life and business.

How can being a better listener help you in your MLM Business?  Here are a few things I can think of:

1.  People will like you more

2.  People will want to be around you more

3.  You will truly HEAR what your prospect is saying

4.  You will find opportunities (from what the prospect says) to offer your products as a solution

Do yourself a favor and try this experiment  For the next 7 days, strive to be a better listener. Follow the tips in this article and you will be well on your way.  Not only will it make a big difference in your relationships, but it will also help you in your network marketing business.

Remember, you have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Use them in that proportion.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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7 thoughts on “Be a Better Listener to Grow Your MLM Business”

  1. I love this post….Yes by all means, turn off the smartphone. Turn off the television or radio, and prepare to listen. I like what you stated about leaning forward or back if the other person is.

    I have also learned that we shouldn’t “jump” to say what we have to say. Listen close to the person talking, and use eye contact. If it seems they are finished talking and it is your turn, give it 1 more second. Sometimes they are just catching their breath to keep talking.

    We should always listen for what people are not saying too. Sometimes they will give hints as to what is going on in their life which can help you proceed when it is your turn.

    Listening is a skill. When you truly listen, people will respect you more.

  2. Listening is important to any business but especially one based on MLM principles and foundations. The best way to show customers their value and importance is to take the time to listen to them and respond to their questions, concerns, and needs. Far too many business ignore this simple yet oh so important part of business.

    1. When you listen, you show the other person that you care about them. That means a lot. Most sales people are so busy running their mouth that they forget to be quiet and listen.

  3. Being a good listen is not a cup of tea that everyone can sip and enjoy. Your tips and the points you have highlighted are true. I really hate when I am in serious conversation with someone and he has to answer his urgent calls. They are really a distraction during work.

    I think it is human nature. Everyone loves to talk and nobody loves to listen

    1. If I’m having a conversation with someone and they answer their cell phone while we are chatting, I will end the conversation and refuse to do business with them. I also don’t like people who interrupt or never give me a chance to answer a question. People who do nothing but talk typically don’t do very well in sales or in business.

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