Backwards Planning in Your MLM Business

Today, I want to share a simple lesson about backwards planning in your MLM Business.

I should tell you right up-front that I’m a former Army Major.  I spent a lot of time in the Army PLANNING missions.

My job was to strategize.  I would take my commander’s goal and then determine different courses of action and strategies to get us there.

One of the things I was taught to do is backwards planning.

I have used this backwards planning concept in many different areas of my life and it works every time.

It’s become one of my biggest strengths and is also one of the reasons I have succeeded with several of my own businesses.

Backwards planning means you determine what you ultimately want to achieve and then you dissect that goal and break it down into incremental smaller goals and steps.

These are steps you must do in sequential or chronological order if you want to reach your final goal.

For example, if your goal is to make $5k per month with your network marketing business by this December, this is what you should do.

First off, figure out how many people you will need to sponsor, how big your team will need to be, how much volume your team will need to have, and what rank you will need to be in the company (in the month of December) to earn $5k per month.

For most people, doing this is an eye opening experience.

Once you’ve done that, divide these numbers by the number of months left between now and when you want to achieve your goal, and figure out what numbers you will need to achieve each month between now and then to get there.

After you do that, come up with an ACTION PLAN of what you actually need to do to hit each one of those goals each month.  If you don’t know those numbers, sit down with your successful upline and have them help you map it out.

Once you know your monthly action plan, the next step is to create your daily mode of operations.  This is nothing more than a short list of what you will do each day to move your business forward.  It should have somewhere between three to five steps.

To me, this is a simple way to achieve success in network marketing.  Big goals are attainable when you break them down into bite-sized chunks and you create a realistic plan to succeed.

backwards planning in your mlm businessAt the end of the day, your goal is not a goal until you set a date of when you will achieve it and you create a simple plan of action…

Remember failing to plan is planning to fail.  All successful businesses have goals and strategies.

Here is what I want you to do right now.

Figure out what you want to achieve in your network marketing business this year and this month.  Crunch the numbers to see what you must do to get there.  Determine how much time you will invest in your business each day to make sure your goals are realistic.

After that do your backwards planning and map out your plan of attack and daily mode of operations. This will give you clarity and purpose.

What are your thoughts about backwards planning in your MLM business?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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