Avon Recruiting Tips: How to Recruit More Avon Reps

Today, I want to share some of my best Avon recruiting tips and teach you how to recruit more Avon reps. Although I am not an Avon rep, I am an experienced network marketer who has personal recruited THOUSANDS of people during my career. I know this information will help you grow your Avon business.

Why Recruit Avon Reps?

Before I share my best Avon recruiting tips, I’d like to talk about WHY you should recruit. Most people join Avon to sell the products. That makes sense. The products are great, priced fairly, and the commission structure is more than generous. You make can a great income retailing the products.

The problem with just selling the products is you don’t have any leverage. Your income is linear and if you stop selling your income stops. If you’re trying to build a real business, you want leverage. Without leverage, your Avon business is a job, not a business.

The primary purpose of the network marketing business model is to build a network of independent distributors and create leverage. It’s about having a team of hundreds, even thousands of people, all doing a little bit each month. It’s not about one person doing a lot.

As you grow your Avon team, you can earn a small override or commission off each person on your team. Those small commissions from each person’s efforts can really add up to a large income.

This concept is used in many other industries as well, such as real estate and insurance. These “brokers” recruit independent agents to sell for them. The independent agents earn hefty commissions on their own sales, and the broker gets paid by training and supporting their team of agents, in addition to their own personal sales.

Your employer does the same thing. They hire a bunch of employees and make a small profit from each employee’s efforts.

Recruiting is a Process

Recruiting is a process. 99% of the people you approach will not sign up on the spot, no matter what you say or do. You need to realize that upfront, so you don’t freak out the first time you talk to a prospect and they tell you NO.

People need multiple exposures and follow-ups before they sign their name to the dotted line and become an Avon rep. Most people you talk to will need minimum five to ten follow-ups and exposures before they join your Avon team.

It really boils down to timing. Your prospect might not be ready for the Avon opportunity today, but if you stay in touch, never pressure them, and act like a professional, many of these people will eventually join your team.

Remember, exposure is everything, but the fortune is in the follow-up. Keep building your list of names and stay in touch with everyone you talk to until they buy, die, or tell you not to.

As a final tip, don’t sit around and wait for people to join. Keep talking to new people. This is a sifting and sorting business.

Your Avon Recruiting Strategy

I’m going to share a lot of different ways to recruit Avon reps later on in this post. What’s important for you to know right now is that you need a primary and secondary recruiting strategy. The last thing you want to do is try 100 different recruiting strategies at once. Use the sniper approach rather than the shotgun or machine gun approach.

Pick no more than 2-3 different recruiting strategies and focus your time, money, and effort on those strategies. Focus is key. If you try too many different strategies at once you won’t be anywhere near as effective as you could be.

Read all my Avon recruiting tips listed below and then pick 2-3 methods that resonate with you and focus on that exclusively. That is your fastest way to success.

Quality or Quantity?

Do you want quality or quantity reps? Ultimately, you want quality. If you look at the compensation plan, you only need FIVE serious people to make it to the top of Avon’s compensation plan. From my own experience, to find five serious people, you’ll probably need to recruit at least 200 people, maybe more. Unfortunately, most people who join your team won’t take the business seriously or do much to build a business.

On a side note, you never know what person is going to join and what person is going to take the business seriously. People will fool you. I’ve found that going for quantity naturally leads to quality. You shouldn’t pre-judge people, but it would be smart to focus on recruiting people with credibility and contacts. Look for people who are already successful in life. I like to target success minded ENTREPRENEURS or people who work on commission.

How Many Avon Reps Should You Recruit

How Many Avon Reps Should You Recruit?

One last consideration is how many new Avon reps should you recruit. Some people might tell you to recruit as many people as you can as quickly as you can. Yes, that strategy works. You can throw a lot of mud up against the wall and see what sticks. I just don’t believe it’s the smartest strategy for most people.

A much better option is to recruit 1-2 new reps each week. That way you have time to work with them and help them get started in their Avon business. You owe it to each person you sponsor to show them the way. Whether they choose to follow the way is up to them. It’s going to take you a few hours to help each new person you recruit, so you don’t want to recruit too many people at one time.

Your ultimate goal is to recruit until you don’t have to recruit any more. You should never stop personally recruiting, but once you have FIVE serious people to work with, you can slow down your personal recruiting efforts a little bit and focus on helping and supporting your leaders.

The Five Success Factors

When it comes to recruiting Avon reps, I believe there are five success factors.

Exposures: This is a business of exposures. The more people you share the opportunity with the more people you will sponsor. PERIOD. You need to keep making exposures and never stop. This advice includes personal exposures and helping your team members make exposures with their prospects.

Follow up: Most prospects will need minimum five to ten follow ups before they sign up or join. The fortune is in the follow up. Stay in touch with EVERYONE you ever talk to about Avon. Stay in touch at least once a month. Your best people, five years from now, will be people who told you NO several times before they joined.

Confidence: Work on your confidence. People want to work with confident people. Believe in yourself, your company, its products, and the direct sales industry. You can build up your belief by using the products, attending events, reading inspirational books, and talking with successful reps.

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is contagious. Check you attitude daily. Keep a smile on your face and check your energy level before you talk with prospects. Never share negativity with your team members or prospects: EVER.

Consistency: You must be persistent and consistent with your recruiting efforts. Every thing is difficult at first. Every great Avon rep was a lousy Avon rep at first. This is not the lottery or some get rich scheme either. It’s going to take you a couple of years (minimum) to build up a successful Avon business.

It is a Numbers Game

No matter what anyone else tells you, this business is a numbers game. Most people you recruit will not be serious about the business, and won’t stick around long. That is true in every MLM Company. This is a business of attrition.

You must put in the numbers and work with the willing. Don’t want success more for someone else than they want it for themselves. Meet people where they are at and work with the willing. You can’t make anyone else successful or drag anyone across the finish line.

avon recruiting tips

My Top 16 Avon Recruiting Tips

Here are 16 Avon recruiting tips you can follow to recruit more Avon reps. These are all things I have done in other companies with much success in the past.

# 1: Your Warm Market

It would be FOOLISH to not start with your own warm market. The average adult knows at least 2,000 people, if not more. You might not agree with that, but if I paid you $100 for every name you could come up with, I guarantee you would have at least 2,000 names.

You want to start with the people you know because they know you, like you, and trust you. They already have a relationship with you. Chances are many of them will support you in your new business if you ask them to. Come up with a big-name list and keep adding new names to it daily.

And realize this, if you were to start any other type of business, you would tell everyone you know. If you started your own restaurant, you would reach out to all of your friends and family and ask them for their support. Why not do that with your Avon business?

If your warm market prospect is not themselves interested in the opportunity, this topic can be introduced somewhat like “I am aware that this may not be a perfect fit for you, but if you know someone ideal for something like this…” Once you get some referrals, speak face to face with the person referred before smothering them with lots of links and information. This will let you know if they will be suitable for your downlink.

Source: infinite mlm software

# 2: The Power of 5

Many people in Avon talk about the power of three. This is when you share three catalogs every day with new prospects. I think serious reps should step it up a notch and reach out to five prospects per day about the business. You can do this by email, text, Facebook, phone, in person, or by using a combination of these strategies. Pick whatever method you want, but make sure you have five conversations per day about your business with NEW prospects, at least five days a week. If your mouth isn’t open, your business isn’t open.

# 3: Help Your Team Recruit

A lot of people don’t talk about this, but this is a smart way to build your business. Let’s just suppose for a moment that you’ve personally sponsored 5 people into your Avon business so far. We know that each of those 5 people knows at least 2,000 people. That means your five team members have a total of 10,000 prospects between them YOU could share the business with.

No, you wouldn’t take these people for yourself, but you could help your team members recruit people from their own warm market, and then help their new team members do the same thing.  This is known as working “through” people and it is easily the smartest way to get duplication and grow your team.

If you aren’t a good recruiter yourself, this is the most important strategy on this list.

Mentor the directs and encourage them to invite people exploring business opportunities. Offer support to your directs, listen to their problems and issues and try to provide them with realistic solutions, which will benefit them, not just yourself.

Source: Ventaforce

the aim of marketing

# 4: Focus On a Target Market

Every business has a target market or ideal prospect. With Avon, it’s no different. If you tell me everyone is a prospect, then no one is. You really want to zoom in and focus on who you talk to.

I suggest you look for people who are go-getters. Look for people who are naturally leaders, sellers, and are successful at what they do. Look for people who have a following. Look for people with credibility, influence, and contacts. Recruiting just a few of these folks is one of the fastest ways to grow your Avon business.

Yes, you can still talk with everyone you come in contact with, but focus your primary efforts on recruiting people in a certain demographic (target market). Other target markets might include:

  • Stay at home moms
  • Retirees
  • People looking for a career change
  • Men
  • Small business owners

# 5: Facebook Live

This is such as powerful way to grow your business and recruit more Avon reps. You could make a new video each day talking about a different product. Or, you could do a series of videos about why everyone should have a home-based business.

Your videos should be educational and entertaining, not one big sales pitch. Come up with a schedule of when you want to do Facebook live videos and stick with it. At the end of each video, have a strong call to action and tell your viewers what you want them to do next. This is known as your call to action.

34% of marketers have used Facebook Live, and about 81% of those who have, think it’s an effective strategy.

Source: digitalintheround

# 6: Classified Ads

Classified ads still work. Read the company’s policies and procedures to make sure you don’t break any rules. You can use classified ads in newspapers, journals, magazines, or even online classifieds. Experiment with different ads, start small, and test your results. Once you have a winning ad in a specific publication, you can scale your efforts. Don’t forget that most publications do not have strict advertising rates. You can negotiate and haggle for a better rate. That is what I do.

# 7: Drop Cards

I love drop cards. Drop cards are about the size of a business card and slightly smaller than a postcard. They are designed to pique someone’s curiosity. They have a simple headline, a few bullet points, and a call to action. You can enclose them in envelopes when you send out your mail, put them on bulletin boards, and share them with everyone you meet.

# 8: Local Events

There are health fairs, farmer’s markets, and flea markets you can set up at to sell Avon and recruit Avon reps. These inexpensive events are a great way to get your business exposed to lots of people at one time. Best of all, these people come to you. Consider splitting the cost with one of your team members and work the event together. At the event, focus on collecting everyone’s contact information and then follow up with them within 24-hours.

number of youtube users

# 9: YouTube

YouTube is a powerful way to recruit more Avon reps. You can make helpful videos for people in your target market. You could share beauty tips, teach people how to wear makeup, or educate people about proper skin care. You can talk about the benefits of starting an Avon business. You can talk about the products and share tips at the same time. You can provide a signup link to your website below each video, along with your email and phone number. Interested prospects can reach out to you or click on your link to learn more.

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2020 industry report, YouTube is used by 55% of marketers, making it the most used video channel for video marketing.

Source: sproutsocial

# 10: Instagram

I’m not a big Instagram guy, but I know plenty of network marketers and Avon reps who are. You can share videos and photos and build up an audience.

Instagram attracts 53% of young adults, aged 18-29, 49% of whom use on a daily basis. If your business is looking to recruit the next generation of millennials, Instagram is the place to start.

Source: hirehive

# 11: Blogging

Blogging is a great way to recruit more Avon reps. You get a free blog with your Avon e-commerce site. You can use that blogging feature to create content that gets ranked by the search engines. Or, you can start your own skin care or makeup or beauty blog, like many Avon reps have done.

# 12: Home Parties

I love home parties. What’s great about a home party is you can share the business with five to ten prospects at one time, plus you can make retail sales. Home parties give you leverage and allow you to work smart.

# 13: Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great place to recruit more Avon reps. Consider renting a booth or a table at a local job fair and talk with interested prospects. Best of all, these interested prospects come to you. Once again, collect everyone’s contact information and follow-up with them within 24 to 48-hours.

introducing yourself to others

# 14: Networking Events

You can attend local networking events to recruit more Avon reps. Go to sites such as Facebook and Meetup.com to look for events in your local community. Look for events where people in your target market are likely to attend. Wear your Avon shirt to the event. At the event, focus on meeting people. Don’t pitch your business there. Instead, collect business cards and follow-up with people after the event.

When attending the events within your field, you increase the chances of mingling with your ideal prospects or influencers who should know your business and brand. You want them to know who you are, what you do, how you work, and where you are going. Through networking, you want to educate other professionals on your business and your interests, because you never know who may be interested. Word of mouth is a great way to grow and expand, which is why you want to be talking about what you are doing.

Source: BAASS Business Solutions

# 15: Button or Shirt

When you are out and about, wear a button or polo shirt with the Avon logo on it. Most people will recognize the name. Interested prospects will start a conversation with you to learn more about Avon. This is what you want.

# 16: Car Magnet or Sticker

You could wrap your car with Avon signs or put a nice sticker on your rear-view window. Or, you could use a simple car magnet. This is a passive recruiting strategy and great way to recruit more Avon reps.

One Big Secret Tip

Here’s one of my best Avon recruiting tips so you can recruit more Avon reps. Utilize some passive lead generation strategies. These are things you can do ONE TIME, but will continue to generate leads for you 24/7. Several examples include:

  • Blog Post
  • Podcast
  • YouTube Video
  • Article
  • Yard Sign

Yes, you want to pursue active recruiting strategies as well, but make sure you combine them with passive recruiting strategies. That way you can work smart.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best Avon Recruiting Tips to help you recruit more Avon reps. What do you think about these suggestions? If you’re in Avon, what has worked well for you in the past? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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