Avon Marketing Tips: 65 Ways to Get More Avon Leads

Looking for Avon marketing tips to help you get more Avon leads, customers and reps?  If so, you are in the right place.  In this mega-post, I want to share some of my best Avon lead generations strategies, so you can move forward with your Avon business.  Enjoy.

Top 65 Avon Marketing Tips

This is a comprehensive list of 65 ways you can get more Avon leads.  These ideas are listed in no particular order.  Keep in mind, you don’t need to do ALL of these things.  Just pick out a few things that make sense to you and focus on those.

# 1 Make Your Name List

The first step to get more Avon leads is to make your name list.  Every living adult knows at least 2,000 people.  Write down all your Facebook contacts, email contacts, and phone contacts.  That alone should give you well over 1,000 names.  Spend a few hours and make a big name list.  Act as if you get paid $1000 for each name you come up with.  Keep adding names to your list daily.

# 2 Bumper Stickers

Go on Vista Print and order an Avon bumper sticker for your car or truck.  They are inexpensive, only a few dollars.

# 3 Car Magnet

Go online an order a custom Avon car magnet, one for each side of your car.  Make sure your phone number and website are large font and easy to read.

avon marketing tips# 4 Laundromats

Visit your local laundromats once a week and leave a few catalogs.  In addition, put some of your business cards on the bulletin board.

# 5 Facebook Friends

Reach out to each one of your Facebook friends via private message and ask them if they would like to check out your link to see your online store.

# 6 Facebook Live

Consider doing some Facebook live broadcasts to educate people about the Avon products and business opportunity.  Come up with a posting schedule, such as two per week and stick to it.  Make the videos educational and entertaining and short and sweet.

# 7 YouTube

Create educational and entertaining YouTube videos about the Avon products and business and provide your link and contact information in each video.

# 8 Email Signature

Create a custom email signature for your Avon business. This automatically gets attached to each email that you send out.  If you normally send out 10-20 emails per day, that will give you an extra 10-20 exposures.

# 9 Hold an Open House

Have a party at your house so people can learn more about the Avon products.  Invite your neighbors, friends and family.  Make the event memorable and fun.

# 10 Ask for Referrals

Ask everyone you talk to who they might know who might be interested in either the products or business opportunity.

# 11 Restrooms

Whenever you visit a public restroom leave a brochure in each stall and a few at the sink.

# 12 Postcards

Order some custom Avon postcards and mail out five to ten each day and hand out five to ten each day.

# 13 Business Cards

Get some nice custom business cards made up and give one to each person you talk to.

# 14 Flyers

Create a flyer, or print off one from the back office, and hand out at least five to ten each day.

# 15 Flea Market

Consider setting up at your local flea market to sell Avon products and find new customers.  Even better, visit a local flea market and network with all of the dealers.  They are great prospects.

# 16 Church Newsletter

Advertise in your local church newsletter or write an article for it.

# 17 Samples

Hand out Avon samples whenever possible, but always get the person’s contact information first, so you can follow up with them in a few days.

avon dude# 18 Employee Lunch Room

If you have a day job, leave brochures in the employee lunch room. Make sure you ask for permission first.  Give a few catalogs to your friends and have them leave them in their employee lunch room as well.

# 19 Cold Calling

If you are up for it, consider cold calling. Just educate yourself about the Do Not Call list first, and be sure to have a good script.

# 20 Drop Cards

Make up some drop cards and leave them wherever you go.  A drop card is slightly bigger than a business card and smaller than a postcard.  It has a headline, a few bullet points, and a call to action.  Do a Google search for the $100 bill drop cards.

# 21 Wear a Button

Buy an Avon button and wear it wherever you go.  It’s a great way to start conversations with people.

# 22 Custom Clothing

Order a nice Avon t-shirt or polo shirt and where it whenever possible.

# 23 Fundraisers

Contact your local schools, non-profits, churches and other organizations to set up a fund raiser.

# 24 Office Party

Consider having an office party at your day job, or at one of your customer’s day job.  Just make sure you get permission first.

# 25 Contact Former Avon Reps & Customers

Reach out to current and former Avon reps and customers to see if they are interested in shopping with you or rejoining the business.

# 26 Dentist or Doctor’s Office

Talk with your local dentist and doctor and see if you can leave some catalogs and literature in their waiting room.

# 27 Referrals

Ask for referrals whenever possible.  Always ask people “who is the most motivated person they know” and ask them if they know anyone who used to buy or sell Avon.  Consider paying people for referrals.

# 28 Elevator Speech

Come up with your own Elevator speech.  This is nothing more than 1-2 sentences that clearly explain what you do.

# 29 Power of 2

Never let a day go by where you don’t reach out to at least two new prospects about the Avon products or business opportunity.

# 30 Texts

Text everyone you know asking them if they are interested in receiving a free catalog, sample, or link to your website.

# 31 Cell Phone Contacts

Call each person who is one of your cell phone contacts.

# 32 Email Contacts

Email everyone in your email contact list to see if they are open to learning more about the Avon products or business.

# 33 Helpers

Ask people to be your helpers.  This can be influential people who aren’t interested in starting a business, but they like to help people and would like to earn some free products or extra cash.

# 34 Join Meetup Groups

Join local meetup groups that interest you and make new friends. Let people know what you do without coming across as pushy or desperate.

# 35 Networking groups

Join local networking groups with other business owners and entrepreneurs.  This will help get your name out there.

# 36 Linkedin

Update your Linkedin Profile with your Avon information. Start reaching out to other people who you think might be interested in what you have to offer.

# 37 Instagram

Set up an Instagram account and share pictures, videos and testimonials about the Avon business.  This is one of my best Avon marketing tips.

# 38 Pinterest

Set up a Pinterest account and share pictures of the products and happy customers.

# 39 Advertise

Look for local publications, both online and offline, where you can advertise and help get your name out there.

# 40 Wedding List

Contact everyone who attended your wedding to let them know you just started an Avon business and see if they are interested in shopping your online store.

# 41 Blog

Consider setting up your own beauty blog where you talk about the products or share tips.

# 42 Google Business Profile

Set up your free Avon Google business profile so people in your local community can learn more about you.  Be sure to have your customers and friends leave you reviews.

# 43 Guest Blogging

Connect with several bloggers in the makeup, beauty, skin care or network marketing niche and see if you can do a guest post on their blog.  You can provide your link and contact information in your author bio.

# 44 Twitter

Set up a Twitter account for your Avon business and send out a few tweets each day.

# 45 Join the Chamber of Commerce

Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Get involved in the local community and network with other entrepreneurs.

# 46 Attend Conferences

Attend conferences that interest you and meet new people.  Exchange business cards and stay in touch.

# 47 Public Speaking

Get comfortable with public speaking and volunteer your services with several local organizations.  Give speeches about the products, or the benefits of having a home-based business.  This is a great way to get more Avon leads.

# 48 Volunteer

Volunteer in organizations that interest you. Be friendly and meet new people.

# 49 Handwritten Notes

There are few things more powerful than a handwritten note.  Write 2-3 thank you notes each day and be sure to include your business card.

# 50 Christmas and Birthday Presents

Instead of buying regular gifts, send people Avon gifts for their birthday and holiday present. Be sure to include your business card and a catalog.

# 51 Podcast

Start your own podcast.  This is nothing more than an online radio show.  Educate people about the Avon products and business opportunity.

# 52 Webinars

Consider doing a weekly or monthly webinar to educate your prospects about the products and Avon business opportunity.

# 53 Monthly Newsletter

Send out a monthly newsletter in the mail each month to stay in touch with your prospects, customers and team members.


# 54 Hairdresser or Barber

Ask your hairdresser or barber if you can leave some catalogs at their place of business.  Offer them a finder’s fee for any person they refer to you who becomes a customer or Avon rep.

# 55 Advertise in Alumni Newsletters

Reach out to your high school or college and see if you can advertise in the newsletter they send out each month.

# 56 Include a Business Card with Bill Payments

Include a business card with each bill payment that you mail out each month.

# 57 Use the Products Yourself

Be sure to use as many Avon products with you as you can, so people can see you wearing them, and so you are familiar with them.

# 58 Advertise on Your Voicemail

Include a message on your voicemail to let people know that you are an independent Avon rep.

# 59 Free Makeovers

Offer free makeovers to your prospects so they can see how well the products work.

# 60 Set Up at Job Fairs

Find out about local job fairs and set up a vendor booth.  Be sure to collect names and emails of everyone you meet and follow up with them after the event.

# 61 Fish Bowl Drawing

Talk with local business owners about doing a fish bowl drawing.  Have a weekly or monthly contest to give away some free products, and then follow up with everyone who participated in the contest.

# 62 Reverse Mailings

Anytime someone mails you trying to sell you something, mail them back a postcard or a handwritten note with your Avon business card, and some marketing materials.

# 63 Campaign Mailer

Be sure to use the campaign mailer.  Make it a point to mail out 50-100 catalogs every campaign.  If you’ve never heard of this before, login to your back office to learn more.

# 64 Solo Ads

Consider using solo ads to find new Avon prospects.  This is when you reach out to someone with a large email list and they send your email to their list on your behalf.

# 65 Toss Brochures

Tossing brochures still works.  Make it a point to toss at least 100-200 brochures every campaign.  Do it consistently and you will get results.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are 65 Avon marketing tips to help you get more Avon leads, reps and customers.  By no means do you need to follow every tip on this page.  Instead, just pick five to ten that work for you and focus on those.

What are your thoughts?  What do you do to get more Avon leads?  What are your best Avon marketing tips?  Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Disclaimer: I am an Independent Avon Sales Rep. These views are my opinion. Individual results will vary.

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