The Avon Dude, Guy or Man: Why Men Should Sell Avon

My name is Chuck Holmes.  Some people call me the Avon Dude.  I like the sound of that.

I’d like to write a short post today about why men should sell Avon.  I want to talk about the advantages of being the Avon Guy!

I was first exposed to Avon as a young child.  My grandmother, Anna Holmes, was the Avon Lady in Skowhegan, Maine. She had lots of customers, did quite well with the company, and was very proud to be the Avon Lady.

I started my journey in network marketing in 2002.  I was 24 at the time.  I’ve done pretty well in the industry.  I’ve never made millions, but I have done better than most, and made a great part-time income.

avon dudeI’ve spent time in many different network marketing and direct sales companies. Most were VERY difficult to promote because the products were overpriced and no one outside of the business wanted to buy them. Although I liked the concept of network marketing, it was hard to find a company that really resonated with me.

Avon is different.  They have products that people actually WANT and can AFFORD.  They have nearly 1,000 different products to choose from. They also have a great reputation. No one thinks of Avon as a scam.

When you look at the company, it is predominantly women!  Avon is a company for women. Most of the leaders are women!  However, there are a few good men building Avon businesses as well. You just don’t hear about them as much.

Personally, I think men selling Avon have a slight advantage over women.  Why?  Because there are lots of women selling Avon, but not many guys selling Avon!

I’m on a mission to recruit as many men as possible into Avon, and take this business by storm.  Here are some of the reasons why men should sell Avon and WHY you should consider becoming the Avon Dude (and hopefully on my team).  Keep in mind this is just my opinion.

10 Reasons to Be the Avon Dude

# 1 You Will Be Different

Every business needs a unique selling proposition.  This is what differentiates YOU from every other business, person or company.  Since Avon is mostly women, Avon men are automatically different.  Other women and men not involved in the business will look at you and wonder why you, a dude, is selling Avon. This is a GOOD thing because it gets people’s attention.

# 2 Avon Has Products for Men

Contrary to what you might think, Avon is not just lipstick and perfume.  They also have product lines for MEN.  What better way to introduce these male products to men than another man.  Once you’ve tried out the aftershave or cologne or body wash, you can easily introduce it to other men. Best of all, these products are very inexpensive.

# 3 Women Like to Buy from Men as Well

While women do enjoy buying from other women, they also like to buy from men.  How do I know this?  I asked a bunch of women. Plus, whenever I talk to women about Avon, they are always nice and friendly and willing to take a look at a catalog.

# 4 The Money

Everyone needs a side hustle.  As men, we should provide for our families.  It’s our responsibility.  That’s how I see it anyway.  Most men would benefit from an extra $500 to $1,000 per month.  Avon is very generous in their commission structure.  You can earn anywhere from twenty to fifty percent on your personal sales, plus overrides from your team’s sales.

Just servicing 20 customers each month has the potential to make you some nice part-time money.  You could then use this money to get out of debt, save for retirement, or increase your standard of living.  Some men even do Avon as their full-time career.  What you decide to do with the Avon business is up to you.

# 5 Recognition

Most men thrive on recognition.  That’s what I have found anyway.  It helps satisfy our egos.  Men should join and sell Avon because of the recognition.  Avon is always doing contests and they go out of their way to recognize their reps, even for the littlest of things. There are trips, prizes, gifts, certificates, pins and public recognition. It’s one of my favorite things about Avon.  Most guys who sell Avon love this aspect of the business.

# 6 Meet Women

No, Avon is NOT a dating service.  However, if you’re a single dude, becoming an Avon Independent Sales Representative would be like a dream come true.  You’ll always be around women.  You can sell products to female customers if you want to.  You can hang out with single female reps.  If you don’t know how to talk to women, now you can just ask them if they’d like to take a look at a catalog or take a free sample.

# 7 Increase Your Confidence

Many men struggle with confidence issues. If that describes you, making the decision to be the Avon Dude might be a great choice for you.  You can improve your confidence by selling Avon.  Improved confidence will help you in many areas of your life.

# 8 Increase Your Sales, Leadership & People Skills

The sales, people and leadership skills you will learn as the Avon Guy can make a big difference in your full-time career.  Sales, people and leadership skills are always in big demand in the marketplace. No matter what you currently do for a career, mastering sales and leadership (and learning how to get along with others) will help you take your current career to the next level.

# 9 Independence

If you decide to pursue Avon as a full-time career (I recommend you start part-time and don’t give up your day job yet) you can create independence for yourself.  You can work from home, be your own boss, and make your own schedule.  If you’re tired of the daily commute and are working in a job you don’t enjoy, becoming the Avon Man might be a wise choice!

# 10 Have Fun!

Everyone needs to have more fun in life.  Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy.  Avon is a FUN business.  You get to travel and meet so many wonderful people. If you are naturally a people person, this business is like a dream come true.  Even if you’re an introvert, Avon is a fun business to do.  It might even help you come out of your shell.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are 10 simple reasons men should sell Avon.  If you’re thinking about becoming the Avon Dude and you’d like to work with another Avon Dude, check out my website here and get signed up.  I’m also looking for happy customers.  If you’d like to chat first, you can give me a call at (352) 503-4816 EST during business hours, or send me an email to

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Chuck Holmes is a Network Marketing Professional, author, and blogger. He's been in the industry since 2002. He is currently the top producer in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel. He enjoys flea markets, reading, writing, walking, fishing and funny movies. You can call Chuck during business hours at (352) 503-4816 EST or you can email him at

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