Avoiding Rejection While Working Your MLM Leads

In today’s post I want to talk about avoiding rejection while you are working your MLM leads.  Most people hate rejection.  I know I do.  If you take rejection personally, it can have a huge impact on your attitude, belief, and self-esteem. In fact, most of the people who quit our industry do so because they can’t handle rejection.

You should know upfront that all entrepreneurs and all sales people have to deal with rejection. It comes with the job.  It’s really unavoidable.  If you’re trying to build a large MLM Business, you’re going to have to approach a lot of leads and get a lot of NO’s.  However, there are a few simple things you can do to help avoid or minimize rejection when you’re talking with yourMLM leads.

avoiding rejection while working your leads

# 1 Figure Out How Much a NO Is Worth

Quite perhaps the best thing you can do to deal with rejection is figure out how much a NO is worth to you.  For example, if you earn $150 every time someone joins your team and buys a starter kit, and you know that one out of every 25 people you talk to will join your team, you know that every NO is worth about $6 ($150/24). Every time you talk to a prospect, it’s like having $6 deposited into your bank account.

# 2 Approach Higher Quality Leads

Another thing you can do to minimize rejection with your MLM leads is to approach higher quality leads.  Look for folks who are “most likely” to be interested in what you have to offer. Approach people who want a business or a Plan B, not need a business.  Approach people who are already buying similar products to what you sell.  Yes, you’ll still hear some NO’s if you talk to these folks, but you should have higher conversion rates and less rejection.

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# 3 Detach Yourself From the Outcome

Think about a waitress in a restaurant.  She walks around the restaurant with a pot of coffee and she offers to refill everyone’s cup.  Some people take her up on the offer.  Most say NO. She doesn’t have a mental breakdown every time someone says NO.  She just graciously moves on to the next person and offers them a refill.  You want to have a similar mindset in your network marketing business.  Realize upfront that not everyone will be interested in what you have.  Don’t get upset when they say NO.  Just move on to the next person. Be detached from the outcome.

# 4 Follow Up with People

Lots of folks who tell you NO today will eventually tell you YES if you follow up with them properly from time to time.  Most people need to hear or see a message at least 10 to 20 times before they ever commit, buy, and take action.  Whenever you talk to someone, ask them for their permission to keep in touch with them every few months.  Give them a call every 90 days and chat with them.  Send them a note, phone call or email every once in a while.  Send them a product sample or free gift once or twice a year.  Your biggest leaders five years from now will be the people who tell you NO today, IF you follow-up with them consistently.  If you just talk to people one time, and then never stay in touch, you are really missing out.

# 5 Fine Tune Your Approach

This is the most important tip so I’m saving it for last.  One of the reasons people get a lot of rejection is because they have a bad approach.  They PUKE their business opportunity all over people or they are so hyped up that they turn off the prospect.  Ultimately, you need to master your presentation.  You want to get really good at asking questions and listening to what your prospect is saying.  Before you EVER give a complete presentation to anyone you want to pre-qualify your lead or prospect first.  Ask them a few questions to make sure they are interested in learning more, and qualified to buy, BEFORE you waste your time and do a complete presentation.  This one thing alone can reduce your rejection rate by at least 50%.

avoiding rejection while working your mlm leads

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there is no way to completely avoid rejection when you are talking with your MLM Leads.  Rejection is part of the selling process.  Some will buy, some won’t.  Some will join your business opportunity, but most won’t.  At the end of the day you want to (1) figure out how much a NO is worth, (2) approach higher quality leads, (3) detach yourself from the outcome, (4) follow-up with people consistently and (5) fine tune your approach.

What are your thoughts about dealing with rejection or avoiding rejection with your MLM leads? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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7 thoughts on “Avoiding Rejection While Working Your MLM Leads”

  1. This definitely is not a business for someone who has the tendency to take things personally. You have to learn to bounce back in this industry or else you’ll get stuck on a no, or the fact that someone left the business, and you’ll be too distraught to carry on. In all honesty I prefer a straight up no, to a person who says yes and has no real intentions or interest. At least they are honest with you about the fact that they are not interested and you can invest your time in finding people who are, as opposed to those who intentionally or unintentionally mislead you and make you waste time and effort.

  2. Rejection is a part of life. No matter our career, education, or lifestyle, there is going to be some rejection. I don’t believe avoiding it is the answer personally. My thought is to raise your smile and deal with rejection head on. Your first tip seems to do this. Knowing that every no brings you that much closer to getting a yes will help you enjoy rejection.

    When someone says no, don’t take it personally. It isn’t about you, it is just their position at this moment in time.

    1. Rejection is a normal part of life. I personally don’t enjoy being rejected. I don’t know anyone who likes it. You just have to realize that it’s part of the process. It’s nothing personal. It’s just people saying NO to what you are offering them.

      1. No one likes rejection, but you are right that it is not about you at all. You have to learn to separate yourself from the product or opportunity. They are not saying, “No I don’t like you or want to do business to you.” Rather they are saying no to the product or opportunity. And it may have absolutely nothing to do with you at all. Perhaps they do not have the time or the money or the desire to learn. That isn’t a reflection of you and you shouldn’t take it that way.

      2. Now I actually do know someone who loves rejection. I believe he gets “high” from it.

        My little brother is, in my opinion, one of the greatest salesmen in the world. I have business people always asking me what my brother is doing and I know what they are thinking; “I want him working for me.” I brought Rodney into the home improvement business and he became a superstar overnight. He now makes $70,000 a year doing the same and he loves rejection. He knows that one rejection means there is a sale coming soon after. He always was a bit goofy, but I love him, as do many other people.

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