Automobile University: Getting an Education Listening to Tapes and CDs in Your Car

I am a big fan of automobile university.

I first learned about this concept many years ago while I was an Amway distributor. My sponsor told me the best way to learn about the business was to listen to tapes and CDs while I drove to and from work or did errands.

He told me that I could learn everything I needed to know to become successful in the business, just by listening to tapes instead of the radio.

At first, it sounded a bit funny to me, probably because I had never heard about doing this before. Within a short time of making the switch, I was amazed with the results.

It’s as if everything I heard on the tapes became programmed in my subconscious mind, without even realizing it. My product knowledge and business knowledge improved. So did my confidence and attitude.

Automobile university is basically the PROCESS of learning a new skill by listening to tapes or CDs while you drive. Rather than listening to music, you listen to something that is educational and/or inspirational.

You could listen to tapes or CDs about ANY topic that interests you. Some examples might include:

Automobile UniversityYou could focus on one subject exclusively or learn about a variety of different subjects.

I was once told that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. I’d like to take a moment and show you how you can become an expert at something just by enrolling in automobile university.

To give you an example, I’m going to assume that you commute one hour each way to work, Monday through Friday.

Rather than listening to the radio during that time, you are committed to learning a new skill. You decide to listen to a tape or CD during your commute.

Over the course of one-year you would achieve the following:

  • 2-hours of tapes a day for five days a week is 10 hours.
  • 50 weeks a year at 10-hours per week is 500 hours.

Within one year you would listen to 500 hours of information about a topic. Within five years you would listen to 2,500 hours of information. Within 10 years you would listen to 5,000 hours of information. And within about 20 years you would listen to 10,000 hours of information.

Think about how much you would learn by doing that. This doesn’t factor in the additional time you spend in your vehicle running errands and living life.

What if every tape you listened to was about a certain topic? I would argue that you could become an expert at just about anything in life, within a few short years, JUST by enrolling in automobile university and replacing your radio station with some type of self-help, personal development, or business-related tape or CD.

Last time I checked, the radio station never PAID me to listen to their music, nor did it help me improve my job skills or life skills.

However, you could increase your pay and make more money with the knowledge you learn from the CDs and tapes! Chew on that! That’s powerful when you think about it.

What if you did this with your network marketing business? What if you listened to a tape a day about sales, marketing, leadership, recruiting, prospecting, following-up, entrepreneurship, or a variety of other skills that would help you grow your business?

Don’t you think your confidence, knowledge, and abilities would improve? Do you think your business would grow? I know it would.

What if you encourage your team members to do the same thing? Don’t you think their business would grow as well?

Getting Started with Automobile University

The best way to get started with automobile university for your network marketing business is to write down a list of topics you want to learn more about. Ideally, you should study sales, leadership, marketing, and the basic MLM Fundamentals.

Once you have a list of subjects, go to your local library if money is tight. They typically have plenty of tapes and CDs to choose from, or they can request them from another library.

Or you can go to Amazon or eBay and buy things used. You can also do trades/swaps with friends and team members. You can borrow a few of their CDs and let them borrow a few of yours.

Return them when you are done with them and then switch out with another team member. This is a great, low-cost way of doing it.

I also suggest you listen to each tape or CD multiple times. Listen to it three times in a row, and then listen to it again in another six to twelve months. You will be amazed at what you missed the first time around.

Instead of listening to the radio in your car listen to self help and motivational courses that can improve your skills mindset and attitude ~ Chuck HolmesOne Other Consideration

There is an additional reason to enroll in automobile university. You might not realize it, but the radio is negative. Most news on the radio is negative. Most DJ’s are negative. Many songs even have a negative message if you listen to the words closely.

This news, radio talk, commercials, and even a lot of the music can put negative programming in your mind. Listen to the radio objectively for a few hours and you will discover what I am talking about.

Are there exceptions? Of course. There are positive, uplifting, and encouraging radio stations. But even many of the songs they play have a negative message in them.

The bottom line is you need to protect what goes into your brain. There is plenty of negative stuff in the world, so make sure you put in enough positive stuff to keep your mindset and attitude in check.

Enrolling in automobile university is a great way to ensure that happens. Not only can you learn business stuff, but you can improve your attitude, self-image, and belief system at the same time.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that automobile university is a powerful to develop new skills and become an expert at something.

Best of all, it really doesn’t cost you any time because you are learning the information while you drive to and from work, or while you are doing errands. I consider it a passive learning technique.

If you haven’t enrolled in automobile university yet, I highly suggest that you do, especially if you want to have a successful career in network marketing or something else! Ever since I started doing it 18+ years ago it has really paid off.

What are your thoughts about automobile university? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. Have you tried it before? If so, how has it helped you? I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Automobile University: Getting an Education Listening to Tapes and CDs in Your Car”

  1. It’s a good idea in concept, but for me it did not work. I definitely tried but found myself so distracted by what was happening on the road that I had to rewind 3 or 4 times just to hear one thing. Or I would become so engaged in the tape that I would be distracted on the road. Either way, not good. However, I used to listen to content before bed or while showering each morning/night and that proved to be a good 15-20 minutes of learning where I was fully engaged and learning.

  2. This is a great educational system. You don’t have to pay tuition and you are getting knowledge that can help you raise your financial state. The only problem that I can see with this Automobile University is if you, the student are a note taker. It is hard to take notes while driving in traffic, but with the talk to text technology, a person could use there smartphone to take notes.

    Great post. I need to use this more.

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