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Greg Boudonck is a freelance writer and author of more than 50 books. He lives in beautiful Puerto Rico with his wife and two dogs.

Top 27 Ideas To Name A Business

Today, I want to share some of my best ideas to name a business. How important is your business name? Do I really need to answer that question? Would you eat at the Rover Restaurant? The thoughts of eating dog food or even worse, Rover himself would send me to Burger King. While some companies […]

Top 49 Ways To Declutter Your Home Office

Today, I’m going to share my top 49 ways to declutter your home office. As I consider writing this blog post, I find myself looking around my environment and questioning whether I am the person who should be writing this. It does seem that no matter how organized we think we are, clutter can overtake […]

Top 27 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Today, I will share my top reasons to hire a virtual assistant. As a business owner, whether you have many employees, just 1 or 2 or you are a Lone Ranger, you may want to consider contracting the services of a virtual assistant. While there are many business owners who balk at the idea, there […]

The Top 13 Christian Based MLM Companies

The top 13 Christian Based MLM Companies in the world… While there are those who would say differently, I believe the United States of America was founded on Christian values. I will not go into a debate as to which Christian religious structure has it right, but I will say that we need to put […]

The Top 37 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working From Home

In today’s post, I am going to share the top 37 advantages and disadvantages of working from home. As an individual who works from home, I receive lots of questions, comments and looks. Some people give an air of disdain, and others emit an attitude of jealousy. I have had people say, “You probably don’t […]

Top 29 Best Movies for Entrepreneurs to Watch

Today, I want to share my top 29 best movies for entrepreneurs to watch. Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we just need to take a break from the rat-race. We have often spoke about reading books, but there are also those moments when we desire to watch the screen. As I see it, there are many television […]

Top 47 Ways To Make Money From Home

For the last 8 years, the income I make is primarily done from within the comfort of my home. When I was starting out as a freelance writer, I also was examining other methods to bring some cash to the table, as the first year or two was not consistent with available work. Like many […]

The Top 10 MLM Essential Oil Companies

Today, we will review the top 10 MLM Essential Oil Companies… In ancient days, people believed that we could remove the spirit from a plant by distilling and evaporating. What would result is an oil that was believed to have medicinal benefits. These were called essential oils and would be heated slightly to emit a […]

Top 49 Reasons People Start A Business

In today’s post, I want to cover the top 49 reasons people start a business, as I see it. If you own your business, have you ever stopped to think about WHY you got started in the first place? I know that I have several reasons with some being good reasons and some probably not so […]