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Chuck is a Network Marketing Professional, author, Certified Small Business Coach and blogger. He's been in the industry since 2002. He enjoys reading, writing, exercising, BBQ, buying and selling antiques, and watching funny movies. He lives in Homosassa, Florida with his wife, Rachel.

Building Depth vs. Personal Recruiting in MLM

Building depth vs. personal recruiting in MLM… Should you focus on front line recruiting or building depth?  Which method is most effective and most efficient? More importantly, is it your job to make someone else successful?  Is it your job to motivate your team and drag people across the finish line? These are important questions EVERY […]

Does Face to Face Selling Still Work in a Digital World?

Does face to face selling still work?  Someone sent me an email yesterday asking me that question.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and I figured it would make a great blog post. To answer the question: YES, face to face selling still works.  It is proven and time tested.  It is effective.  Nothing […]

All Businesses Need New Customers and Must Keep Recruiting

All businesses need new customers AND must keep recruiting to stay in business…. One of the biggest complaints that you hear in the MLM Industry is that the entire focus is just on recruiting new distributors. Many companies don’t even teach their distributors how to retail the products.  As I see it, that is a […]

Top 40 Harvey Mackay Quotes from Pushing the Envelope

In today’s post, I’d like to share some of my favorite Harvey Mackay quotes from his popular book, “Pushing the Envelope.” I read this book for the first time a few years back and have re-read it several times since.  In the book, he shares tons of valuable business lessons that would benefit any network marketer […]

Move Your MLM Business Forward: Top 19 Ideas

In today’s post, I want to share my top 19 ideas on how to move your MLM Business forward.  These are helpful lessons I have learned during the past 15 years in the industry, that can help you achieve MLM Success.   I hope you find the information helpful. # 1 People must be coachable […]

Presentation Mastery for Realtors: Linda and Jim McKissack Book Review and Quotes

Today, I am going to share a book review on Presentation Mastery by Linda and Jim McKissack and Tony Jeary. This is a book for realtors.  Don’t let that bother you if you’re not a realtor.  I believe this to be one of the top five marketing books I have ever read.  And, I believe […]

The # 1 Time Waster in Network Marketing

What is the # 1 time waster in network marketing? Let me start by telling you that most distributors waste tons of time doing the wrong activities. In network marketing there are two types of activities: income producing activities and busy work. Income producing activities are anything you do that actually grows your business, and […]

How to Make More Sales in Your Business

I’ve compiled a list of top 18 tips on how to make more sales in your business.  These come from years of notes.  All of these tips have been put into my own words from things I have learned from the top sales trainers in the world.  Enjoy. How to Make More Sales in Your […]