Top 13 Attraction Marketing Ideas for MLM Reps

In today’s article, I’d like to share some of my best attraction marketing ideas. While this information is geared for network marketers, it will benefit anyone looking to expand their business online via attraction marketing.

Top Attraction Marketing IdeasWhat is Attraction Marketing?

In my own words, attraction marketing is the process of selling by teaching. It’s positioning yourself as an expert, drawing people to you, providing value, and monetizing your audience by offering practical solutions to their problems. It’s normally done through content marketing, such as blogging, YouTube, or social media.

Attraction marketing is a term for a method of marketing a product or service. It works by providing valuable information about the item before convincing customers to buy. It’s a powerful marketing strategy for both lead generation and brand loyalty. ~ Hub Spot

Should You Use It?

Attraction marketing is not for everyone. It takes a TON of time and hard work to create fresh, high quality content. It’s a never ending process of creating new content every few days, or even every day. It’s a great option for someone who is not camera shy or introverted. It can also be a great option for someone with NO marketing budget.

I would also add in that some niches are overly competitive. If you’re going to leverage attraction marketing, you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed. You want to pick a niche where there is plenty of demand, but not a ton of competition. That way you can stand out in the crowd and get noticed.

Please consider ALL of your different marketing options before choosing attraction marketing. Like anything else, it is much easier said than done.

Attraction Marketing Ideas

What you will see below are some of my top attraction marketing ideas. Think of these as different ways to come up with fresh, high quality content for your audience. It should be assumed that before you do any of these things, you have your own platform set up, such as a blog or YouTube channel.

# 1: Review Products

One great thing you can do is review products. Reviews are very popular online. Review your company’s products. Review competitor’s products. Discuss what you like and dislike about each product. Be open, honest, and transparent. Give people enough information so they can decide if the product will be a good value for them.

# 2: Interview an Expert

This is one of my favorite attraction marketing ideas. Identify several famous or talented people in your niche and interview them. Be prepared, ask great questions, and let them talk.

# 3: Discuss Common Problems

Identify the most common problems in your industry and offer practical solutions. Talk about why the problem exists and identify several simple things someone can do to overcome that problem.

# 4: Talk About Mistakes You’ve Made in the Past

Talking about your past mistakes and failures is a great way to do attraction marketing. Be humble, talk about how the experience affected you, and share what you did to overcome it. Be honest, open, and transparent. This makes you relatable with your audience. attraction marketing is not for everyone

# 5: Compare Similar Products

Identify two to three similar products and talk about the ins and outs of each product. Share your opinion on which product stands out to you the most, and why.

# 6: Discuss Common Myths in Your Industry

Make a list of the most common myths in your industry and make a video or podcast about each myth. Talk about why it’s a myth (in your opinion) and share what you think people really need to know about it. Examples might include:

# 7: Create How to Articles or Videos

How to articles and videos are very popular. You can write articles (or create videos) such as:

You get the gist!

# 8: Solve Problems

Identify common challenges people deal with in your industry and offer practical solutions they can apply to help them move forward. Examples might include:

  • How to Manage Your Time Better
  • How to Keep People from Quitting
  • How to Get Your Team to Do Somethingstand out and get noticed
# 9: Discuss Industry Trends

Identify trends in your industry and talk about these trends in detail. Talk about the good and bad things about each trend and discuss how you see things playing out in the years to come.

# 10: Book Reviews

Review books about your industry. Share what you learned from the book. Discuss what you liked and disliked about the book. If possible, interview the author of the book.

# 11: Research Popular Search Terms Online

Do some keyword research online to identify popular search terms. Make a sorted list, based on supply and demand, and start pumping out content for each of those keywords. If people are searching for certain keywords online, you know there is an interest in it.

# 12: Ask Your Audience

If you have an email list or social media following, ask them what they want you to create content about. You will come up with some amazing ideas you never considered yourself.

# 13: Top Lists

Top lists are one of my favorite attraction marketing ideas. For example, you could create content such as:

  • Top 10 MLM Weight Loss Products
  • Top 10 MLM Companies of 2020
  • Top 20 Under the Radar MLM Companies
  • Top 10 MLM Mistakes

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are some of my best attraction marketing ideas. If you leverage these 13 tips, you should never run out of ideas for fresh content.

However, before you jump into attraction marketing, please know that it is much easier said than done. It takes a tremendous amount of work and a little bit of luck.

What are your thoughts? What are your best attraction marketing ideas? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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