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In today’s post, I’m going to share what I consider to be the top 20 Atomy products.

Back in 2004, Han Gill Park founded Atomy in his native South Korea.  The multilevel marketing company has grown worldwide and has an extensive network in the United States.  As a matter of fact, the Atomy headquarters are located in Federal Way, Washington.

Atomy has a large product line with their primary products being in skin and personal care.  They have also veered into other product lines.

It seems that customers worldwide are very happy with the Atomy products and their prices; with happy customers, what normally follows is happy distributors.  Atomy does boast many satisfied independent distributors.

I have decided to provide a non-biased look at some of the Atomy products.  Using online and off line reviews, along with sales figures, I am going to list the most popular Atomy products.

Keep in mind, I am not affiliated in any way with Atomy.  The idea is to give you a look at the Atomy product line so you can judge if you would like to use any of their products or possibly become an Atomy independent distributor.

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Top 20 Atomy Products

What I’m going to do is start with # 20 and work my way down to the number one product.  Enjoy the information.

#20: Color Food Vitamin C

Just add a stick of this to your water and get 500 milligrams of Vitamin C, along with 7 other color foods that help maintain a healthy body. The mango flavor is delicious and it helps you maintain your active lifestyle.

#19: Herb Day Panty Liner

It doesn’t have to be a bad day. You can feel, and smell herbal fresh.

#18: HemoHim

HemoHim is a dietary supplement that is recommended for those who need extra energy. It is known to provide energy along with helping to build a healthy immune system. HemoHim is one of the first Atomy products, and has helped the company grow substantially.

#17: Herbal Shampoo

Using a blend of Aloe Vera and Avocado, this shampoo deep cleans the scalp, removing contaminates and waste. Not only does it provide a clean fragrance, it protects your hair from further damage.

#16: Atomy Men

There are 3 items that help man’s skin.

  1. Toner. This is an after shave that absorbs and protects your skin.

  2. Essence. This item takes care of fine lines and evenly tones the male skin.

  3. Lotion. This puts a protective layer, keeping the skin hydrated.

#15: Atomy Toothbrush

When you order these, you get 8 of the super slim toothbrushes. This slim brush makes it easier to get to all the areas where plaque builds up.

#14: Herbal Treatment Hair Pack

You apply this treatment after shampooing. It keeps hair moist and keeps hair from splitting. Keeps your hair smooth and shiny.

#13: Cafe Arabica

There is no need to make a whole pot of coffee. This Atomy coffee comes in single serving sticks, and is made with some of the finest coffee beans in the world.

#12: Deep Cleanser

This product goes deep into your pores to remove the waste and contamination. It also nourishes the skin.

#11: Calming Skin

The special blend of herbs in this Atomy product calm your skin deep inside, while the special water hydrates and protects your skin on the outside.

#10: Body Rich Lotion

Using a special blend of oils and herbs, this rich body lotion hydrates your skin from the effects that can dry it out during a day’s activities. The fragrance is a sweet and sour apple that is pleasing to the senses.

top 20 atomy products#9: A.C. Care Special

This is a high selling special that sells out often. Included is:

  1. Calming Skin. It calms your skin inside and out.

  2. A.C. Solution. This is put on the acne prone areas to protect against excessive oil buildup.

  3. Control Mix. This is applied last to provide needed nutrients to your skin.

#8: Hair & Body Set

This is an all-around set of products for complete hair and body care. With this set, you get:

  1. Herbal Shampoo. A deep cleansing shampoo that leaves your hair shiny and easy to manage.

  2. Herbal Treatment Hair Pack. Keeps your hair hydrated and free of split ends.

  3. Body Cleanser. Using organic herbs, it cleans deep down leaving you feel clean for hours.

  4. Hair Treatment Liquid. This cleans the roots and scalp deeply.

#7: Dish Detergent

This highly concentrated dish detergent cleans the toughest of dish jobs. With just 1 drop, you can remove grease and grime better than the majority of store bought detergents. What’s more, it uses all natural ingredients.

#6: Hair Conditioner

This conditioner moisturizes your hair and leaves it soft and shiny. It also reduces the static electricity which can make hair do chaotic things.

#5: Again Serum

This serum solves many skin issues using a special blend of natural herbs and mushroom extracts. When your skin seems dry, the Again Serum can bring it back to a moist state.

#4: Essence

The secret ingredient is brown rice. Atomy found how to properly ferment and culture the brown rice so it penetrates into your skin providing the nurturing it needs.

#3: Atomy Skin Care 6 System

This is a huge selling skin care system from Atomy. It includes:

  1. Toner that moisturizes.

  2. Eye Cream to delete wrinkles.

  3. Essence to nurture.

  4. Lotion for hydration.

  5. Nutrition Cream to help slow the skin’s aging process.

  6. BB Cream to protect against the sun’s rays.

#2: Foam Cleanser

As you rub this foaming cleanser on your face, you can feel it pulling the garbage from your pores. Just wash off with warm water and feel and see the clean complexion. This is a huge seller.

#1: Evening Care 4 Set

It seems this is the most favored Atomy product. Many claim that just using this system for a few days has shown drastic improvements in their skin. You get:

  1. Deep Cleanser which goes deep into the pores.

  2. Foam Cleanser that uses foam to draw out unwanted oils and dirt.

  3. Peeling Gel helps to remove horns.

  4. Peel Off Mask which firms and protects.

Final Thoughts

In my research, it has been found that many Koreans have immaculate complexions. When asked about what they use, Atomy products is the answer quite often.

What are your favorite Atomy products?  Do you agree with my findings?  If you would like to try any of the Atomy products, or if you would like to become an Atomy independent representative, you can visit their official website I listed in the reference section below.  Thank you for visiting.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Online MLM Community is affiliated in any way or form with Atomy. This is not a paid review. It is written strictly for your information.


  1. Atomy Official Website
  2. Business For Home
  3. Atomy Magic

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  1. Any reviews on the ingredients of Atomy products?

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  2. Great blog on atomy products. It was really informative and thanks for sharing.

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