ASEA RENU 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel Review

I was introduced to ASEA Redox Supplement in early 2010 and my family and I have been enthusiastic users ever since!


One of my favorite things about ASEA Redox Supplement is the fact that it is native to our body. What that means is that it goes beyond natural and is created with salt water, just what 75% of our body is made of. I have heard it referred to as expensive salt water, which always makes me laugh. If you have heard that too, I encourage you to do your own research. I encourage you to check out BioAgilytix Laboratory  and know with confidence ASEA Cellular Health company is revolutionary in the health and wellness field. I feel confident taking ASEA Redox Supplement and RENU 28 and giving it to my children as well as my parents, and recommending it to everyone I meet.


ASEA Cellular Health Company came out with their concentrated redox signaling gel, RENU 28 in May 2014. Those of us that had been with the company for a while didn’t quite know what to expect. While RENU 28 is not native to the body, it is non-toxic. Once ASEA started showing us the ingredient list and results, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it!

Let me first share with you a little information that you might find useful.

I have heard it only takes 29 seconds for something applied topical to the skin to reach the bloodstream. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Upon doing a little research I found out that this wasn’t necessarily true. Surprised? I wasn’t.

If you’ve been on the internet any time at all you know that a lot of things are made up and passed around as truth. That’s why I like to go to reputable sources for my information.  This resources shows that there were many factors involved in determining what the absorption rate was of a topically applied product. It did make me think about when my babies were young, how soft their skin was and how things absorbed much easier on them, than my husband whose skin was a bit weathered.

What this little information caused me to do. 

Once I really thought about how products were absorbed, I couldn’t quit looking at labels. I had been reading food labels for years but never really thought about skin care and cosmetic because frankly, I didn’t know what most ingredients were and I wasn’t ready to give up my beauty products.

What do they say? Ignorance is bliss? All it took was one visit to the cosmetic database and I started looking at everything differently. My trash can was full of discarded products that I could no longer use in good conscience for myself or for my family. I was committed to a healthier way of living and I liked knowing what I was doing was good for my family.

I was excited to see that RENU 28 had only 4 ingredients and all of them were non toxic! The results speak for themselves. I don’t know of another product on the market that compares to RENU 28! If you are like me and like before and after pictures, you can visit this website to see a few of the results of using RENU 28 for 28 days. My suggestion is you try it yourself and see what it can do for you. I always recommend taking a before picture (even if you don’t like it) because many times results are subtle but it shows that it is working.


  • Water
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Magnesium Fluorosilicate
  • Monosodium Phosphate
renu 28
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RENU 28 was tested at Dermatest, one of the leading dermatological research institutes in the world and received the coveted 5-star award.

RENU 28 clinical trials marked improvements in the skin:

  • Eye wrinkle depth improvement 21%
  • Overall wrinkle depth decrease 23%
  • Facial skin texture improvement 22%
  • Skin smoothness increase 23%
  • Skin elasticity increase 20%
  • Skin moisture increase 11%

Studies showing a significant increase in microcirculation in the skin and cellulite reduction have also been performed.

  • 81% reduction in the fat lobule size
  • 91% increase in skin elasticity

Here is the resource with those stats.

Now that you have the details about the products, let me share my experience. 

renu 28 before and afterI took my picture and started using it twice a day as recommended right away. I also decided to use it on my arms because I had a lot of sun damage and I knew this would be a great place to start. I loved the feeling of RENU 28 on my face. It made my face look brighter and made everything feel tighter.

At 47 years old, that was exactly what I was looking for! What I didn’t expect was the visible, rapid skin turnover on my left arm. I was fascinated by it. I knew there was more sun damage to that arm and I loved that my body knew what to do to heal itself, given the proper tools to work with.

It didn’t take long for the skin cell turnover to produce a more even skin tone and healthier looking arms. You can tell by my before and after picture that the lines in the corner of my eye are softer and the lines around my mouth are as well.

People age, it’s a fact of life. If we can age with grace and keep ourselves healthy for a long time we will reduce our burden on others. I have used RENU 28 for a year and half now with wonderful results. I use it on my entire body. I use it on my face morning and night. If my feet are tired it’s the first thing I reach for. I use it after bathing on my thighs, chest and tummy. I believe you can never be too firm as you age!

RENU 28 is whole-body skin therapy and I recommend you use it everywhere on your body.


This information is not intended to treat, diagnose or make any claim to cure anything. The earning potential is completely up to you and we don’t make claims that you will profit from sharing this information.

About the Author

kathyKathy Marie Howell, 49 year old mother of three married to the man of my dreams. My story just goes to show you that when you seek passion in your life, you often find solutions to help your dreams become reality. I got into the beauty industry to develop my talents and to serve others never realizing the profound effect it would have on my future.

I have found my experience as a Master Cosmetologist, specializing in health and wellness and coaching over the past 25+ years, has well prepared me to help others find their passion as well. My intuition and deep spirituality have led me to where I am today… living a life of purpose and joy.

I AM a MOMpreneur and blessed to be one.  I AM a coach and a cheerleader and will be your biggest supporter.  I AM here to help you navigate through our changing world with confidence. I AM here to bring innovative and new solutions to the world and it starts with an open heart and mind.  I AM here for you.

To learn more, you can call or text me at (859) 494-4802 (eastern time).  You can order the products on my website or you can get my free report for MOMpreneurs.

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3 thoughts on “ASEA RENU 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel Review”

  1. I was in a motorcycle accident on July 19th. I now have a huge hematoma on my left thigh. It is about the size of a cantaloupe, quite hard and very painful. My doctor told me it is going to take a minimum of 6 months for my body to reabsorb it all. Will the RENU 28 help with any part of this? I have a friend who gave me a bottle that I have been using on the road rash I have no my knees and arm and it has help with the healing of these as they seem to be going away rather quickly and it looks like the scaring is not going to be as bad as I thought. What do you think about the hematoma?
    Thanks in advance for any input.

  2. This article taught me a lot about the items and chemicals we use on a daily basis that could be harming us. I agree with Kathy that we must be diligent to discover the truth. Not everything on the internet is correct. Some individuals will write anything just to get their ads online. Whenever you read something, I suggest you check at the least, 3 other sources before believing what was written.

    Thanks for this review Kathy, This was a very well written article. I also notice a huge difference in your eye pictures.

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