ARIIX Review: 21 Awesome Facts

Are you familiar with the network marketing company by the name of ARIIX? Hopefully, by the end of this review article, you will have more knowledge of this somewhat new multi-level marketing company that has been taking the network marketing world by storm.

Many of the people who founded ARIIX came from Usana. The exact reasons why they did so are not really known, but competition is a good thing. It is also wise that a person researches everything about a network marketing company before they decide to become a member of that company. It is, after all, the process of starting a business, and if you were going to open a traditional business, you would research everything before you did so. It only makes good sense that you do the same before becoming involved in a network marketing business.

In today’s article, we will explain 21 awesome facts about ARIIX. By the end of this review/article, you should be able to make a better decision on whether or not to join ARIIX. Do know that we are not affiliated in any way with ARIIX. You are receiving an unbiased review and opinion on this semi-new MLM.

1: The Beginning

In July of 2011, ARIIX started operations in Salt Lake City, Utah. Many of the founders had come from the network marketing company by the name of USANA, which is also headquartered in Salt Lake City.

2: The Name

You may wonder what the name ARIIX stands for. The founders believed the company they started was as precious as one of mankind’s most precious metals, so they named the company after gold. ARIIX is Latin for gold.

3: The Bill of Rights

The ARIIX founders believe that distributors are the driving force behind a network marketing company. I believe that these founders probably left USANA because of corporate decisions that the majority of distributors disagreed with. ARIIX founders adopted the ARIIX Bill of Rights. This gives distributors the power to veto decisions made by corporate leaders. The 11 rights are:

  1. Distributors have the right to a partner council where representation for fellow distributors to make recommendations to ARIIX Executives is allowed.

  2. Distributors have the right to share in company profits.

  3. Distributors have the right to true ownership of their business.

  4. Distributors have the right to review compensation changes before they take effect.

  5. Distributors have the right to be ARIIX’s experts.

  6. Distributors have the right to the company’s loyalty.

  7. Distributors have the right to explanations and timely notices.

  8. Distributors have the right to share in the fun and added incentives.

  9. Distributors have the right to help ARIIX Executives think up what is next.

  10. Distributors have the right to fair and consistent treatment.

  11. Distributors have the right to maintain their original agreement.

4: Auto-ship

Any distributors or customers who use auto-ship receive a 15% discount.


5: CEO

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of ARIIX is Dr. Fred Cooper. Fred spent 13 years with USANA where he rose to President of the company before leaving to start ARIIX. He has also taught at the University of Utah.

“I genuinely enjoy network marketing. It is unfortunate that a few unscrupulous companies have tarnished the reputation of an industry that possesses so many positive and beneficial attributes. ARIIX is going to change that perception, one Representative at a time.” -Dr. Fred Cooper

6: CPO

The Chief Product Officer and founder of ARIIX is Deanna Latson. Deanna has found great success as a consultant and lecturer. As a highly acclaimed motivational speaker, Deanna will help bring ARIIX to the top.

7: VP of Business Development Asia/Pacific

The Vice President of Business Development in the Asia and Pacific zone is Ian Chandler. Ian is also a founder who has shown that his direct sales experience, and his knowledge of the Chinese language and culture is a perfect fit for the ARIIX model.

8: CFO

Jeff Yates has been involved in business financial structures for 24+ years. Before helping to found ARIIX, Jeff was the Chief Financial Officer at Usana. He is now the CFO of ARIIX. With both a Bachelors and Master of Accountancy from BYU, you can be sure the company is in great accounting hands.

9: President

Mark Wilson has shown that his business sense is amazing. He started his first business at the age of 20, and he has helped to generate millions of dollars for other network marketing companies. As a founder and the President of ARIIX, Mark can, and will help members develop great personal businesses.

10: COO

Riley Timmer is the Chief Operations Officer and a founder of ARIIX. His economics expertise has been proven over the years, and with Riley investing his talents in ARIIX expansion, the only stress comes in how to spend all the money distributors will make.

11: CIO

Founder and Chief Information Officer Wenhan Zhang is a perfect fit. His knowledge of all matters of information technology and software guarantees that the ARIIX system will work masterfully on the world wide web.


12: ACTIV8

The compensation plan utilized by ARIIX is called ACTIV8. No other network marketing company uses this type of plan. When asking Dr Fred Cooper about the plan, the simplest description that can be made is taking the best from the Uni-level and the Binary compensation plans used by other companies. ACTIV8 allows distributors the ability to earn on unlimited width and depth.

13: Events, Trips and More

ARIIX has many trips and events they provide members. Just looking at the upcoming list, I see:

  • The ARIIX world reunion

  • A North America convention

  • A China/Bali trip

  • A Naples trip

  • WOW events

  • and much more.

14: ARIIX Training

When a person joins the ARIIX system, they have ample opportunities for training. ARIIX has weekly training sessions that include topics like:

  • Business building

  • Advanced marketing

  • Health and wealth

  • and many more.


ARIIX offers some great products. Here are some of the product lines, and more will surely come soon.

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15: Nutrifii

The Nutrifii line deals with vitamins and minerals. Products included here are:

  • Optimals

  • Moa

  • Rejuveniix

  • Restoriix

  • Omega-Q

  • Magnical-D

  • Biopro-Q

  • Vinali

16: Puritii

The Puritii products consist of both air and water filtration systems.

17: Slenderiiz

Just as it sounds, the Slenderiiz line is about staying fit and trim. Products in this line include:

  • Slenderiix

  • Xceler 8

  • PureNourish Beauty Boost

  • PureNourish Power Boost

  • PureNourish Natural

18: Reviive

These products are the body care line of products that include:

  • Shampoo and conditioner

  • Lip balm

  • Body wash

  • Toothpaste

  • and more

19: Priime

The Priime line are essential oils that everyone who has tried them loves.

20: Wellness Council

ARIIX believes in expert opinions knowing that this will guarantee products that are both safe and effective. ARIIX maintains a Wellness Council that provides expert advice on new products and the uses of them. Members of Wellness Council are:

21: ARIIX Corporate Information

ARIIX headquarters are located at 563 West 500 South, Suite 300, Bountiful, Utah 84010. For support numbers:

  • English: 855-462-7449

  • Spanish: 855-274-4977

  • Chinese: 855-274-4924

Final Thoughts

As I researched all I could find on ARIIX, I believe this would be a great opportunity to start a very successful network marketing business. The compensation plan that ARIIX offers is tremendous along with the great trips and events they have. If I were not already involved with a network marketing company, I would strongly consider ARIIX. While it is a relatively new MLM company, the people involved with the management helped build Usana to the level it is.

Yes, I strongly recommend this company. The products are great and the plan is wonderful. The leaders are experienced, and best of all, the ARIIX system understands that you, the distributor is the backbone of the company.

Have you been involved with ARIIX? We would like to hear your comments and opinions. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below, Thank you for visiting and I hope this review helped you.

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Chuck Holmes
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2 thoughts on “ARIIX Review: 21 Awesome Facts”

  1. I can appreciate that this company seems to take great pride in the people that work for them. I like that there are plenty of training opportunities and events offered to help educate and enhance people both personally and professionally. I think a company that invests in its “employees” so to speak gets a greater return.

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