Anton Garrity Xango 500K Premier

Anton Garrity is a very successful Xango distributor.

To the best of my knowledge, he is currently a 500k Premier with the company, and he is one of the top 10 distributors in Xango.

He and his wife live in Utah with their children.

He joined Xango so his wife could quit teaching.

Prior to joining Xango, he spent fourteen years working at a medical center in Utah.

After seven months in Xango, he retired his wife from work for good.

Anton is a very dynamic guy and leader.

If you have ever heard him speak, you understand what I am talking about.

He is very passionate about the Xango business opportunity and products.

He’s also very passionate about entrepreneurship and the network marketing industry.

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anton garrityAnton built a large and profitable Xango business by helping others succeed.

He grew his business by sharing the Xango business opportunity with his warm market.

He built his business using Old School MLM techniques, such as one-on-one meetings and in-home parties.

As he sponsored people into Xango, he helped them duplicate his success.

At this point, he has helped many people achieve financial success with the company.

Anton Garrity has a huge team of leaders in his Xango business (more than 10k people).

He is a true Xango success story.

According to online report he is the # 390 income earner in the entire network marketing industry, earning more than $50k per month.

That’s quite impressive once you realize there are more than 100 million people in the industry worldwide.

I have no way to validate his earnings though, since it is private information.

Final Thoughts

If you were going to join Xango today, I recommend you find a sponsor like Anton Garrity.

This guy has systems and training in place to help you succeed.

He’s also been there and done that so he is qualified to give you advice.

If you have ever worked with Anton Garrity personally, I would love to hear your story.

Tell us how you met him, when you worked with him in Xango, and how he helped you.

Just leave a comment to share you story.

Disclaimer: Xango is a registered trademark.  I am not affiliated with the company in any way.

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9 thoughts on “Anton Garrity Xango 500K Premier

  1. I have read things on Anton’s training and speeches and they are time tested methods. A friend of mine who moved out of state met him and said he is a very inspiring, down to earth, and intelligent man. His approaches are not like anyone else’s and he not only inspires but moves people to greater things.

  2. It is amazing how Anton Garrity and others took the Xango name and built it to unreal proportions. As a person who grows Mangoes and knows how good they are for us, I can see why Xango has done so well. The other key is having a man like Anton Garrity who trains and develops distributors.

    I believe many people in sales and in any form of business could learn a lot from Mr Garrity. He is quite wise on the way to win at network marketing.

  3. Anton Garrity is a great leader. I’ve been on his Xango team for about five years now. I’m not on his frontline. In fact, I’m many levels deep. But I always listen to his training and learn what I can from him. He is a tremendous leader, sponsor and trainer. He really deserves his success.


    • Thanks for the comment, Les. I’m glad you had the chance to work with Anton and learn from him.


  4. I’ve always wanted to know how many folks Anton Garrity sponsored into his Xango business to achieve the level of success that he has achieved. I’m sure it’s probably in the hundreds.

    • That’s a great question Danny. I have no idea how many people he sponsored. It would be neat to know.

  5. I like that Anton made it a point to help others succeed. Some call it karma, others call it positive energy, and others call it reaping what you sow. Whatever it is, it works. When you do good by others good comes back upon you. Though Anton was certainly focused on building his own wealth and success, he never forgot others which certainly only helped him achieve massive amounts of success.

    • I think Anton Garrity is a class act. He definitely gives back and does what he can to help other succeed. If I was going to join Xango, I would seek this guy out and ask him to be my sponsor.


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