Amway World Wide Dream Builders Review

World Wide Dream Builders, also known as WWDB, is an Amway Motivational Organization and line of sponsorship within the Amway business.

I spent two and a half years of my life in Amway from 2002 to 2004. At the time, it was known as Quixtar. I learned lots of helpful business lessons and life lessons from WWDB.

Even though I decided to leave Amway, I still cherish my experience. The lessons I learned during my time in Amway and WWDB continue to shape my life today, more than 15-years later.

The purpose of this article is to provide you a detailed overview of the World Wide Dream Builders training system and tell you about my overall experience.

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Review

What WWDB Offers

Here’s what WWDB offers. I took this right off their corporate website.

Dreambuilders Membership

Dreambuilders Membership offers affiliated IBOs access to exclusive Business Support Materials such as IBO personal websites for retail and prospecting, as well as a discount on all business-building print materials, brochures, books, DVDs, CDs, and software programs.


CommuniKate brings a “global community” communications package to all World Wide Dreambuilders IBOs. CommuniKate provides toll-free access to a virtual personal assistant that coordinates phone calls, voicemail, email, faxes, scheduling, conference calls, and video conferencing.

The System

Learn more about the World Wide Group support system created by the Diamonds to help Independent Business Owners realize their dreams as they build successful businesses. The 12-page illustrated booklet fits nicely into the Info System and introduces the team behind the business; from educational, motivational, and technical support to incentives and trips, World Wide Group is here to carry on the day-to-day operations freeing the IBO to realize and pursue their dreams.

Source: WWDB website

To keep things simple, and put it in my own words, Amway is the business and World Wide Dream Builders is the system people follow to grow their Amway business. 

WWDB Mission Statement

According to the official WWDB website, the mission statement is:

  • To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation, and the right environment through a Free Enterprise System.
  • To encourage a life of excellence, with “No Regrets” while partnering with associates around the world in building their own personal business and dreams.
  • To impact our generation and generations to come with the truth that God created man

In my opinion, that’s a pretty powerful mission statement.

Who Created World Wide Dream Builders?

The World Wide Dream Builders training system is used by distributors in Ron Puryear’s line of sponsorship. Ron Puryear joined the Amway business with his wife Georgia Lee in 1972. Within 4-years they went Diamond.

By the end of that decade they created Worldwide Dream Builders with the help of the legendary Bill Britt.

Ron Puryear created the WWDB system to train and motivate his team of Amway distributors. Since then, World Wide Dream Builders has grown significantly. According to recent numbers found on Amway Wikipedia, Ron Puryear has more than 500 downline diamonds in his organization, throughout the world.

Those numbers might have fluctuated in recent years, but I still find that number quite impressive. Obviously, Ron Puryear knows how to build a large team, and he’s qualified to teach others to do the same.

List of WWDB Diamonds

List of WWDB Diamonds

Here is a short list with some of the successful Amway Diamonds in the World Wide Dream Builders line of sponsorship. This is by no means a comprehensive list. The names are listed in no particular order.

# 1: Greg & Laurie Duncan 

Greg and Laurie are/were Triple Diamonds, one of the most successful WWDB Amway Distributors in the United States. Greg’s brother, Brad Duncan, was also a Triple Diamond at the time (now a Crown Ambassador). His parents, Dave and Darlene Duncan, were Founder’s Diamonds, too.

Greg Duncan lives in Washington and is married to Laurie Duncan. Greg joined the Amway business in 1981.

When Greg Duncan first joined the Amway business, he was a medical student and Laurie was a dental hygienist. His upline Emeralds are Terry and Fran Woodhead. His upline Diamonds are Dave and Jan Severn.

Greg and Laurie Duncan went Emerald in 1983, Diamond in 1985, Double Diamond in 1992 and Triple Diamond in 1998. They started their Amway business in Seattle, but eventually moved to Montana. They have two adult children.

I would describe Greg Duncan as an analytical guy. I remember several of his tapes that he published explaining the business opportunity, facts, and numbers. I really enjoyed those tapes, because they made the Amway business make sense to me.

# 2: Brad & Julie Duncan

Brad and Julie Duncan are legends in the Amway Business. They are currently Crowns with Amway (2012).

During my time in Amway, I listened to lots of tapes by Brad Duncan. He was a very charismatic guy with a good sense of humor.

He was a great communicator with tons of passion. He explained the Amway business and business building strategies in such an easy and simple manner. That’s what I liked most about Brad Duncan.

The couple started their Amway business more than 30-years ago, while Brad was in his early 20s. Brad was sponsored by his brother (Triple Diamond Greg Duncan).

When Brad joined Amway, he was single. He was working as a construction worker when he first joined Amway. He was broke and living with his brother. He didn’t meet Julie until he’d been in the business for about five years.

His parents (Dave and Darlene Duncan) are also Diamonds in the business and his other brother Dru, is involved in the Amway business.

In a little over a year after starting his business, he reached the Ruby level, replaced his construction job income and retired for good. Now, some 30-years later he has one of the largest Amway businesses in the United States.

# 3: Howie & Theresa Danzik

Howie and Theresa Danzik were my upline Diamonds during my time in Amway (my immediate Diamond was Mike and Barb Popovich). Howie and Theresa each hit the rank of Diamond as singles, and then got married. They have been in the business more than 25-years. They are currently Executive Diamonds.

I remember visiting their house in Colorado Springs when I was a fairly new distributor. I was inspired by their kindness and humbleness.

# 4: Robert & Shelly Kummer

They are Founders Diamonds in the Amway business. They joined the business in the late 1980s or early 1990s. They qualified Emerald in 1993, Founders Emerald in 1997, Diamond in 2003, and Founders Diamond in 2009. Their upline Diamonds are David and Darlene Duncan.

Prior to joining Amway, Bob Kummer was in the telecommunications industry. I believe he worked for MCI. He was also a track star who almost qualified for the 1984 Olympics. I’m not sure what Shelly did for a living prior to Amway.

# 5: Norm & Pam Kizirian

Norm & Pam Kizirian are Executive Diamonds in the Amway Business. During my time in the Amway business, I heard Norm speak at several different events. I would describe him as an intense and passionate guy. He was always fun to listen to. He always shared great leadership tips and wisdom to other distributors.

When the Kizirian’s first saw the Amway business plan, they were heavily in debt and were separated. Norm believed in the Amway business opportunity right away, but Pam was very skeptical at first. Even though Pam was skeptical about Amway, Norm built their Amway business anyway.

Norm Kizirian plugged in to the WWDB system and started showing the plan. As a Ruby, Norm Kizirian retired from managing two different nursing homes. A couple of years later, they achieved the status of Diamonds.

The Kizirian’s qualified Diamond in 1990 and Executive Diamond in 1999. From what I remember, they were downline from Double Diamonds Terry and Linda Felber.

2019 Amway WWDB Diamond Listing

2019 Amway WWDB Diamond Listing

As of today, July 22, 2019 here is the list of “active” Diamonds on the WWBD website.

  1. Glen & Joya Baker
  2. Ty & Venessa Crandell
  3. Howie & Theresa Danzik
  4. Brad & Julie Duncan
  5. Greg & Laurie Duncan
  6. Tracey & Kimberly Eaton
  7. Ryder & Nicole Erickson
  8. David & Jaimee Felber
  9. Bill & Sandy Hawkins
  10. Leif & Bonnie Johnson
  11. Nam-Deuk & Jungyn Lee Kim
  12. Robert & Shelly Kummer
  13. Theron & Darlene Nelson
  14. Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear
  15. Matt & Sandy Tsuruda
  16. Leslie Wolgamott & Jeff Rice
  17. Dan & Sandy Yuen

If you would like to learn more about each person, you can visit the WWBD website here.

11 of those 17 names I recognize from my time in Amway. The other names I do not recognize. Just like any other business model, not everyone who achieves success with Amway stays there forever. People die. People retire. People sell their business. People get divorced. And hundreds of other things.

There are two takeaways for me from this list of Amway Diamonds. First off, most of these folks have been in the business at least 30-years. To me, that is quite impressive. The whole purpose of building a network marketing business is to build a long-term residual income. These folks have done that.

Finally, two of these Diamonds are second generation Amway reps. Their parents were Diamonds and they either achieved Diamond on their own or took over their parents business after they retired.

Former Amway WWDB Diamonds

Former WWDB Amway Diamonds

What you will see below is a list of former Amway WWDB Diamonds. These folks are no longer listed on the WWDB website. That does not mean they are no longer in Amway. I have no way to confirm that. They might have sold their business, quit, or simply stopped promoting the tools and training.

# 1: Al and Kathy Gallo

They were Diamond level distributors in the Amway business. Prior to joining Amway, they owned a floral shop. Their upline diamonds were Jim and Judy Head. They joined the business in the 1980s. They went Emerald in 1986 and Diamond in 1987. From what I have been told, they are currently Platinum’s in the business (although I cannot verify that).

# 2: Mike & Barb Popovich

What should you know about Mike and Barb Popovich? Let me start by telling you that this wonderful couple were my upline Diamonds during my time in Amway. My personal sponsors were Keith and Rhonda Gramprie, who were Ruby Direct Distributors in their own right. Keith and Rhonda were personally sponsored by Mike and Barb Popovich.

Mike and Barb Popovich originally joined Amway in the 1990s. I’m not sure of the exact year. They achieved the Diamond level pin in the early 2000s, sometime around 2001. They both attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and served several years as Active Duty Air Force officers. By trade, they were engineers.

They learned about the Amway business opportunity from an alumnus of the Air Force Academy. Apparently, they were cold called and shown the business plan. They saw the potential in the business plan and got started right away.

Their upline diamonds were Executive Diamonds Howie and Theresa Danzik, who are also located in Colorado Springs.

Mike is a really great guy with a big heart. He invested lots of time (and some money) helping me build my downline. He always answered my questions honestly and he did what he could to help me grow my team. I am very grateful to have participated in Mike and Barb’s line of sponsorship.

# 3: Greg and Kathy Gilmour

They are former Diamonds in the Amway business. The Gilmour’s were downline from Double Diamonds Terry and Linda Felber and were affiliated with the World Wide Dream Builders line of sponsorship.

The couple qualified Diamond in 1994. They had one downline Emerald, John and Deanna Gilmour (Greg’s brother).

Greg was really funny. He could make me laugh until my stomach hurt. He was laid back, personable, and very nice. He made the Amway business sound so simple. I heard him speak at a Free Enterprise Day and Spring Leadership in 2002 and 2003. I enjoyed his tapes too.

Other Former Amway Diamonds

  1. Dean Kosage
  2. Karl & Ruby Meyer
  3. Joe & Norma Foglio
  4. Jim & Judy Head
  5. Connie & Gator Strong
  6. Mike & Michi Woods
  7. David & Debbie Shores

Disclaimer: Once again, these folks might still have a position in Amway. They might not. It’s not public record. They are simply no longer listed on the WWDB Diamond page.

WWDB Ownership

From what I’ve been told, WWDB is owned by the Diamonds within Ron’s downline. Each year, some of the top distributors within this line of sponsorship sit on the WWDB Board of Directors and make decisions about the direction of WWDB.

Apparently, all downline Diamonds share partial ownership in WWDB. This is what I heard on the tapes while I was a distributor. I’m not sure if the company policy has changed since then, but it’s definitely a great idea.

WWBD Eagle and Double Eagle Qualifications

WWDB Eagle and Double Eagle Qualifications

WWDB offered a neat incentive program for distributors called Eagle and Double Eagle. The purpose of this program was to get people plugged into the system, ordering the tape of the month, attending events, and ordering the products.

If I remember right an Eagle had six legs doing 100 PV per month and earning a bonus check. They also needed five legs on Standing Order Tape and three legs attending functions. You also had to have a personal volume of 300 PV.

To achieve Double Eagle you needed twice that. You needed 12 legs at 100 PV each and earning a check. You also needed 10 legs on Standing Order Tape and 6 legs attending functions. You also had to have a personal volume of 500 PV.

During my two and a half year stint with WWDB, I was an Eagle and 2500 PV pin. I worked really hard to get Double Eagle, but never quite accomplished that goal.

I’ve noticed that most Double Eagles are Silvers or are in qualification for Platinum. Double Eagle seems to be the foundation for Platinum and beyond.

I can definitely see the value in going Double Eagle. The best thing about it is that you get your organization wide (profitable). At that point, you can shift some of your efforts and start driving it deep (long-term security).

I’m not sure if these requirements have changed since I left Amway.

The WWBD River Rendezvous Trip

The WWDB River Rendezvous Trip

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear used to sponsor the River Rendezvous trip.

They owned a beautiful river-front home in Idaho. The house was built in 1995 and has more than 28,000 square feet. It had beautiful pools and was located on a nice lake.

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear offered Amway distributors within their line of sponsorship the chance to earn a trip there once each year (during the summer). To qualify, the distributors had to meet certain requirements.

If I remember right, the qualifications were that a distributor had to sponsor 10 new Amway distributors in the past 12-months. Of those ten distributors, three had to be at the 1000 PV level or higher and the remaining 7 had to be at 100 PV or higher.

I believe each distributor had to pay for their own airfare, but once they got to the WWDB River Rendezvous event, everything else was paid for. Although I never personally qualified for the WWDB River Rendezvous trip, I tried very hard to do so. It would have been great to go.

My Experience with World Wide Dream Builders

My experience with WWDB was overall VERY positive. Prior to joining Amway I had never heard of network marketing, Amway, or residual income.

I was excited about the opportunity from the moment I first saw the plan. About two weeks after joining Amway, my upline Platinum Keith Gramprie gave me a call to introduce himself. We set up a time to meet at his house for my initial training.

Right from the get go I got plugged into the system. Keith told me it was important, so I followed his lead. I signed up for Standing Order Tape, Communikate, went to the next local rally, and attended my first major function shortly thereafter.

I stayed CORE my entire time in Amway and WWDB. I went to every event. I learned so much about life, business, relationships, leadership, and communication. The skills I learned while I was building my business even helped me at my job.

I enjoyed the people, the events, and the training very much. People frequently ask me why I left. Ultimately, I left for two reasons. I was going through a painful divorce and I had concerns and issues with the business support materials. Even though I left Amway and WWDB, I have been involved with network marketing ever since.

UPDATE: A lot of Amway reps reach out to me and call me a quitter because I left the business. Before you do that, just know that I have been very successful in the industry. I make my full time living from the industry.  I love the industry. I just found something that was a better fit for me.

Amway is the Business WWDB is the System

What The WWDB System Does

World Wide Dream Builders provides business support materials such as CDs, books, and seminars to motivate and educate Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

These products are sold to downline IBOs for a profit. While I was involved with WWDB, a CD cost $7. I’m not sure what they charge now.

The CDs/tapes provided business training, success stories, and motivation to help distributors learn how to build a successful Amway business.

The system provides a “Standing Order Tape” where Independent Business Owners would receive six tapes or CDs per month. This included one tape a week for two weeks and two tapes a week for the other two weeks.

My total cost for these six tapes was $42. Looking back, I still think that was a great deal. I say that because I still buy generic business CDs such as Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, or Brian Tracy. These CDs cost approximately $10 to $15 each.

In addition to Standing Order Tape, you could also purchase books and other training materials. These items were sold for a profit too.

Furthermore, WWDB also hosted monthly training seminars locally in just about every state. These seminars normally cost $20-$40 per weekend.

In addition, they also hosted quarterly events such as Free Enterprise Day, Spring Break, Family Reunion and Dream Night. These were the larger, regional seminars with thousands of attendees.

In some cases, ten thousand or more Amway Independent Business Owners would attend these big events. I always enjoyed the large seminars. They were motivational and educational.

Finally, the World Wide Dream Builders system also provided a toll free voice broadcast, email, and fax line. The service allowed IBOs to send messages to their entire downline with the push of a button. It cost approximately $30 per month, depending on which service you used. I really enjoyed the service and understood the value of it. If I remember right, it was called Communikate.

How Much Does the System Cost

How Much the WWDB System Costs

Here’s the review of the system we just covered, and what it would cost you each month:

  • Standing order tape (6 tapes) $42
  • Communikate Broadcast $30
  • Local Seminar $30
  • Major Seminars (average $30 per month) $30
  • Books, Tapes, Extra Tools $50
  • Total Average Monthly Cost $182

This number is an estimate, based upon my own personal experience. Disclaimer: These numbers might be different today. This was during my time in the business from 2002 to 2004.

On average, I invested $200 per month in business support materials while I was involved with World Wide Dream Builders. Some months I spent more than that and some months I spent less. Keep in mind, this was IN ADDITION to the several hundred dollars per month I spent on product orders.

It’s also important to remember that most IBOs never purchase any tools. Heck, most IBOs never sponsor a single person, reorder, or sell one retail product.

When someone joins Amway, they have the option to receive their “educational tools” from their line of sponsorship. Normally, the upline Platinum sits down with the new IBO to set goals and explains to them what it takes to succeed in Amway.

During that counseling session, the Platinum IBO discusses the importance of purchasing business tools and using the World Wide Dream Builders training system.

Once again, please keep in mind that most new distributors don’t purchase or use the tools. In fact, only a small percentage of new distributors will buy the business support materials, or treat the business seriously.

During my two plus years in the business, I purchased lots of tools, because I understood the value of them. I wanted to build a large Amway business. And I was willing to do “whatever it takes” to succeed.

Pros and Cons of World Wide Dream Builders

Pros and Cons of the World Wide Dream Builders System

Here are the pros of the WWDB system, as I see it:

  • The system tools are priced competitively.
  • They do teach you a lot about personal development and business.
  • The information you learn will help you in many areas of your life, not just the business.
  • The system allows everyone to receive the same training, so their is no communication distortion.
  • The system gives you leverage and helps train your team members for you.

Here are the cons of the system, as I see it:

  • They system does more motivation than real training.
  • People are taught to hate their jobs.
  • People are only taught one way to build a business, with no real internet marketing training.
  • The profits from the systems are a SIGNIFICANT income stream for the leaders.
  • Distributors not plugged into the system aren’t treated very well.
  • Many people are pressured to use the system.
  • Many successful distributors were “secretive” about how much of their income came from the system rather than the Amway business.

I’ll just add in that I believe in EVERY network marketing company, the profits should be made EXCLUSIVELY from the legitimate sales of the company’s products and services, not selling business support materials to your team. You should train your team so well, free of charge, that they naturally retail more products, recruit more reps, and build larger commission checks, which in return grows your check. 

The WWDB Controversy

The major controversy over the “system” and “tools” in the Amway business is that the Diamonds make more money promoting their business tools than they do with their Amway business. This is a fact. However, most new distributors don’t know that, because it is typically not disclosed.

While I was in, I didn’t have a problem with my upline making money off the tools. After all, when I buy books, tapes, or a seminar ticket somewhere else, the bookstore or seminar company makes a profit.

Now that I’ve been in our industry for over 20-years, I can tell you this.

  • An upline should ONLY make money from helping his team members create more volume and profit, not selling them other stuff.
  • I personally believe business tools should be sold by the company, not the upline, and they should be priced at cost or slightly above cost.
  • It is not unethical to sell business tools to your team for a profit, but it is bad business.
  • Don’t follow ANY system blindly and don’t follow ANY person blindly; fact check and trust your instincts.
  • Study materials by generic network marketing trainers; there are tons of great YouTube videos, books, and generic training.
  • Don’t spend so much money on business tools that you have negative cash flow or lose money in your business.
  • Never get all your information from one source.
  • Never forget that the only two activities that make you money in Amway are retailing and recruiting.

Amway Legend Ron Puryear Tribute

I received a phone call from a prospect last night and he brought to my attention that Ron Puryear, the Amway legend himself, recently passed away. I don’t know the exact date of his passing, but I’m assuming it was early June 2016.

Here are a few things about him:

  1. He joined Amway in 1972.
  2. He qualified Diamond in 1976.
  3. At one time his team had nearly 500,000 distributors in it (I don’t know current stats).
  4. At one time they had over 500 Diamonds in the group (I don’t know current stats).
  5. He is the founder of World Wide Dream Builders.
  6. He was an accountant when he first learned about the business.
  7. His wife’s name is Georgia Lee Puryear.
  8. He had two sons, Jim and Brian (Brian was a Platinum in the business before he passed away, Jim took over his dad’s business).
  9. He owned the River Rendezvous House.
  10. He personally mentored many of the diamonds in his organization.
  11. He was a devoted Christian.
  12. He really reminded me of  a coach.
  13. He was always calm, cool, collected, and confident when he talked.
  14. He would motivate you, teach you, and inspire you with his talks.
  15. He really was a legend in the business.
  16. He spent about 44-years in Amway and was a full-time distributor for more than 40-years.
  17. Ron was respected by many different organizations within the world of Amway.
  18. He taught me a lot about leadership, setting goals, the power of association, and personal development.
  19. I value those lessons immensely and continue to apply them in my life today.
  20. I consider Ron a man’s man.
  21. He was confident and extremely passionate about the business.
  22. He was a doer.
  23. He was a leader of leaders.
  24. Another thing I admired about him was his calm manner, even when sharing deeply important messages.
  25. When you listened to him, you really respected his wisdom and confidence and knowledge.

Although he is no longer with us, his legacy continues. I’m sure that many of the people he mentored in Amway will continue to do great things for the world. R.I.P. Mr. Puryear.

WWDB is an Amway Motivational Organization

Final Thoughts

If you are currently involved with the World Wide Dream Builders, I applaud you. Worldwide Dream builders is a great Amway Motivational Organization. My only advice to you is don’t think WWDB is the solution to your success in Amway. It’s not. It’s only part of your success.

The only way to achieve true success in Amway or any other MLM Company is to educate yourself and then go out and sponsor new reps, sell the products, and teach your team to do the same thing. DUPLICATION is what you want.

You can listen to all the tapes in the world and attend every seminar, but eventually you need to apply what you learn. If you don’t you apply what you’ve learned, you are only kidding yourself.

On a side note, if you are currently (or formerly) involved with World Wide Dream Builders, why not share your story? I would love to hear what you liked or disliked about your experience. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading my post.

If you really want to succeed in Amway, I suggest you take the time to learn sales and marketing. Study people like Mark Yarnell, Dan Kennedy, and Mike Dillard. These are the people I learned from. You can also check out my Amway Success Tips here.

Disclaimer: Both Amway and World Wide Dream Builders are registered trademarks. I am not affiliated with either organization. Individual results will vary. This is just my story and opinion.

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36 thoughts on “Amway World Wide Dream Builders Review”

  1. I have learned so much after reading this article. Its tough being independent in an industry but all your motivational words are truly inspiring. I like the point where you said “Don’t follow ANY system blindly and don’t follow ANY person blindly; fact check and trust your instincts” it just means you are telling us to have a little bit of independency for making our own choices. Your overall experience was fun to read, you did so great there, even though you have left but you still have a lot of positive thing to say about “World Wide Dream Builders” is really amazing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. My experience with WWDB helped me a ton if my life, business career, and network marketing career. I am grateful for the valuable lessons and skills I learned.

  2. Charles,

    A phenomenal and very accurate assessment of World Wide Group. I concur with everything you said about the organization, its impact on my life personally, and Ron Puryear. I wish I had come across this article years ago. At the very least, it has inspired me and reminded me of many of the reasons I want to be financially and personally independent. God bless you for your candid testimony. Please respond if you are able. Thanks again!

    1. Hey John,

      Yes, my Amway and WWDB experience was just what I needed in my early 20s. It introduced me to network marketing, which is my full-time career, and most importantly it got me on the personal development wagon. Even if I never earned another penny from the industry, I would do network marketing the rest of my life. It’s a dream business.

      I’ve also found that many top earners in many companies in our industry got their start in Amway. The leadership and personal development the systems teach is second to none. They do a great job at developing leaders and future leaders.


  3. Hi there! I came across this by total accident! Oh my gosh! What a total blast from the past!! I first signed up in Amway in 1990 and then again in 1992, by accident, under the same line of sponsorship.

    We were in WWDB under Fred and Madelon Holpp (Diamonds) from Rapid City SD and our Emeralds were Warren and Carla Roberts from Colorado. My husband (then) and I built the business twice to Direct. The first line fell apart after our Direct upline felt the buying of pins was unethical and quit without any notice during our rise to Direct. It was awful and heartbreaking. We pretty much lost our entire business of builders. We became super committed at that time to build the business correctly and built a wider and deeper base.

    Amway was our LIFE! We went to all the functions, did standing order tapes and books, showed the plan 4-5 times a week…worked it! Eventually, we earned our pins again and qualified Platinum Direct. I can’t quite remember the year ILD split off from WWDB, but I remember being at one of the functions when it went down. It was awful! I remember Gator and Connie Strong being so upset. That split was really hard on our LOS.

    Unfortunately, we suffered an even greater tragedy in our business on January 23, 2000. Our business was in Springfield, MO and we hosted a Dream Night in Omaha, NE (since we were the highest pin in ILD in the area). I’m racking my brain right now trying to remember the Diamonds that we hosted. I remember David and April Humphrey’s and there was one other couple. I just remember how exciting the night was and how it impacted our group that was there.

    Long story short, on the way home the following morning, there was a freak snow storm. A semi was going about 80 miles an hour and then slowing down. I passed him and a few minutes later I couldn’t see any cars behind me. The visibility was awful. On that day we lost two carloads of friends and business builders. 5 precious souls. Another carload was injured and two more stuck in the aftermath of a closed interstate. It was horrific. My whole world fell apart and it is still hard to this day to cope with.

    I don’t know how we did it, but we went to Go Diamond weekend. I don’t remember much about it. We received lots of calls and cards in the beginning from fellow distributors. But, that’s about it. Those deep ties really came to an end when the PV/BV took a hit.

    I understand that it is a business. I just always thought it was a human business. That’s how I built it. I understood after that why our first upline left. It was a conditional business relationship. I will always defend Amway as a business model ( a job is a true triangle scheme, right?!)

    No one in our downline had the heart to continue. It was a painful reminder of who we had lost. I continued with my retail business and tried to continue on my own. My husband pretty much quit. He quit Amway/Quixtar AND the marriage. I know the break from WWDB and the change to Quixtar was hard as well.

    Along with the abrupt change from stocking product to direct ordering. I actually loved having stock on the shelves and ordering tapes and books and going to functions and meeting all the cool people! Those will always be great memories! What I didn’t like was the pressure to move up and keep a pin. It was definitely there. Also, disconnecting from friends that left the business. That happened. That’s really cult like to me. We were also encouraged to read ONLY books from the book list and the Bible.

    We were encouraged to not watch the news, much less have a TV. I was newly pregnant when the car accident happened and I ended up on 9 weeks of bed rest. The local library had a service that delivered books. I must have read 50 fiction books! It was frowned upon, but who cares? That was a light bulb moment for me.

    I managed to make it to a Dream Night in Denver on my own in 2003 or 2004? Divorce was 1000% frowned upon. I thought everyone would just be happy that I was there, committed to building my business through adversity, but NO. It was a very, very sad thing for me. I continued servicing my customers until around 2012. I still buy some products.

    I will still defend Amway as a business model. I always said Amway is a business made out of people, and people aren’t perfect. The PMA is ingrained in me and I’m grateful for that. But, there were some dicey things that went on. I guess, just have good boundaries and set your own standards.

    Our line taught if you do A+B+C you will get success, but ONLY if you do it that way. That my friends, is my definition of a cult. Just saying. I recognize that not every line or organization teaches that. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your Amway story. I’m so sorry about your loss (with the death of your team members in the accident). That is horrible. Also, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with your divorce and the way you were treated.

      Hopefully, you can take the good that you got from the business and live a long and prosperous and happy life. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

  4. Thank you for this! Even though this was posted a while ago, it makes me feel good to see someone that is no longer with this company say something positive, yet not flinching from the negative. I have only been in about a month. (not including the earning a partnership period.) I can see how there can be people that get really controlling or behaving cult like in this company though. It makes me feel good about my mentors. They do talk about positive associations, but it is obvious that they keep their associations outside of Amway and WWDB. They aren’t trying to cut me off from anyone, only telling me not to let negative talk get me down. I have no intention of cutting anyone off based on someone’s business advice anyway. They talk about being able to stay positive and simply love on those around you, to be a positive light in their community. They talk about keeping your 9-5 until you not only get debt free, but have savings in place…and not to hate it, but to strive to do your best at whatever you do, including your job. I feel like, no matter where I go with this, I’m learning what I need to succeed. Between budgeting, goal setting and learning how to talk to other people, I am changing in positive ways. I have no problem spending the money on the books, because many of these books, I was looking at purchasing anyway. I actually already had my own copy of two of them, bought used for about $12 and $20 each…but my upline has them for around 7. I’m excited to learn and take away all I can from this experience! 🙂

    1. That’s a great mindset to have about starting your new business. Keep an open mind, learn what you can, take the good, leave the bad, and move forward. I wish you huge success in Amway and in life. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I just left Amway, wwdb yesterday lol glad I did. Caused issues at home, spent $2000 on everything from hotel, fed, family reunion, and the $300 extra for pv. I want that money back and now I have to start over financially 🙁 ohh well at least I’m 21 and still young. Seems like the only way to be successful as this is if you have a massive organization. Till then your wasting your money.

    1. Sorry you feel that way. No matter what type of business you start, it will normally take a year or two to make a profit and require a capital investment. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Hopefully, you can take something positive from the experience and learn from it.

  6. Hello, Chuck. Quick question. My girlfriend has recently gotten involved with WWDB and has been with he organization for about 4 months now. She has a main upline (Linda) and works along side multiple other people. She has grown tremendously into a better person and is very focused on self-growth and learning what she needs to for this business. One thing that is of concern is that her upline said she had to get rid of all the distractions in her life (I.e break up with me, not communicate with her family and basically all associations from her “past”). Do you know why that might be? I am currently in my last year of college and haven’t pursed anything with Amyway or WWDB and if I was to in the near future, I am still supporting her. Anything you may think of will truly help me understand why this is. Thank you very much, Chuck. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. This is something I was taught while I was in: to avoid and breakoff relationships with anyone that didn’t support me in the business. It made sense to me at the time, but looking back on it, it was foolish of me. As I see it, we should continue relationships with our friends and family, regardless of their support for us in the business. No matter what type of business you own, not everyone is going to be supportive or on board with you. To me a friendship or family relationship is more valuable than any business transaction. Be careful.

      1. Very true. I would love to continue talking with you about the organization and the business so I can understand it. Let me know if you would like to continue talking. My email is attached to this comment. Thanks Chuck. Have a great night.

          1. Chuck,
            Same question as the lady above me. My girlfriend was prospected by a woman about 5 months ago and they meet in Starbucks about 5 times a week for hours. She is so focused but has disregarded everything in her life because this woman has influenced her saying it’s all negative and she believes it. She broke it off with me, ignores my every call. Ignored her family. I have done nothing wrong but support her. I was skeptical at first like Maya but grew to accept it knowing I wanted her in my life. How long will this last? How long did it take you to realize you needed your associations or you missed family and significant other? I assume Maya feels like this too, I feel I did something wrong and don’t want to give up. Any advice would help. Thanks brother!

          2. If you really love the woman, don’t give up on her. If not, I would cut your ties and move on with your life. The longer people are associated in the system, the harder it is to get out, or listen to other people not involved in the business.

            I didn’t realize I needed the other association until after I got out of the business. I left the business because of my divorce and my issue with the tools business.

            I can assure you that not all network marketing companies suck people in and tell them to avoid anyone who doesn’t support them. If you have any additional questions, please email them to me at Thanks.

          3. Is WWDB a pyramid scheme? A friend of mine is selling all of her possessions so she is able to afford her mentor’s supplies and make ends meet. She got a new job just so she is financially stable to be her own IBO and afford amway products. Does she have to hit rock bottom before she is successful? How does this org work? Has it changed from what you’ve seen since you were involved? Sincerely a concerned friend

          4. I prefer not to answer those questions in a public setting. Feel free to read the comments and review and form your own opinion. I have no idea how or if it has changed since I got out more than a decade ago. I’m glad you are a concerned friend.

  7. WWDB broke a diamond last year and 2 this year. In the Portland area it is exploding like crazy. But even though the saturation is insane, it still continues to be fairly easy to prospect and sponsor. I want to inform you of some of the changes that have taken place since technology has shifted. The “system” has changed quite a lot in the last 5 years especially since technology has shifted. Here are a few noticeable changes.

    1) because of the Canadian growth due to the leadership of Dean and Marcy Whalen, most groups have taken on a system of filtering prospects called “the process” it is an official interview process by which the IBO and the candidate meet in a series of interviews (usually 6 to 8 meetings but can go on much longer) which includes 2-3 meetings about mentorship and business designed to educate and prepare a prosepct, 2-3 board plans, a 2-5 year plan meeting, a budget session, and standard partnership. This process is to qualify people who have what it takes to make it work. THIS SUCKER WORKS!! Not only that, 99% of the unethical leadership issues are eliminated. I have seen many people told that they don’t have the budget to build the business and they in good ethics we won’t sponsor them until their finances are in better order or they get a better job so that they aren’t robbing from their families. Literally, one of my downline has been in “process” for 10 months as I electronically sent them audios (at no cost to them), and recommended books to build their leadership and about a month ago they finally landed a job that was double their current salary. they are launching officially in about a week.

    2) almost nobody buys CD’s and tapes anymore, everything is done digitally through the WWDB app on a smart phone device. It replaces the constant cost of audios. If you are a premier member you can buy the books for a bit cheaper, get free shipping and have unlimited access to all audios that are still around on the database (that’s literally hundreds and hundreds) The total cost of the tools including functions for me averages out to about 120 bucks a month. Not only that but I have access to hundreds of audios that I can directly text or email to candidates “in process” so that I am not buying and “losing” hundreds of CD’s.
    I hope this is good info for you!!

  8. While I believe this system was a beneficial, and well run Amway system, I also believe there are some that are not managed correctly. It is my opinion that Amway does need to find a way to have some control over these systems.

    It makes me happy to see that many have fared well from the World Wide Dream Builders, but when you see reviews of some of the other systems, there is a lot of controversy. Some of them do not provide what the WWDB does, and they charge more for the tools.

    I would like to hear positives and negatives of other systems. Thank you for providing this review.

  9. Hi Chuck:

    My name is Ellsworth Johnson and I currently live in Houston, Texas. More relevantly, though, my Amway/WWDB career took place in San Diego between 1992 and 1997.

    In total, I agree 100% with what you said: the system itself is not to blame if one does not build a large business.

    During my 5 years in the business I spent thousands of dollars on tools. I think in that time I sponsored… maybe 3-4 people? And yet, I never, for one SECOND, doubted the system’s potential. I got to meet the Diamonds… yes the Puryears, but also the Duncans, Dave Severn (I TOTALLY cracked up when you called him “General Patton”!!!) and many many others. I attended the rallies, seminars, and major functions.

    It was my sponsor, in fact, who became a lifetime friend and brought me into an even longer-lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Even though it has been almost 20 years since I have been involved with the business, that is a meaningful change in my life which will last forever.

    But oh! Yes, I remember standing-order tape, the books and other “tools”. Back then, we had weekly “Product Pick-up” at our upline Direct’s house. [My sponsor WAS that Direct, so that made it simple.] In 1995, Jack Daughery (one of Ron’s Double Diamonds) broke off and formed his own organization, ILD (International Leadership Development). Most of us left to follow Jack, but a few Diamonds (most notably in our line of sponsorship Dave Timko of Reno, Nevada) stayed with WWDB. I am told ILD is not around in its past form, which is a shame, because it was one of the few venues available to me to REALLY speak about success, let you see it up close and talk to it, and pick its brains for advice and motivation.

    And for that I was GLAD to spend all the money on tools and functions.

    Not to mention all the people you meet, friends you make, good times you have, in a decidedly positive success-oriented environment. My friends and I used to *kill* each other with our Dave Severn impressions! *=)) rolling on the floor

    I just wanted to say that I am glad you had a similarly positive and clear-eyed view of Amway and WWDB. With so many uninformed “haters” out there, it was truly refreshing to find some first-person honesty. Thanks!

    — Ellsworth Johnson

  10. Motivational organizations are pretty crucial in any business that is particularly driven by numbers. Multi-level marketing is certainly one of those businesses, so I applaud Amway for establishing the WWDB, a well thought out and effective organization that has propelled seemingly thousands of people to success. When great work is rewarded and attaining certain numbers consistently brings recognition, people can’t help but feel appreciated and motivated to work harder.

  11. What a wealth of knowledge and experience on this list. It’s interesting how people from several different backgrounds found a way to make WWDM work for them, their team and the overall success of their MLM. It seems the training focuses not just on the business but also on the personal and professional development of the person.

      1. Hi chuck! This article was super helpful and informative. Thank you !
        I had heard about world wide group, but I didn’t know much about them. Now I’m asking myself why didn’t I see this before?!
        I agree with what you said, and I really didn’t know that you used to be a part of it, I’m sure that was an enriching experience that I can only hope to achieve. It was so inspiring when you said that you went core and went to every event and did everything, that shows how passionate you about what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t get an “double eagle” or not, you ended up winning more, and that’s knowledge.

  12. Thank you for sharing all of these inspiring stories of real people who have made it big in Amway. There are similar stories in most MLM companies, and that is what motivates many of us to keep trying harder.

    I like what you said about not minding if your up-line made money off the motivational tools. Successful people, like yourself, who invest in themselves and their own self-development spend that money anyway. Why not keep that money “in the family”, so to speak. If you get big, those under you will will do the same for you.

  13. What an incredibly inspiring account of success. I really connect with the mission statement you listed, particularly the point about living a life of excellence with no regrets. I think that is a powerful mission and would truly make for more fulfilled and more happy individuals if they were able to live that lifestyle. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am inspired by their commitment to excellence and success for themselves nd others.

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