Amway Spring Leadership Function 2002: My First Amway Event

In today’s post, I want to talk about the Amway Spring Leadership Function.

I spent about 2.5 years of my life in Amway, known as Quixtar at the time. It was a great experience. I loved the events and community. I loved the personal growth. Overall, the experience made me a better person and sold me on network marketing. Although I quit Amway in early 2004, the principles I learned from my time there have helped me achieved great success in life and in the network marketing industry.

Amway Spring Leadership Function

Amway Spring Leadership Function

My first Amway event was the Amway Spring Leadership Function in 2002 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The event was located about five minutes from my apartment, so I didn’t have to travel very far. Thank goodness. The experience was electrifying. It was the first “motivational” seminar I ever attended, inside or outside of Amway. I was 24-years old at the time and was serving as a First Lieutenant in the Army at Fort Carson.

The Diamonds were fantastic. My upline Diamond, Mike Popovich, spoke at the event. He and his wife, Barb, were brand new Diamonds. The other Diamonds spoke about “success” and “leadership.” They also stressed the importance of the World Wide Dream Builders System. There was also some product training.

From that day forward I was sold on Quixtar as a legitimate business. I was pumped up and “all in.” Up until that time, I had only been in the business about a month. I had already sponsored a couple of people and even had one of my downline distributors at the function with me. It was a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event.

Every speaker talked about how the system was responsible for their success. What I enjoyed most about the event was the recognition. People got their name announced on the intercom and got to walk across stage. I found that fascinating.

In all, there were probably 8k to 10k people in attendance at the WWDB Amway Spring Leadership Event, maybe a few more. The successful distributors got to sit on the ground floor, right next to the stage. They were treated like royalty. Everyone else sat in the regular stadium seating. I sat in the nose bleed seats. I had to watch most of the event through the large television screen, but I was okay with it.

The only thing I found a little bit weird about the 2002 WWDB Amway Spring Leadership Function were the religious services. I was not religious at the time and found it weird that they offered a church service during a business function.

All things aside, I was willing to overlook that because I enjoyed everything else. The event was motivating, educational and inspiring.

The Importance of Events

Having spent nearly 18-years in the industry now and experiencing my shares of successes and failures, I will tell you that events are very important to the long-term success in your business. Here are some things for you to consider:

  1. Events build belief. They are where people make the decision to build a big business.
  2. Events give people social proof that the business works.
  3. Events allow you to make new friends and connect with other successful reps in the company.
  4. Events allow you to travel to new cities, states or countries you might not have visited before.
  5. Yes, events cost money and can be expensive. You should BUDGET for them throughout the year. You should also build up a solid RETAIL business so you can afford to attend. On the flip side of the coin, I do NOT recommend maxing out your credit card to go to an event.
  6. The more people you have attending company or team events the more your business will grow.
  7. Events in and of themselves will not make you successful in your business if you don’t apply what you learn. I know many people who never miss an event, but still never put in the work to grow their business.
  8. Every successful MLM Rep I know, in many different companies, attends events and sees the values in it.

What’s funny is people won’t think twice about dropping a grand or two to travel to a sporting event or concert, but they balk at the idea of attending an event that will teach them new skills and make them a better person.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure if World Wide Dream Builders still holds the annual “Spring Break Leadership” function, but I’d love to hear about your experiences at one of these events.

If you’ve ever been to one of Amway Spring Break Leadership functions with World Wide Dream Builders, Britt World Wide, or any other Amway line of sponsorship, please share your story by leaving a comment to this post.

Tell us when you went, where it was at, and what you learned from the experience. I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day.

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28 thoughts on “Amway Spring Leadership Function 2002: My First Amway Event”

  1. I love group gatherings like this. I went to one with my sister a few years ago but they started out very strong and ended up trailing too far on to more political topics and it was a bit of a turn off for me. If you want to inspire people, you do it with love, not with religion or politics.

  2. My major beef with Spring Leadership is that they don’t do enough training. Most of it is motivational. The motivation is great, but it would be really helpful if they provided “some meat and potatoes” along with all the motivations. Teaching things about prospecting, lead generation, following up, showing the plan and other similar topics would be very helpful.

    1. Great point, Michael. That was one of the issues I had at the functions. It was all about “getting rich” or “motivational” type stuff, but they never taught you how to do it!

  3. I attended two different Spring Leadership events during my time in World Wide Dream Builders. Overall, I enjoyed the event, but I wasn’t too keen on the religious services. I definitely don’t like the idea that they push their religious views on others.


    1. A lot of people complain about the religious services. There’s nothing wrong with religion, but they pretty much force their conservative Christian views on anyone in the crowd. I never really liked that myself. After all, we all have the right to have our own religious views.

      1. I think all of the Amway functions are a rip off. Even though they are priced fairly, they do nothing but indoctrinate you to the system. They brainwash you and get you to buy more things from the system. I say to avoid going to the functions at all costs!

      2. I went to several different Leadership Functions during my time in Amway. I’ve been out of the business for about seven years and really do miss the events. They were so exciting and motivating. I loved the pep talks and feeling like I belonged to something bigger than myself.

      3. As a conservative Christian, I will have to agree with you. I do not believe that any religion should be forced upon people at a business event of this kind. That includes all religions, not just Christian.

        Overall though, it sounds that other than that, these leadership functions are a great experience. It is a good way to get new distributors “plugged in.”

        Amway has always been considered a great MLM. I will never have anything negative to say about it. Yes, some things are a bit expensive, but you also get what you pay for. Amway has quality products and quality people.

    2. I went to three different Spring Leadership functions during my time with Britt World Wide. These were hands down my favorite functions.

    3. I was at this same Spring Leadership in Colorado Springs, Chuck! It’s such a small world. I was part of Greg and Kathy Gilmour’s team!

    1. I’ve been to several Amway functions and really enjoyed them. My sister was in the business for a few years and I tagged along with her. I never got into the religious stuff they talked about, but everything else was really good.

    2. I went to a Spring Leadership in the mid 2000s and enjoyed it! It cost me $100 for the event, plus travel and lodging. I thought it was motivational, fun and educational. I didn’t stay in the business very long, but I always enjoyed the events.

  4. I like that companies such as this one really make it a point to uplift and encourage those that work for and with them. It is important to let employees know that they are valued and that you want them to be their best. Such events work to do just that. More companies would benefit from boosting morale and imparting knowledgeable lessons into their employees. A little can go a long way. A boost in motivation means a harder worker and that benefits everyone.

    1. I think the motivational rallies and seminars in Amway are awesome. Sometimes I really miss going to them. Whenever I went to one my motivation and self-esteem went way up. The Spring Leadership Conferences in the World Wide Dream Builders were good, but my favorite ones were the Free Enterprise Day Conferences.


  5. I went to four different Spring Leadership functions during my time in Amway. I really enjoyed assembling with all the other IBOs. It was always a fun and electrifying experience.


      1. We were there too, Chuck. My wife and I were part of Howie Danzik’s team for many years! We attended all the major functions every year, including the 2002 Spring Leadership!

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