Amway Legend Ron Puryear: Death and Tribute

I received a phone call from a prospect last night and he brought to my attention that Ron Puryear, the Amway legend himself, recently passed away.

I don’t know the exact date of his passing, but I’m assuming it was early June 2016.

I never personally met Ron face-to-face, but I was part of his team during my time with the World Wide Dream Builders organization (as a distributor).

I spent about 2.5 years in Amway.

I heard him speak at several different functions and events and always enjoyed hearing him talk.

I owned many of his tapes and CDs, and the one thing I really remember about him was his passion and conviction.

He really reminded me of  a coach.

He was always calm, cool, collected and confident when he talked.

He would motivate you, teach you, and inspire you with his talks.

He really was a legend in the business.

He spent about 44 years in Amway and was a full-time distributor for more than 40 of those years.

ron puryear
Source: Amway Wikipedia

Here are a few things about him:

  1. He joined Amway in 1972
  2. He qualified Diamond in 1976
  3. At one time his team had nearly 500,000 distributors in it (don’t know current stats)
  4. At one time they had over 500 Diamonds in the group (don’t know current stats)
  5. He is the founder of World Wide Dream Builders
  6. He was an accountant when he first learned about the business
  7. His wife’s name is Georgia Lee Puryear
  8. He had two sons, Jim and Brian (Brian was a Platinum in the business before he passed away, Jim took over his dad’s business)
  9. He owned the River Rendezvous House, which is currently listed for sale
  10. He personally mentored many of the diamonds in his organization
  11. He was a devoted Christian

Ron was respected by many different organizations within the world of Amway.

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He taught me a lot about leadership, setting goals, the power of association and personal development.

I value those lessons immensely and continue to apply them in my life today.

I consider Ron a man’s man.

He was confident and extremely passionate about the business.

He was a doer.

He was a leader of leaders.

Another thing I admired about him was his calm manner, even when sharing deeply important messages.

When you listened to him, you really respected his wisdom and confidence and knowledge.

Although he is no longer with us, his legacy continues.

I’m sure that many of the people he mentored in Amway will continue to do great things for the world.

R.I.P. Mr. Puryear.


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