Amway eFinity Training System: Founders Crown Tim Foley

eFinity is a training and support system within the Amway business. It is utilized by distributors in Tim Foley’s line of sponsorship. It was started by Founders Crown Tim Foley sometime around 2006.

Tim Foley is a former NFL player (cornerback) with the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins team. He is a legend in the Amway business.  His team has tens of thousands of distributors and does business in many different countries.

The system provides business support materials and tools to train and motivate Amway Distributors within their line of sponsorship. This includes books, audio programs, websites and seminars. It does business in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, and several other countries.

amway efinitySome of the successful Diamonds in this line of sponsorship include Founders Crown Tim Foley, Double Diamond Bill Childers, Executive Diamond Bubba Pratt, Founders Diamonds Steve and Annette Woods, and many other successful Diamond level distributors. As you can see from the list I just provided, some of Tim Foley’s upline even plugged into the system. That’s quite impressive.

eFinity has a nice website. There was a little bit of information on Amway Wiki about it. I couldn’t find much else though. From what I did find, the eFinity training system was one of the first accredited Amway business support systems. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. In fact, I find that very impressive. I wish more Amway Training Systems would get accredited.

While the eFinity Motivational Organization does provide real value to its distributors, there is also a lot of controversy surrounding it. The major controversy I found online is the amount of money the successful distributors make from the system, in comparison to their Amway income (this pertains to all AMOs, not just eFinity).

From what I read online, the Diamond level distributors earn significantly more from the system than they earn from Amway. In some cases, their “system” income might be 3, 5, 10 or even 20 times more than their Amway income.  I cannot personally verify that, but that seems to be the major discussion online.

Final Thoughts

I’m trying to find out if you have experience with the eFinity training system. If so, can you share your experiences and tell me what you think about the training system? For instance, have you attended an eFinity function, such as a Dream Night, FED, or Spring Leadership? Were the tools helpful and reasonably priced? What did you learn from the system? How long have you been part of the system?  Any information you can share would be appreciated. Thanks.

Disclaimer: eFinity and Amway are registered trademarks.  I am in no way affiliated with Amway or eFinity.

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3 thoughts on “Amway eFinity Training System: Founders Crown Tim Foley”

  1. I was in amway awhile back in Tim Foleys group and you are right… He IS the man! While not in anymore, i learned so much that i use to this day. I quote tim all the time! Great speaker and motivator! I know his story in the Amway biz! Again, he’s the MAN!

  2. Tim Foley is the man. Talk about an awesome distributor. Between being a former NFL player with the undefeated Dolphins NFL team to building up a mega huge business in Amway, this guy has just about done it all.

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