Amway eFinity Training System: Founders Crown Tim Foley

In today’s post, I want to provide a quick overview of eFinity, a popular Amway Motivational Organization, and share some information about its amazing founder, Amway Crown Tim Foley. As a quick disclaimer, I am NOT an Amway distributor (although I was about 15-years ago) and I have never met Tim Foley in real life (although it would be an honor to).

Who is Tim Foley?

Tim Foley is a former NFL player (cornerback) who played on the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins team. He was a two-time Super Bowl champion. He spent 11-years in the NFL and had a great career. He was even selected to the Pro Bowl in 1979. Prior to joining the NFL, he played college football at Purdue.

After retiring from football, he joined the Amway business in 1981. He is a legend in the Amway business, a highly respected leader, one of the old kingpins. His team has hundreds of thousands of distributors and spans the globe.

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What is eFinity?

eFinity is a training and support system within the Amway business. It is utilized by distributors in Tim Foley’s line of sponsorship. It was started by Founders Crown Tim Foley sometime around 2006.

The system provides business support materials and tools to train and motivate Amway Distributors within their line of sponsorship. This includes books, audio programs, websites and seminars. It does business in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, and several other countries.

Some of the successful Diamonds in this line of sponsorship include Founders Crown Tim Foley, Double Diamond Bill Childers, Executive Diamond Bubba Pratt, Founders Diamonds Steve and Annette Woods, and many other successful Diamond level distributors.

eFinity has a nice website. There was a little bit of information on Amway Wiki about it. I couldn’t find much else though. From what I did find, the eFinity training system was one of the first accredited Amway business support systems. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. In fact, I find that very impressive. I wish more Amway Training Systems would get accredited.


Tim Foley Training: Provide Fertile Ground

A few months ago (around February 2020), I went to a yard sale here in Florida and found a bunch of old Amway tapes. I like what I saw and bought the entire lot.

One of those tapes (a two-tape set) titled Provide Fertile Ground was in that collection. I have listened to this tape several times now and really enjoyed it. I even took notes from the tape. What you will see below are my notes from the tape. These are paraphrased and are not actual Tim Foley quotes. Instead, I wrote down the lessons he talked about in my own words. I hope you find the information helpful.

  1. Prospects get colder the minute they leave you. Therefore, you should leave them with information and follow-up promptly.
  2. The longer you leave a new rep on their own, the higher the likelihood they will quit. Therefore, you need to get them around other people in your team and get them to an event, ideally within their first 48 to 72-hours.
  3. Show the plan 15-times per month. Work your business five nights per week if you are serious.
  4. Appreciate your sponsor. If nothing else, be grateful they introduced you to the business.
  5. Where else in life or what other business model do you get a FREE mentor who never charges you a penny for their advice, and only makes money when they help you succeed? This industry is a blessing.
  6. Commitment is vital if you want to succeed in the business. You must be “all in” if you want to build it big.
  7. Security comes from depth. You want leaders backed by leaders backed by leaders.
  8. Life is difficult. Everyone faces challenges and issues. It’s how we handle our challenges and how quick we bounce back from them that matters most.
  9. Most people don’t see the possibilities or treat it like a real business. Act as if you invested millions of dollars to start your business. Make your business a top priority.
  10. Focus on the big picture. Know your why. Know where you are headed. Decide where you want to be three years, five years, and ten years down the road.
  11. You don’t have to know it all to get started. You don’t have to be perfect to build a business. Just get started and get a little bit better every single day.
  12. Do you use your products exclusively? Are you loyal to your own store? Be your own best customer.
  13. Be willing to invest in your business. Don’t nickel and dime your business to death. Invest in tools, training and resources that will shorten your learning curve.
  14. What are the chances that over a five year period of time, if you work on yourself and become a professional, you can become a quality leader and attract 5-10 serious people who want to make some money and build a big business?
  15. This business is not the lottery. Success doesn’t happen because you are lucky. It requires hard work, special skills and DAILY activity.
  16. Most of the work you need to do in this business is ON YOU. Work on being better, more relatable, more likeable, and have more skills.
  17. Curiosity is what gets people to join. Use curiosity-based prospecting. Ask questions and be a good listener. Find out your prospect’s hot button and focus on that.
  18. When people think you have something they don’t have, they’re interested. When they think you NEED them, they’re not interested?
  19. Ask questions. Do more listening than you do talking. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion.
  20. Edify your upline. Edify your downline. Edify the system. Edification is vital if you want to succeed in the business.
  21. How many other people do you have knocking you on your door offering to go to work for you for free? What are your other options for creating time and money freedom if you don’t do this business?
  22. Practice on people you don’t want to get in. Start with your worst prospects first while you learn the ropes and learn how to overcome objections.
  23. Most people don’t have the skills because they don’t practice enough. The best way to learn and master a new skill is by DOING it over and over and over.
  24. If you care if people get in, they won’t! They can see it in your face and hear it in your tone. If you don’t care if people get in, many people will get in. Always have posture!
  25. If you think this is hard, start a business that requires $100,000 or more just to get started, needs employees, a separate building and a large monthly overhead!
  26. Your number one goal when you sign someone up is to get them around the other people in your team. Get them to an event. Not everyone you sponsor will relate to you.
  27. Having a big ego is a problem that can hold you back. Humble yourself enough to follow the lead of someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to accomplish.
  28. Just keep getting a little bit better every single day. Over the course of a year or two you will get a lot better.
  29. I expected to work for 2-3 years without making any money because of the potential it would offer me long-term.
  30. You don’t have to be anyone else, but you should become the best version of yourself possible.
  31. The more you give, the more you get. The more good things you send out the more that comes back to you.
  32. If you’re going to be successful, the first thing you must do is decide WHY you got in. You need a why that makes you cry and keeps you grounded through the ups and downs of building your business.
  33. You’re not here because you want to build a business. You’re here because you want to make some changes in your life. You’re here because the business can give you the time and money to fulfill your true dreams.
  34. Sometimes it’s easier to recruit and train a young person because they have less baggage.
  35. It takes time to build a business. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have patience.

One again, these are paraphrased and are not exact Tim Foley quotes. They are in my own words, based upon what he discussed on the tape.

Final Thoughts

I’m trying to find out if you have experience with the Amway eFinity training system. If so, can you share your experiences and tell me what you think about the training system? For instance, have you attended an eFinity function, such as a Dream Night, FED, or Spring Leadership? Were the tools helpful and reasonably priced? What did you learn from the system? How long have you been part of the system? Any information you can share would be appreciated. Thanks.

Disclaimer: eFinity and Amway are registered trademarks. I am in no way affiliated with Amway or eFinity. All views in this article are simply my opinion.

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