Amway Eagle Qualification and Tips: My Experience

Today, I’d like to take a few minutes and talk to you about the Amway Eagle qualification, and my experience achieving it.

As I mentioned earlier on this website, I am a former Amway distributor and was once affiliated with the World Wide Dream Builders. This was an AMO, or Motivational Organization within Amway, sometimes referred to as a line of sponsorship.

Amway Eagle Qualification My Story

Amway Eagle Qualification & My Story

During my two and a half years in the company, I achieved the status of Eagle. At that time (2003) an Eagle was someone who had six legs earning a bonus check of 100 PV or more. Additionally, you needed five legs on standing order tape and three legs attending functions. I’m not sure about the current requirements. 

To reach the status of Eagle, I sponsored 13 people and had 67 people in my group. I consistently maintained 2500-3800 PV for about 12-months.

That was at the peak of my Amway business. Sadly, my business collapsed and people ended up leaving the business as quickly as I could recruit them.

I think the Amway Eagle qualification is a good idea, because it’s a good blueprint for success. Having six legs earning a check with five of those legs plugged into the system is a good thing. It means your team is positioned to grow. Of course, it’s not a guarantee for success, but it’s a good start.

Looking back, I’m proud of my achievements with Amway, but knowing what I know now, I would have done things a little bit differently. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes.

A Better Option Than Eagle 

Here’s a better option to being an Amway Eagle, as I see it.

First off, do not be obsessed about the tools and seminars. Your first objective is to get profitable. You can do that fairly easily by maintaining 5 personal retail customers. Use a few products yourself, but don’t go broke buying more products than you can afford. Buy what you need and will use, and then focus on retailing.

Once you have at least five retail customers who order from you every month, you want to start recruiting distributors. As you recruit new distributors, you should help them acquire a few customers quickly, so they are profitable, right out the gate. This will help with retention.

Once you have three or four distributors sponsored, start taprooting people. Help everyone find a few customers and recruit a few distributors. It’s much easier to help your team sponsor new distributors than for you to keep recruiting yourself. Drive each leg 10-20 people deep BEFORE you go out and start new legs.

Always work at the deepest point in each leg with the newest, most excited distributor. Build your business from the bottom up!

Once you’ve built three legs five to ten levels deep, you will have a strong foundation in place to build a successful business and hit Platinum and beyond. Then you can start building legs four, five, and six.

As you work in depth, take some time to learn each person’s goals. Build friendships. Work with your workers. With everyone else, focus on taprooting them and driving depth until you find other people who are serious.

Feel free to utilize the tools and system, but keep in mind, you also need to do the work. Just going to events and listening to training materials will not grow your business. Ultimately, retailing and recruiting are what will grow your business. Make it a goal to approach five new prospects per day if you want to recruit 2-4 new distributors per month.

And most importantly, your number one focus should be creating volume. That is what you get paid to do. If people want to attend events and follow the system, great, but don’t force it on anyone or blackball people if they don’t want to. Focus on MOVING PRODUCTS and CREATING VOLUME.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my thoughts on the Amway Eagle qualification. Going Eagle is a good start for building a long-term successful Amway business, but don’t be so obsessed about it that you lose track of the big picture. Ultimately, you get paid to create volume. As long as you are making sales and generating volume in your team, you are on the right track.

What are your thoughts? Were you ever an Amway Eagle? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

Disclaimer: Amway is a registered trademark. Here is a link to their corporate site. I am in no way affiliated with the company. This article is just my opinion.

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44 thoughts on “Amway Eagle Qualification and Tips: My Experience”

  1. Chuck, wow great info from everyone, thank you all. I too have been in Amway, AND Nerium. All great supplemental income for most. However, I am in a great quandary. My daughter of 20 years has now become an IBO and her up line are telling her to quit college because with this business she wont need it.

    Very hard to hear someone brainwashing my daughter, telling her that IF WE DON’T ACCEPT her decision then we don’t care and we should be isolated because out negative thinking will inhibit her growth. I do believe this business can work but to throw away Free college, room and board is to me insane.

    Please can’t these two world’s co-habitate? Can’t the upline/organization see value in educating our minds and broadening our future capabilities? What if just by chance or attrition this does not work out. Now she’s 22 -23 with no higher education to fall back on.

    Please, someone with a stable thoughtful mind please reply.

    God bless you all. Keep up the good fight stay strong and faithful to you dreams and aspirations. But know when to redirect your paths when life doesn’t fit. Life is full of exciting, youthful challenges and great adventures to be had.

    1. Hey Jerry!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. This business is really designed to do part-time until it creates a full-time income. Quitting college or your day job is a costly mistake for most people. Even if someone is excited and sees the potential of what network marketing has to offer, it takes several years of consistent, hard work to build a big team and stable, income. Going full-time from day one is a costly mistake.

      In fact, no new business I know of is designed to provide a livable income right out the gate. I hope she stays in college, works part-time and does her business as a side hustle. Once it’s built up, after a few years, she can reassess her options. Or, if she decides before then that the business is not for her, she still has her education to guide her in her new career.

      I hope you get everything sorted out.


  2. Hey chuck can u be more specific when u say ur upline can force u out of business. I am an Amway IBO and I am doing pretty well in the business. I jus want to kno how can ur upline force u out the business if u are in business for yourself. I my self don’t bother much with the tools, I agree that retail and recruiting are the best ways to move the Amway business. I teach my downlines the same. I’d be damed if my upline forced me out and took my people. But yea how can he do that if u are in business for urself as I stated before. I would really like to kno that please answer with details of how ur upline can force u out of business. Thank u

    1. Please read the current distributor agreement. It is in there. It was when I was in Amway. If at any point your upline doesn’t think you are supporting your team promptly (i.e. not buying tools and going to functions) they can force you out of the business. Perhaps this has changed in recent years. I’m not sure. I saw it happen several times during my time in Amway, when people stopped by tools, even if they had a team, they were forced out of the business.

      1. You cannot be forced out of the amway business, you can be forced out of the system you are plugging in for education. But I would that’s a toxic team to be part with, that upline obviously doesn’t have the best interest in you. You should seek out for other upline mentors or conduct your business with other organization.

        But, don’t try to do it all by yourself, just because it’s your own business. NM is a team sport. Find the right team.

  3. What is a tool? I often tell my husband that we spen $100/ monthly for our Communikate digital delivery and site, and that I don’t see why they say I can’t go eagle without it.

  4. I have a question. When it comes to gaining or getting customers, is it wise to offer free trials to a select few to boost this? I know a lot of people who do this and while some go great, other’s end up getting backfire because of it. Then there are people who have family and friends work for them for free just to boost appeal. I am not sure about any of this.

    1. I don’t believe in free trials. I feel that it typically attracts the freebie seekers. Most products come with a money back guarantee so there is no real risk anyway.

  5. Hi , very good piece of information.
    I started new, my upline put two people under me who were sponsor ed by them.
    Yesterday I sponsored a person and he put that person under one of the person and not directly under me.
    I wanted him to be my second leg.
    Does that mask difference??
    Will I still get benefited??

    1. You get paid on multiple levels on Amway. What you need to do now is go out and build up your customer base and sponsor another 10-20 reps as quickly as possible (1 to 3 months). Good luck!

      1. Thanks chuck.
        What would be a wise decision, to develop six legs parallel parallelly ? Or one leg at a time.
        How to develop customers? Itried my family n frnds but didn’t work out more.
        Is there any way to develop customer s online?
        Regards, monica

        1. I would build one leg at at time myself. You get customers by leading with the products, not the business. If I was looking to build customers online, I would make educational videos on YouTube about the different products, without saying the name of the company or the name of the products.

  6. Dear Chuk,

    I am new to this Amway business. Kindly guide me step by step, with a goal of achieving Eagle qualification with in 3 months of time. Please provide me exactly a game plan. I understand to make a watch on the cash flow in the business rather than spending too much money on tools. The knowledge that I need to know is the find the game plan for a new distributor to achieve Eagle in 3 months of time. Please help me.

    Regards.. Manas

    1. To go Eagle in 90 days you will probably need to personally sponsor 12 people. To sponsor 12 people you will probably need to do 60 presentations. To do 60 presentations you will probably need to contact 300 people. To do that in 90 days, you will need to contact about 3.5 to 4 people per day. I hope that helps.

  7. Hi,
    Just a question, when i become succesful and upline finds out that ive been teaching my group not to but tools and limit function attendance, what is the worst thing upline can do to me?

      1. Hi Chuck,

        I just got in to the business. Can you please elaborate on how my upline can force me out? What can I do about it? Doesn’t Amway have any safeguards about this?



  8. Hi Chuck,

    Very nice piece of information. I have just got into this business, nothing i have bought Amway stuff nor i have tried making my downline. I just want to ask you one thing, that is it really worth putting time or money after this as i dont come from sales or business background and i dont know anything about these amway products. What kind of mindset i should be having to take the first step into this ?


    1. If I was to build an Amway business all over again, I would just focus on getting 10-50 retail customers and not spend any money on the systems (tapes, books, functions, etc.). Just my thoughts. By having a small customer base you can make a nice profit and earn enough to pay for your purchases and then some. Once you have a good customer base, you can look for a few business builders so you can leverage yourself.

      Once again, this is just my thoughts. My only real advice is to trust your gut instinct. It is seldom wrong.

      1. I totally agree with your response here Chuck. The number one way to make an income in Amway, or any other MLM is with retail customers. Systems can help, but a person needs to watch those expenses closely. This website can help a person just as much as many of those tapes and systems, and it is free.

        Just like any business, you must watch expenses compared to profits. The other key is to not forget to have fun.

        Good response Chuck.

        1. Retailing is the fastest way to make money, but you should also be recruiting distributors and building your network at the same time. Everyone should have at least five to twenty customers.

  9. I got into Amway about 25 years ago. I signed up through a former college roommate of my husband’s, and then never heard from or saw the guy again. I was young and had no idea what I was doing. I did not know where to turn to for help or advice with selling, and ended my relationship with the company in just a couple of months (as soon as I had gotten rid of the items in my first order). I am sure that things have changed, because the company would not still be in business if it were not.

    Things turned out for the best, though. I get to work from home now anyway, doing something in my field of expertise.

  10. Hello,

    My name is Samantha, just read your notes and I have to say that this is very helpful. Ive always agreed with not buying so many tools. I am only 21 and this is my first month in the business.. I havent sponsored anyone yet, but I hit 300 PV and have made $265 retail profit this month. I could definitely see where people could go overboard in buying tools and losing money.. this is something I worry about when getting more and more successful in the business. Its an amazing opportunity and I would recommend this business to anyone who looking, but to anyone looking, PLEASE listen to these comments. Watch your cash flow or your business will be at a standstill.

    1. You don’t ever have to buy tools. Rather than trying to sponsor a bunch of people, just focus on getting customers until you make at least $1000 per month. Some of your customers will upgrade and become a distributor just to get a discount. Once you start sponsoring people, your upline will go around you and start selling tools to your downline, because that’s where they make most of their money. And then they can force you out of the business for not buying the tools. It happens all the time. Just focus on getting sales and avoid the tools. Do that and you will make money with Amway.

  11. My parents were Double Eagles in Amway when they decided to get done. They had sponsored 23 people and had 225 people on their team. Of that, they were at 8000 PV and were in Platinum Qualification. They had 15 legs getting a bonus check, 10 legs at functions and 14 legs on Standing Order Tape. The problem was, even with a team that big, they still have negative cash flow. They weren’t making any money. The tools were cleaning out all their profits. They figured if they couldn’t make money at that level, their team wouldn’t make any money either.

    1. Good points, Larry. I’ve read about many Emeralds who still have a negative cash flow and lost money in their Amway business every year because of all the money they spent on the tools and functions. That is my biggest gripe with Amway and that is why I got done with the business. Without the tools business, Amway would be a great business opportunity!

  12. My dad is an Eagle in the business. I’m one of his six legs. I’m currently at 1,000 PV and my dad is at 2500 PV. We’ve only been in the business a few months, but we are seeing tremendous growth. The CDs and training are great. I get the motivation and training I need to succeed.

    1. Good for you, Will. It sounds as if you and your dad are really rocking the Amway business. I’m glad you like the tools and training. My only bit of advice is to watch your cash flow like a hawk. Get a few customers, keep sponsoring, and don’t spend ALL your business profits on the tools. If you need tools, you can get them online for a much cheaper price, and better quality.

  13. I went Eagle my first month in the business. I sponsored 13 people and had six people doing 100 PV or higher, six legs on SOT and six legs at functions. Unfortunately, I never even reached Platinum. Most of the folks I sponsored ended up quitting within 90 days.

    1. Jerry,

      Good for you for taking action in your Amway business and reaching the Eagle level. It’s true that most people will quit in their first 90 days. You have to be a sponsoring machine and continuously bring new people into your business if you want to stay at that level. And you have to work in depth constantly and drive each leg of your organization very deep. Good luck!


  14. I think the Eagle program is a scam designed to make the diamonds rich. Most Eagles still have negative cash flow in their business. Without the tools, they could make a very nice profit with that many people on their team. The tools really are a scam.


  15. Here are the qualifications I found online about it.

    Signed Counsel Sheet to Upline Diamond
    300 PV personal use/retail for couples, 200 PV personal use/retail for singles
    6-5-3 (PB/SO/MF) – Explained below
    6 legs at 100 PV or higher
    5 legs on standing order
    3 legs attending major functions

    I hope that helps.


  16. I never made it to the Eagle level. But boy did I try hard. I sponsored 12 people, but simply couldn’t get people to buy the tools or attend functions. The most I ever had was three legs above 100 PV. Most of the folks who signed up did absolutely nothing with the business. Looking back, it was very frustrating. Although I am no longer affiliated with Amway, I often wonder what would have happened if I had stuck around and kept building a business.


    1. Good for you for doing your best, Chris. Sometimes we have goals and dreams, but come up short. Hopefully, you can learn from the experience and have success in your next venture.


  17. I was an Eagle in the Britt World Wide Organization in 2007. I had 15 people personally sponsored, 8 legs over 100 PV, 8 legs on Standing Order Tape and 6 legs going to functions. I was doing almost 5,000 PV, but even at that point my business wasn’t profitable. I decided to stop using the tools and systems altogether. I’m still in Amway today and I haven’t used any systems or tools in almost six full years. I’m still doing about 4,000 PV a month and I make almost $1500 net profit per month in my Amway business. When you don’t have all the tools, functions and business support materials to pay for, it’s pretty easy to build a profitable Amway business.


    1. Good for you, Mark. There is a lot of money to be made in Amway if you avoid buying the tools. The tools make the Diamonds and top distributors rich and suck away the profits and cash flow of everyone beneath them. Back in the day, before the tools came around, most people were building their Amway business the way you are doing it now. And a lot of folks were making a nice side business income, just like you are. Keep up the good work and make sure your upline doesn’t try to raid your downline and sell them the tools!

  18. Charles, I am just curious to learn about you more business wise. I note you mentioned something about yourself in this post. How did you enjoy your time with this company? What lessons did you learn being a member of this company? How did what you learn help you in future endeavors? Would you recommend becoming a member of this organization to others?

    1. I learned a lot about business during my time in Amway, Diamond. I was an Eagle and I was VERY serious about the business. The biggest takeaways I got were:

      1. The power of having written goals
      2. The power of associating with people who have what you want
      3. The power of personal development

      I also learned a lot about sales, marketing, cash flow management and general business. I’ve taken all those skills and implemented them into my other businesses, which turned out very successful.

      Spending a year or two in Amway is great business school. Some people will argue with that, but I have to tell you that I learned more about business during my time in Amway than I ever learned in my college (graduate) studies.

      Just food for thought.


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