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ALBORA is a line of sponsorship within the Amway business. It provides business support materials, training, and motivation for Amway distributors within its line of sponsorship.

ALBORA operates primarily in Italy, but also has distributors in Spain and several other countries. It started in 2001. It is the Italian Division of World Wide Diamonds, which is associated with the TOP 4 line of sponsorship.

ALBORA is led by Aurea & Renzo Romagnioli. Other successful Diamonds include Massimo and Torzolini Del Moro, Mario Marchesini, Anna Rita Polzoni, Franco and Giuseppina Topi and Renzo Venanzi.

ALBORA hosts seminars, manufactures and/or sells books and tapes, and offers other business support materials for its Amway distributors. From what I found online, ALBORA has distributors in Italy and Spain. It is a for profit company.

When you join Amway under this line of sponsorship, you will have access to the system and tools. Although the system isn’t mandatory, it can be helpful. You will learn the basics of goal setting, recruiting, building your team and finding new customers.

Please keep in mind that there is a cost to be associated with ALBORA. The successful Diamond level distributors sell you the system and tools. Depending upon which tools you buy, you could spend an additional 0 to 0 on the system and tools each month, in addition to your Amway product purchases and other business expenses.

The profits from your system and tools purchases are shared amongst the successful Diamond level distributors. While this isn’t a bad thing, it is important to know this upfront.

At the current moment, I’m trying to find out more about this Amway line of sponsorship. If you are affiliated with ALBORA, or were in the past, please leave a comment to this post and share your story. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Tell us when you were involved, how you got involved, who you worked with and what you did.  I look forward to hearing from you.

You should also check out my other post, “The Top 20 Amway Motivational Organizations.”

Disclaimer: Amway and ALBORA are registered trademarks.  I am not affiliated with either company.

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1 thought on “Amway ALBORA Line of Sponsorship AMO”

  1. From what I can tell Chuck, the ALBORA line of sponsorship is primarily a Latin speaking line. This is good since there are many Latin speakers in the world. I wanted to share a link I found:

    As you can see, this link is in English, and I do believe they do have English translation, but primarily are Latin. This would include both Italian and Spanish.

    The ALBORA line looks to be quite successful and educational. It looks as if it would be a great opportunity for people who live in those countries. I also see they have translation in Russian too, so they reach out to many.

    Great post. I am sure you get readers from across the ocean.

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