Amway 4000 PV Pin Recognition and Requirements

During my time in Amway, I never reached 4000 PV. Instead, my highest achievement level was 3000-3500 PV.  Although I was really proud of my 2500 PV pin, I really wanted the 4000 PV pin. I worked really hard sponsoring distributors, building a team and retailing products, but could never quite get “over the hump.”

During my time in the Amway business, I personally sponsored 13 Amway distributors and had 67 distributors in my group. I know that isn’t a “huge” accomplishment, but I am proud of my achievements.

Looking back, I could have easily reached 4000 PV if I would have sponsored another five or six distributors and helped them build a downline. My biggest mistake was trying to get more PV out of my current group. Instead, I should have built another group. Oh well, hind sight is 20-20.

After building my Amway business for 26 months, I decided to move on. While my experience with the company was positive, I got frustrated not achieving the results I desired. Had I stuck with it, I’m sure I would have built a larger group and got better results. I simply did not have the required “skill-set” to build a large Amway business at that time in my life. I had the work ethic, but knew nothing about online or offline marketing. At the time of this writing, I’ve been out of the Amway business for nine years now.

Amway 4000 PV Pin Stories

Here are some stories my website visitors submitted.

“I achieved 4,000 PV my second month in the business.  From the time I joined Amway I wanted to build my business fast.  When I hit 4,000 PV my second month I had personally sponsored 23 people.  Of those 23 people, my team had 97 people on it.  My bonus check that month was almost $2,400.  My third month in the business I started Platinum qualification.  That was nearly 12 years ago.  My wife and I are still in the business today (Rubies) and have a very nice side income. ” ~ Alex, Ruby Distributor, Texas

“When I hit 4,000 PV in Amway, way back in the 1970s, I was working my butt off.  It took me 14 months to reach that level.  At the time, I had personally sponsored 19 people, 14 who quit.  Of the five left, my team had grown to almost 100 people.  My bonus check was around $2700 and my cut was almost $2100.  I decided to move on because of all the expenses I was paying to earn that amount. Even though I had a nice bonus check, I was spending that much money in tools, gas, education, travel, etc.” ~ Janet, Former Amway distributor

Final Thoughts

I’m actively looking for former and current Amway distributors who achieved the 4000 PV pin and higher. More importantly, I’m trying to find out how many distributors they sponsored to get to 4000 PV. Also, how big was their group when they hit that pin level? And how big was their bonus check? So, if you are or were in the Amway business and ever reached the 4000 PV pin, please share your story by answering the questions I mentioned above.

All of this information will help other Amway distributors get better results in their business. If you’d like to share your personal Amway success story, just leave a comment to this post. Thanks.

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