Ambit Energy Stock: Can You Buy Stock in Ambit Energy?

What do you need to know about Ambit Energy stock? If you are looking to purchase Ambit Energy stock, you can’t. At the time of this writing in 2013, the company is a privately held company. That means the company isn’t traded on any stock market and you can’t purchase “shares” of the company. But don’t let that fool you.  The company is experiencing tremendous growth and is positioned for long-term success.

About the Company

Ambit was recognized as the fastest growing privately held company in America in 2010, by Inc. Magazine.That’s a huge accomplishment.  When companies are privately owned, the owners have more control with day to day matters and don’t have to deal with investors, shareholders or board members (my opinion). Personally, I like that.  This gives them the freedom to run the company the way they want to.

Here is a little bit of key information about the company. Ambit does business as Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC. It specializes in the electric services business. The company buys energy and then resells it to consumers, just like many other utility companies do. At the time of this writing, Ambit does business in more than 15 states.

The company is led by CEO Jere Thompson. It launched in 2005 and has experienced phenomenal growth during the past eight years. The company headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. It has approximately 110 employees.

How to Participate

Since you can’t purchase Ambit Energy stock, the only way to participate in the company is to be a customer or distributor. In my opinion, both of these are viable options. For a small fee, you can sign up as a distributor and build a sales organization. You can find customers and sponsor distributors. This will create commissions when people sign up for any of Ambit’s utility services.

On the other hand, you can also get started by becoming a customer first. To do so, you can find a sponsor or contact the company. They will help you switch your utility company from your current provider to Ambit Energy. It’s as simple as that. By doing so, you can save money on your utility bill.

On a side note, I have to tell you that I wouldn’t be surprised if Ambit goes public within the next few years and issues their own Ambit stock. They have so many things going for it and the present moment and definitely have the potential for a huge IPO.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Ambit Energy is a privately owned Energy Company. Therefore, the company doesn’t offer Ambit Energy Stock for sale. The only way to gain market share in the company (at this time) is to participate as a distributor and build a sales organization.

Disclaimer: Ambit Energy is a registered trademark.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.

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4 thoughts on “Ambit Energy Stock: Can You Buy Stock in Ambit Energy?”

  1. I’m from Dallas, Texas and the deregulation of the utilities market took the power out of the hands of major companies and put it in the hands of the people. Not only can you earn money as a distributor, the prices are competitive so finding customers is pretty easy. The product sells itself.

  2. Ambit sounds like a great investment. I’m going to look into the customer and distributor idea. I’m wondering how small the fee is to become a distributor, but you did say small. I can’t wait to find the locations where this is available; I like the idea of a small company making a profit! I’m also going to be watching for them to go public.

  3. It is guaranteed that I will surely keep a close eye on Ambit Energy Charles. I do hope they go public in time. Energy stocks are a good investment if you keep a close eye on them; usually dividends pay well.

    I would like to see Ambit Energy here in Puerto Rico. If they were, I just might consider distribution and being a customer. As time moves on maybe they will set their feet on this Caribbean island.

    I would recommend that anyone who can get their grips on working with Ambit, it would be wise.

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