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Ambit Energy is a retail energy company that offers electricity and natural gas for consumers in the United States. The retail energy industry is the largest industry to ever deregulate in American history.

Since the deregulation of the energy industry, consumers now have more options of where they can get their natural gas and electricity from. Although the services are still delivered the same way as before to each residence, consumers can now choose who they purchase the energy from.

This deregulation has made an immediate positive impact for consumers, because now companies must compete with other companies. This encourages competition, lower prices, and provides real value to consumers. When you have more than one choice, you can comparison shop and find the best deal. On the other hand, when there is a monopoly, you typically get the short end of the stick.

About the Company

Ambit opened for business in 2006. It was started by Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless of Texas. The two entrepreneurs brainstormed the business idea in a local Potbelly Restaurant in Dallas. From day one, the company grew quickly. In 2008, revenues were $200 million. In 2009, revenues were over $325 million. Last year, revenues were even higher. According to the Inc. 500, Ambit is the # 1 fastest growing privately held company in America in 2010. Pretty impressive, huh!

The company doesn’t produce any energy itself. Instead, it buys energy at wholesale prices and then lets its independent sales force sell the energy through the direct sales/network marketing business model. The company processes orders, handles billing, resolves customers service issues, tracks commissions and pays its distributors.

On the other hand, the independent sales force educates consumers about the products and business opportunity. The company currently has more than 70,000 independent agents. The corporate headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

As the company enters more states, it should continue to experience significant growth and become a multi-billion dollar company. With revenues of a few hundred million in a just a few markets, think about how big the company will be once it hits all fifty states? Ambit Energy currently offers its services in Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Ambit vs. Regular Energy Companies

Ambit is unlike most traditional energy companies. It actually provides great customer support and offers you incentives to become a customer. For instance, the company offers a free gift when new customers agree to sign up for Ambit’s Energy Services. At the present time, the company provides a free 3 day/2 night stay at a hotel. I find that pretty impressive. You can also earn free travel rewards. Once you refer enough customers to the company, you can even earn a free energy bill every month. My current utility company doesn’t let me do that.

Tips on Joining

You can join Ambit Energy as a customer or as a distributor. As a customer, you simply switch your electric and/or natural gas provider to Ambit. This will help you save money on your electric bill. As a customer, you can refer others to Ambit Energy and receive discounted bills and additional rewards, too. It doesn’t cost anything to become a customer. On average, customers save between one and seven percent, compared to their regular utility company.

As a distributor, you are a customer of the product and you help other people join the business opportunity. You share the business opportunity with friends, family members and acquaintances through one-on-one presentations, in-home meetings, and conference calls. When people sign up as distributors, you help them find customers and new distributors. It really is that simple.

As you progress through the achievement levels, you can also earn leadership bonuses, rewards, cash incentives, trips and more. From what I found online, the company does a great job rewarding its top distributors. Your key to success is to find a good sponsor and then get busy sharing the products and business opportunity with everyone you meet.

Please know that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate business opportunity that requires lots of hard work and consistent efforts. After all, network marketing is simply a numbers game. The more people you share the products and business opportunity with, the better you will do.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I believe that Ambit Energy is a reliable, reputable company with an exceptional service. Before you pursue the business opportunity, I think you should try out their services as a customer first to see how much money you can save on your energy bills. If you like the service and think it is a good value for customers, than sign up as a distributor so you can share it with others.

Please know that I am in no way affiliated with Ambit Energy. The purpose of this review was to educate you about the company. Ambit Energy is a registered trademark. All information in this review was collected from independent research.

On a side note, if you are currently involved with the company as a customer or distributor, I would love to hear your story. Please share your testimonial or success story with others, so we can spread the word about Ambit Energy. Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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13 thoughts on “Ambit Energy Review”

  1. Avoid AMBIT ENERGY. I have been saddled with higher bills (they are requiring a surcharge to TXU) and they say they are NOT receiving payments and charging disconnect fees! Also, there is a $199 fee to break the contract.
    The poorest customer service on the planet. It took three days to reach a human being! Then, that customer service representative could not help us!!
    There are a lot of other choices, this is NOT one of them!

  2. I am glad they we are seeing major energy deregulation. It is bound to bring the amount companies charge down for the consumers. It happened to the telephone industry. It seems when things such as phones and energy have more competition, we tend to see huge drops in what customers have to pay.

    As someone commented, I would also like to see more posts about energy MLMs. If there are any Solar ones, that would be great too.

    You do a wonderful job keeping us all aware of many MLMs that we didn’t even know existed. Thanks for the magnificent work you do Charles. It is very appreciated.

  3. Ambit Energy sounds like a really interesting company, mainly for the reason that I think it’s so cool you can buy energy wholesale and retail it via independent agents. Typically when I think of MLM businesses, I think of tangible objects like health and wellness products and home care products, not intangibles such as electricity and natural gas. Also, I think it’s a genius idea to start a network marketing business in an industry that has recently been deregulated. When the people no longer have to buy their energy from one source, they will hunt around for better, competitively priced options. If your company is there from the start offering the same energy at better prices, people will jump at the opportunity. Strike while the iron is hot!

  4. How interesting that an energy company uses a direct sales model. Incentives are a great way to bring in customers and that would certainly make me consider Ambit for our energy needs. I am glad to get the background information about Ambit and about their referral program. Everyone could use a free energy bill!

  5. Thank you for sharing with us about how Ambit offers services for both sides of the coin- users and providers. I have done a lot of work with small businesses- my own and others- and have been on both sides of the deal. There is a big difference between being the user and being the provider, so it is nice to know Ambit offers services for both!

  6. I am surprised to read that Ambit has been around for so long. The independent energy companies have just begun to really make themselves know in my area. Of course, the huge unionized power companies in my area are really up in arms. I can understand why they would be concerned: this seems like a very good alternative to the very limited choices we have now. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, I think the independent power companies are a good thing. Competition almost always benefits the consumer! It gives us better prices and better options. I can see why the “normal” power companies are upset: they no longer have a monopoly on the market! I think Ambit is a great choice for many people. Just call the company and do your research first, so you can be an educated consumer.

  7. I was looking forward to joining Ambit as a distributor and was searching for some detailed information about company’s history, performance and reliability. I am glad to find this blog article that has given me a complete insight about this retail energy company. It makes me more confident that Ambit offers good opportunities for business along with incentives, rewards, trips and a lot more. I will now move ahead to join Ambit.

    1. I am in a Health and Wellness business which I intend to stay, Should I join any other company,it will not be
      about dietary supplements. So, I am studying North American Power as a utility supplier and possible source of income. I have already attended meetings and checked Ambit with personal associates. I do not put them down. They are doing honest work in free enterprise, I suggest posting views of North American Power. I am studying it. From what I have gathered so far, I will most likely sign with sign with them.
      How about doing a review on them?
      Gene Henley

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