Alphay International: Top 15 Cool Facts


Alphay International is a MLM company that has been in operation for many years.

Are you familiar with this company?

Maybe you are not and the reason may be that they have not operated in the United States for nearly as long as they have their home country. But Alphay International is quickly getting recognition here and in today’s post, you will know more about this MLM company to help you decide if you would like to try their products or possibly start an Alphay International home based business.

Here are the top 15 cool facts about Alphay International.

#1: Founding

Alphay International was founded in 2002 as a premiere health and wellness MLM company. But the founder had been selling many of these products from 1959.

#2: Where

Alphay International’s headquarters and manufacturing base is in China. But, United States headquarters are in Orange, California.

#3: Founder And Leader

The founder and leader of Alphay International is Hui Chen.

Product Lines

Alphay International is well known for growing and packaging Linghzi mushrooms in various supplements, but the company also has various other product lines too.

#4: Nutritional Supplements

Various supplements that include:

  • Gender based supplements
  • Heart health
  • Digestive
  • Mind
  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • and Liver

#5: Coffee And Tea

Using the Linghzi mushroom, Alphay International sells various blends of coffees and teas.

#6: Bedding

Alphay International also makes and sells the Miss Ying Signature Bedding Collection. This high quality bedding collection is a favorite of many.

#7: Magnetic Shoe Soles

Another big seller is the magnetic shoe soles and sleep masks. By using the power of magnetism, your stress can be wiped free as you sleep and walk.

Compensation Plan

Last but not least, let’s go through the ways you can make money by starting an Alphay International business. The company uses a Binary/Unilevel compensation plan and there are 6 ways to make money.

Do keep in mind that you must be active each month with 50 PV to collect, except to earn retail profits.

#8: Retail Profits

You earn the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail markup when you sell to customers.

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#9: First Order Bonus

You get 15% on the bonus order from the first order from all personally sponsored distributors.

#10: Placement Team Commission

Each week, you will get up to 20% commissions on your lesser leg’s PTV.

#11: Unilevel Monthly Commissions

For the ranks of Silver and up, each month you will be paid commissions of 15% on your first level and 5% up to 8 levels deep depending on your rank.

#12: Unilevel Matching Bonus

This is an incentive to help your team grow. As downline members get Unilevel commissions, you are eligible for a matching bonus from 5 – 10%.

#13: Generation Bonus

Once you reach the level of Key Master, you are eligible for Generation Bonuses of 5% on generations 0 – 4. You get the percentage on all members BV.

#14: Rank Advance Bonuses

Once you hit the rank of Emerald, there is a one time rank advance bonus whenever you rise. These are big bonuses with the top one being $1,000,000.

#15: Incentives

Alphay International has various incentives too.

  • Power of 3 to get an iPad
  • Leadership Summits
  • Audi ownership
  • and more

Final Thoughts

Alphay International is making huge strides. While the company’s products are somewhat high priced, people seem to love them. So they must be worth it.

Do you have any comments or questions? Just post them below.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day!

Disclaimer: Neither Online MLM Community nor I are affiliated with Alphay International. This information is provided as a service for your education.

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2 thoughts on “Alphay International: Top 15 Cool Facts”

  1. Comp plans are very important as well as the company’s reputation and great products. If you are fortunate enough to find a company that possesses all three you are in a great place.
    I believe that I am in a great place!

    Often companies make it so hard to earn money that they end up losing great people. You should make sure you understand the comp plan and see if it’s doable for you. If the company does have a good plan, but their products aren’t that great the customer flow may not be there so the money may not either.

    Of course there is nothing like working with a company that doesn’t treat you well, you end up dreading having to work each day. I’m sure many can relate.

    It boils down to researching the business and the products as well as the comp plan prior to joining. This may sound like a no brainier however when people find themselves in desperate times they make quick decisions.

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