Aloette Cosmetics Review

The purpose of this article is to provide an independent review of Aloette Cosmetics. Aloette is an established and reputable direct sales company specializing in skin care and beauty products. The company has been around over 30 years now and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They currently do business in the United States and Canada.

Aloette reps utilize the home party plan to grow their business. In addition, some reps do one-on-one selling, events, and even sell online.

The company specializes in skin care, make up and beauty products. Their competitors include companies such as Mary Kay, Nu Skin, Arbonne and Avon. They are a big financial supporter of GO RED FOR WOMEN®

Popular Products

After looking at their catalog online it appears that they have somewhere between 50 and 100 different products. Their product line includes makeup, skin care, bath and body, and anti-aging products. Some of their most popular products include:

  • The Ageless Science System
  • Restorative Enzyme Peel
  • Body Butter Balm
  • Body Souffle

Looking at the price point, I would compare their products with what you would find at a medium to high end department store (just my opinion). All products come with a six-week money-back guarantee and the catalogs are published twice a year.

I have personally never tried the products before, so I don’t have an opinion of them.

Compensation Plan

I did some research online, but couldn’t find very much information about the compensation plan. From what I did find, you can earn anywhere from 25% to 35% on the wholesale-retail markup when you sell the products. You can also earn overrides on your team’s performance. The company also offers trips and incentives for top producers. To sum things up, you get paid to retail products and build a team or independent reps. From what I could see, it costs $199 to join the company.

Success Stories

There isn’t much information online about successful reps, but here is what I could find.

Videos About the Company

Here are a few videos I found on YouTube that are published by either the company or successful reps.

In conclusion, I believe Aloette Cosmetics is a great company. They have high quality products that are priced fairly and in demand. This is by no means a scam or get rich quick type of business. You have to put in the work, build up your customer base and learn how to sell and recruit. If you will take the time to do that, there’s no doubt in my mind you can become successful with Aloette.

Learn More About the Company

Top 20 Aloette Products of All Time

Founded back in 1978, Aloette Cosmetics and Skin Care is a leader in the world of network marketing and the aloette productsskin care niche. Aloette is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

While I have never personally used any Aloette products, I do know several women who have, and from everything I have heard, they have been completely satisfied with the Aloette products.

I have decided to do some research and find what the top 20 Aloette products are. I am using sales figures as well as online and off line reviews to determine this list.

Keep in mind that I am not affiliated with Aloette in any way. This information is provided for educational purposes.

So without further ado, here are the top 20 Aloette products.

#20: Beauty Sleep Overnight Cooling Treatment

Replenishes your skin with nutrients and hydration while you sleep. It is known to reduce skin issues while you snooze.

#19: Advanced Eye Recovery Pro

The blend of peptides in this Aloette product smooth the eye area and erase dark circles and puffiness. With this unique blend, your eye area will look and feel younger.

#18: Visible Aid Skin Restoring Cream

This wonderful Aloette product will soothe and restore your skin from the results of sunburn, insect bites and other skin irritations. It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

#17: Dual Action Bio C

Using the super powers of Vitamin C, this Aloette product reduces those wrinkles and fine lines while helping to stabilize collagen levels.

#16: Aloette Platinum Value Package

This is one of the best selling packages from Aloette. When you order the Platinum Value Package, you will receive:

  • Advanced Night Recovery Pro
  • Pure Radiance Reviatlizing Cleaner
  • Correction Code AM SPF 25
  • Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist
  • Advanced Eye Recovery Pro
  • and Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum

#15: Essential Cleansing Oil

This makeup remover and pore cleanser uses sesame, avocado, olive and safflower oils to leave your skin relaxed and refreshed.

#14: Nick’s His and Hers Shaving Cream

This blend of coconut oil and Aloe Vera leave your skin refreshed after shaving. Works great for both men and women.

#13: Maximum Moisture Complex

Developed to fight the signs of aging, this face cream combines Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Glycerin to both hydrate you skin and erase the appearances of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

#12: Re/Lax Aromatherapy Bath Salts

With ingredients known to take the toxins out of your skin, this product has a wonderful ginger and citrus scent that helps you relax and take the toxins from your skin.

#11: Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Using a balanced mix of Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Chamomile, this cleanser foams in a gentle method of removing the toxins from your skin.

#10: Ultra Finish Foundation

One of the top selling Aloette products, this foundation comes in 4 different tones. It is a powder, foundation, concealer and sun protector all-in-one.

#9: Hand And Body Silk

This is a wonderful hand and body lotion that is made with coconut oil and Aloe Vera. It not only hydrates but also leaves a delightful fragrance.

#8: A-List Lash Curling Mascara

Using argan oil to condition lashes, this product comes with a brush to create that perfect curl leaving your lashes looking the way you want them.

#7: Skin Refining Toner

This product deep cleans your skin from impurities while nourishing the skin using Aloe Vera and Green Tea extract to help battle aging to your skin.

#6: Be Smooth All-In-One Balm

This balm contains essential oils and a “miracle” peptide that helps to defeat the signs of aging on your face, neck and hands.

#5: Restorative Enzyme Peel

It is like Aloette took several fruits and put them in a jar to smooth and exfoliate your skin. With Aloe Vera, this product also has:

  • Grapefruit
  • Pineapple
  • Cucumber
  • and Papaya

Extracts to give a wonderful feel and fragrance.

#4: Flawless HP Primer

This primer corrects color issues in your skin and helps to erase age spots and other skin issues. It is a favorite of many Aloette customers.

#3: Ageless Science System

Many claim this is the fountain of youth in 2 products in one system. You will get the:

  • Ionic Energy Balance
  • and Active Energy Serum

#2: Five Minute Facial

For the busy woman who has no time to visit the spa, this product removes the dead skin cells and leaves your skin relaxed and refreshed in just five minutes. It has become a favorite of many Aloette customers.

#1: AloeClear Essentials Package

Many have fallen in love with this Aloette package for clear and refreshed skin. This package includes:

  • Start Clean Deep Cleaning Cleanser
  • Be Balanced Daily Refining Tonic
  • and Stay Pure Acne Treatment Lotion

As you can see, Aloette has a great range of products. I also have noticed that independent Aloette business owners are happy with the way their MLM company treats them. The compensation plan is fair and generous.

If you have used Aloette products, we would love to hear your opinion of them.

If you would like to try the Aloette products or become an independent Aloette business owner, I suggest you visit their website

Aloette Cosmetics Consultants: 10 Tips for Success

I would like to share some success tips for Aloette Consultants. These are a few pointers I would like to give you to help you get better results in your Aloette Cosmetics business. Let’s get started.

1. Make a Commitment:

If you want to succeed with Aloette, you must make a commitment that you will get started and won’t quit. At a bare bones minimum, you should commit to building your business for at least two years. I’ve found that all businesses take a couple years to get going. If you’re just going to “dabble with it” for 30 days or just try it out, save your money and don’t even get started.

2. Treat Your Business Seriously:

Next, you must treat your Aloette business like a real business. That means that it needs to be a high priority in your life. You must schedule in time to work your business each week. You should also set up a home office, have a day planner, and work your business consistently each week, for at least 5-10 hours. Act as if you have $100k or more invested in your business and you will do well.

3. Talk to 2 People Each Day:

To succeed in direct sales, you have to talk to people; lots of people. I highly recommend you talk to 2 people (minimum) each day about your products or business opportunity. You can prospect people, get referrals, work your warm market and advertise. The more people you talk to the better. You always want someone to share your products and business opportunity with. Without leads your business will die a quick death.

4. Get Business Cards:

You need your own Aloette business card. When you meet people, you want to be able to give them your business card. This is another sign that you are serious about what you do. There are tons of places online to get quality, but fairly priced business cards. I suggest VistaPrint!

5. Create a Newsletter:

Another tip for success with Aloette Cosmetics is to create a monthly newsletter. You can create a mailed newsletter or email newsletter that you send to your prospects, customers and team members each month. This keeps them up to date about your business, informs them of your offers and discounts, and generates more sales.

6. Study the Profession:

You must be a student of your business. You should read books, listen to CDs, attend seminars and participate in Mastermind Calls to learn everything you can about the company and the industry. It also helps to study sales, communication, leadership and marketing books, too. Simply put, be a student of your business.

7. Find a Mentor:

If possible, find a mentor in your upline. If your sponsor isn’t serious, keep searching upline until you find someone who has achieved success themselves and is willing to help you. Plug in to your mentor. Follow their training. Use their systems. This will help shorten your learning curve in the business.

8. Create a Business Plan:

All businesses need a WRITTEN business plan. Create a simple 1-2 page business plan to grow your business. Keep it simple. Write down your goals, your unique selling proposition, your business building strategy, your marketing strategy and what your daily, weekly and monthly action steps are. Refer to your plan daily and treat it as a living, breathing document.

9. Be a Product of the Product:

I shouldn’t even have to tell you this one, but be a product of the product. Be your own best customer and use all of the products yourself. Develop your own product story. Know the facts, features and benefits of each product. This will help you sell more!

10. Attend All Events:

Make it a point to attend all company events. Go to the national convention. Get with your upline to find out when the local and regional training are scheduled to happen. Attend these events as well. This is a great place to learn new ideas, rub elbows with successful consultants, and build your enthusiasm. Get your team to attend these events with you.

These are some of my favorite Aloette Consultant Tips. If you study the top earners in the company, you will find that most of them follow this advice. If it works for them, I’m sure it will work for you too.

Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits

What are the most common Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits? If you visit the company website, you will see that the company offers several benefits to hostesses who have a party at their home. The first major benefit is that you can get $100 worth of products for just $19.95. That’s a pretty good deal. You can also get a free facial or makeover.

Other Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits include whatever deals you can work out with your consultant. You can negotiate with your consultant ahead of time to see if they will offer you free products or a cash bonus for hosting a party. Your bonus could be determined by the number of guests and total sales for the night. You might negotiate a 5-15% cash bonus.

You could also work out additional free products or services. If the consultant is a friend, maybe you could host a party for them, in exchange for a free night of babysitting? As you can see, you are only limited to your creativity. My best advice to you is to work out things ahead of time with your consultant and get everything in writing. That way there is no confusion about what your Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits are.

Once you lock in your agreement, your key to success is to invite lots of friends to your house for the party. Try to invite 20-30 friends, so you can have 8-15 people in attendance. In addition, sit down with your Aloette Consultant to learn how to properly invite people, how to set up your home, and how to prepare for the event. These small planning steps can make a big difference in your level of success.

In summary, the most common Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits are $100 worth of products for $19.95 and a free makeover a facial. In addition, you can barter and negotiate with your consultant if you want something different. Just make sure you get everything in writing ahead of time, so both you and the Aloette Consultant are on the same sheet of paper.

Final Thoughts

Hey all!!! Let’s hear your feedback!

Have you tried any Aloette products?

Tell us your impression.

If you have any questions, just ask below and I will find an answer.


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