Aloette Cosmetics Review

The purpose of this article is to provide an independent review of Aloette Cosmetics. As a quick disclaimer upfront, I am in no way affiliated with the company nor am I compensated in any way for writing this review.

About Aloette Cosmetics

Aloette Cosmetics is a reputable, established skin care network marketing company that most people have never heard of before. Here’s what I found on the company’s website.

Since 1978, Aloette Cosmetics has been committed to creating skincare and makeup that do good for you and the environment. We prioritize overall skin health by formulating our products with our proprietary aloe vera, nourishing botanical ingredients and age-defying science that redefines clean beauty.

With 40 years of experience, Aloette continues to be an industry leader for on-trend color products and skincare innovation by utilizing the latest technology to correct and prevent future signs of aging. Our formulation standards align with our mission to provide beauty solutions that are gentle for you and the environment. Our beauty and skincare products keep skin looking youthful and radiant while remaining 100% cruelty free and free of any gluten, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone and formaldehyde donors.

They are a proud member of the Direct Selling Association. Their company headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

aloette cosmetics review

Aloette Cosmetics Compensation Plan

I did some research online, but could not find an official compensation plan document. From what I did find, you can earn anywhere from 25% to 35% on the wholesale-retail markup when you sell the products. You can also earn overrides on your team’s performance. You can earn 5% to 16% on your team’s sales, depending on your rank, and 3.5% to 8% on your breakaway’s sales.

The company also offers trips and incentives for top their producers. Keep in mind the compensation plan could change at any time.

Aloette Consultants start off at making 25% commission on all retail products sold.  With an average show total of $400 that is $100 profit for 2.5 hours of work. $40 an hour to start with endless opportunities!!!!  There is no earning limit, women in our area are making a 6 figure income selling Aloette. ~ Source: Ashley, independent rep

The one thing I really love about their compensation plan is the focus on SELLING products. I believe this is a viable way for someone to make an immediate income using the party-plan. If you like to sell, this company could be very lucrative. Plus, you could earn a nice residual income if you can build a team.

Top 20 Aloette Cosmetics Products of All Time

I have searched high and low to compile a list of the top Aloette Cosmetics products. Keep in mind this list is very subjective. I compiled this list using online research. If you’ve used any of these products at some point in the past, please leave a comment at the end of this post to share your thoughts.

# 20: Beauty Sleep Overnight Cooling Treatment

Replenishes your skin with nutrients and hydration while you sleep. It is known to reduce skin issues while you snooze.

# 19: Advanced Eye Recovery Pro

The blend of peptides in this Aloette product smooth the eye area and erase dark circles and puffiness. With this unique blend, your eye area will look and feel younger.

# 18: Visible Aid Skin Restoring Cream

This wonderful Aloette product will soothe and restore your skin from the results of sunburn, insect bites and other skin irritations. It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

# 17: Dual Action Bio C

Using the super powers of Vitamin C, this Aloette product reduces those wrinkles and fine lines while helping to stabilize collagen levels.

# 16: Aloette Platinum Value Package

This is one of the best selling packages from Aloette. When you order the Platinum Value Package, you will receive:

  • Advanced Night Recovery Pro
  • Pure Radiance Reviatlizing Cleaner
  • Correction Code AM SPF 25
  • Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist
  • Advanced Eye Recovery Pro
  • and Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum

# 15: Essential Cleansing Oil

This makeup remover and pore cleanser uses sesame, avocado, olive and safflower oils to leave your skin relaxed and refreshed.

# 14: Nick’s His and Hers Shaving Cream

This blend of coconut oil and Aloe Vera leave your skin refreshed after shaving. Works great for both men and women.

# 13: Maximum Moisture Complex

Developed to fight the signs of aging, this face cream combines Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Glycerin to both hydrate you skin and erase the appearances of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

# 12: Re/Lax Aromatherapy Bath Salts

With ingredients known to take the toxins out of your skin, this product has a wonderful ginger and citrus scent that helps you relax and take the toxins from your skin.

# 11: Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Using a balanced mix of Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Chamomile, this cleanser foams in a gentle method of removing the toxins from your skin.

# 10: Ultra Finish Foundation

One of the top selling Aloette products, this foundation comes in 4 different tones. It is a powder, foundation, concealer and sun protector all-in-one.

make money selling skin care products

# 9: Hand And Body Silk

This is a wonderful hand and body lotion that is made with coconut oil and Aloe Vera. It not only hydrates but also leaves a delightful fragrance.

# 8: A-List Lash Curling Mascara

Using argan oil to condition lashes, this product comes with a brush to create that perfect curl leaving your lashes looking the way you want them.

# 7: Skin Refining Toner

This product deep cleans your skin from impurities while nourishing the skin using Aloe Vera and Green Tea extract to help battle aging to your skin.

# 6: Be Smooth All-In-One Balm

This balm contains essential oils and a “miracle” peptide that helps to defeat the signs of aging on your face, neck and hands.

# 5: Restorative Enzyme Peel

It is like Aloette took several fruits and put them in a jar to smooth and exfoliate your skin. With Aloe Vera, this product also has:

  • Grapefruit
  • Pineapple
  • Cucumber
  • and Papaya

Extracts to give a wonderful feel and fragrance.

# 4: Flawless HP Primer

This primer corrects color issues in your skin and helps to erase age spots and other skin issues. It is a favorite of many Aloette customers.

# 3: Ageless Science System

Many claim this is the fountain of youth in 2 products in one system. You will get the:

  • Ionic Energy Balance
  • and Active Energy Serum

# 2: Five Minute Facial

For the busy woman who has no time to visit the spa, this product removes the dead skin cells and leaves your skin relaxed and refreshed in just five minutes. It has become a favorite of many Aloette customers.

# 1: AloeClear Essentials Package

Many have fallen in love with this Aloette package for clear and refreshed skin. This package includes:

  • Start Clean Deep Cleaning Cleanser
  • Be Balanced Daily Refining Tonic
  • and Stay Pure Acne Treatment Lotion

As you can see, Aloette has a great range of products. They definitely have something for everyone.

Success Tips

I would like to share some success tips for Aloette Consultants. These are a few pointers I would like to give you to help you get better results in your Aloette Cosmetics business. Let’s get started.

1. Develop a Good Product Story

First and foremost, you need to build up your belief in the products. It’s difficult to sell something you don’t use or believe in yourself. Try out the company’s product line and build up your own personal story. This will be your most powerful selling tool, your own testimonial.

2. Learn How to Sell

Regardless of what anyone tells you, this is a business of selling. You must learn how to close sales without using pressure or hype. You must learn how to look someone in the eyes, ask them to take out their credit card and make a purchase. Read books about selling. Attend a few selling conferences so you can master the basics.

3. Use Samples

Handing out samples is a great way to build up more business. Keep plenty of samples on hand, so you can give them away whenever possible. Prior to giving someone a sample, make sure you get their contact information first, so you have a way to get back in touch with them.

4. Leverage Social Media

We live in a digital world. Leverage social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube whenever possible. This can put you in touch with potential prospects and business partners you might not otherwise meet.

5. Keep a Small Inventory

I don’t suggest keeping a large inventory, but keep a few of the best selling products on hand. This will lead to impulse purchases. When you talk with people, they normally don’t want to wait a week to get their products. If you can fulfill their order on the spot, I believe you will get more sales.

6. Leverage the Party Plan

This company is really designed for the party-plan. The sooner you start scheduling parties, the higher the likelihood you will succeed in the business. If you can do 1-3 parties every week, there is no doubt in my mind you will succeed with Aloette Cosmetics. As you conduct parties, make sure you book future parties with interested guests.

7. Dress to Impress

Dress to impress. Look your best and use the products yourself. You are in the beauty business. Do the best you can to look as beautiful as you can, because you are a walking advertisement for your products and business.

8. World Class Customer Service

Remember this, your customers have HUNDREDS of different choices for cosmetics. What will separate you from your competitors is your customer service. Add the personal touch whenever possible. Send handwritten notes. Care call your customers. Stay in touch frequently. Remember birthdays and special events. This one thing alone can lead to a lot of repeat business.

9. Work with a Mentor

One of the fastest ways to achieve success in your company is to find someone in your support team who is experienced, successful and is willing to help you. Ask them for their input and advice and do what they teach you. They have a vested interest in helping you succeed. Plus, their wisdom can help you shorten your learning curve.

10. Make Your Business a Priority

Success will not happen by accident. You need a game-plan and daily mode of operations to succeed in the business. Your business must be a priority, right behind your family and faith. Remember, you get out what you put in.

I hope you found these tips helpful.

Tips for Success

Aloette Cosmetics Hostess Rewards and Benefits

What are the most common Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits? If you visit the company website, you will see that the company offers several benefits to hostesses who have a party at their home. The first major benefit is that you can get $100 worth of products for just $19.95. That’s a pretty good deal. You can also get a free facial or makeover.

Other Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits include whatever deals you can work out with your consultant. You can negotiate with your consultant ahead of time to see if they will offer you free products or a cash bonus for hosting a party. Your bonus could be determined by the number of guests and total sales for the night. You might negotiate a 5-15% cash bonus.

You could also work out additional free products or services. If the consultant is a friend, maybe you could host a party for them, in exchange for a free night of babysitting? As you can see, you are only limited to your creativity. My best advice to you is to work out things ahead of time with your consultant and get everything in writing. That way there is no confusion about what your Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits are.

Once you lock in your agreement, your key to success is to invite lots of friends to your house for the party. Try to invite 20-30 friends, so you can have 8-15 people in attendance. In addition, sit down with your Aloette Consultant to learn how to properly invite people, how to set up your home, and how to prepare for the event. These small planning steps can make a big difference in your level of success.

In summary, the most common Aloette Hostess Rewards and Benefits are $100 worth of products for $19.95 and a free makeover a facial. In addition, you can barter and negotiate with your consultant if you want something different. Just make sure you get everything in writing ahead of time, so both you and the Aloette Consultant are on the same sheet of paper.

Aloette Cosmetics Testimonials

To keep this post interesting, let’s see what other people are saying about Aloette Cosmetics. These are different testimonials I found online. All sources are cited.

I love Aloette, first the products are amazing for your skin and the aloe is 100% certified organic; second the makeup is mineral makeup with antioxidants and green tea in it so it is actually good for your skin; third the smell of the products is amazing – doesn’t linger chemically but smells amazing to you when you put on/wear something. ~ Bre Hamilton,


I’m a 28 year old that have been looking for a product that would make a difference. My skin is kind of oily and often have breakouts (specially forehead and chin). My pores are somewhat large and I can really tell when I have makeup on. I tried many products in the market before but never got the results I expected.

After spending “great quantities of money” on several skin care products and getting no satisfaction whatsoever, I promised myself I would never buy another product again. I was content in buying acne treatment for my breakouts but in the process drying my skin out.

About six months ago as I was watching TV and came across a sales presentation for a particular skin care product. I was about to change channels, but one of the ingredients of the product was Aloe Vera and I decided to give a try. It has been six months since I have been using the line of products from Aloette.

After two months of using the time repair serum twice a day, not only I but my husband also noticed the improvement of my skin. My breakouts diminished dramatically and my pores are smaller indeed. Also the skin feels soothing and relaxed which tells me that this product is not harsh on my skin.

The best part is that it moisturizes my skin and I don’t have to worry about oilness. I’ve been using the entire line of the products which includes: cleanser, mud mask, eye serum and the product mentioned above. Combined they certainly give a better skin improvement but I can tell that the time repair serum is mainly responsible for the smaller pores and firmness of my skin. I’m just glad that I found a product that finally worked on my skin and that I can afford. ~ Source:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this is my review of Aloette Cosmetics. We’ve covered the compensation plan, company overview, top products, success tips and much more. What are your thoughts? Have you tried the products or business before? If so, leave a comment below to share your experience with the rest of our viewers. I look forward to hearing from you.

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