All Businesses Need New Customers and Must Keep Recruiting

All businesses need new customers AND must keep recruiting to stay in business….

One of the biggest complaints that you hear in the MLM Industry is that the entire focus is just on recruiting new distributors.

Many companies don’t even teach their distributors how to retail the products.  As I see it, that is a big mistake.

all businesses need customersIn my own opinion, it’s important to do BOTH of these activities consistently.

You need to retail and recruit EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You need to talk to people and share your products, services and/or business opportunity with others whenever you can.

Like any other business owner, MARKETING your products and business is your real business. 

It’s your job to find new clients and team members and make the cash register ring. All other tasks are inferior.

What most people don’t realize is that EVERY business is recruiting focused.

All businesses must continuously advertise to find new employees and new customers.

All businesses have employee and customer turnover, some more than others.

People move.  People die.  People have a bad experience with a business and never go back.  People have life changes and no longer use a certain product or service.

No business keeps 100% of its customers.

No business keeps 100% of its employees.

All businesses have attrition.  Typically, the lower the wages paid, the higher the attrition with employees.

Also, people who just shop based on price alone are not loyal to ANY specific company.  They’re just looking for something cheaper, wherever they can find it.

If any business stopped retailing and recruiting, it would be the kiss of death.

This applies to franchises, large corporations, mom and pop businesses and even network marketing.

It applies to restaurants, dry cleaners, insurance agents, law firms, and even Wal-mart.

New people (customers and distributors) are the lifeblood of your organization.

You must continuously add new people to replace people who quit (customers and distributors).  If you don’t, your business will self-destruct.

Once again, this is not implicit to network marketing.  It applies to every business.

The next time someone gives you this objection, now you know what to say.

At the end of the day, all businesses need new customers and must keep recruiting.

What’s great about our industry is the LEVERAGE.  You can have hundreds, even thousands of people each doing a little bit of retailing and recruiting each month.  It’s not about one person doing everything themselves.

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Chuck Holmes
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